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New Colorways of the Etonic Akeem the Dream

etonic akeem the dream 1

New colorways of the Etonic Akeem the Dream have arrived! After being teased for months on Etonic’s IG, two OG colorways are set to release this week.

Black leather and red leather are flaunted on these latest builds from Etonic. Both feature white midsoles, white synthetic leather inner linings, and white support straps at the heels. The black and white colorway is just that, white and black, for a supremely classic look. However, the red colorway sports a gorgeous red upper, red laces, and a red outsole. The awesome tongue branding is also nothing to be trifled with. Best of all, Etonic has done retro correctly: each pair will come in boxes that are exactly the same as the original boxes used thirty years ago.

Here’s an unpopular opinion: if given a Jordan 1 retro and an Akeem the Dream retro and asked to pick which to wear for a full day, I will pick the Akeem without a moment’s hesitation. The retro is incredibly comfortable underfoot and the guts of the shoe are so padded that it’s a joy wearing them. The same cannot be said about a Jordan 1 retro. Also, whenever I wear my Dream 1s (some OGs, others retros), I am always asked about them; “hey those look awesome,” “man those look classic,” and “where’d you get those?” are common things I hear when they’re on foot.

These new colorways of the Etonic Akeem the Dream hit select retailers and etonic.com on Friday, April 24 for $120 each. Thoughts on Etonic? Share them below.

etonic akeem the dream 11 etonic akeem the dream 7 etonic akeem the dream 2 etonic akeem the dream 4 etonic akeem the dream 9 etonic akeem the dream 10 etonic akeem the dream 3 etonic akeem the dream 6 etonic akeem the dream 8 etonic akeem the dream 5


    1. I dont know the answer, but I assume its rubber with an insole of some sort. I dont see them doing anything special with the rubber midsole, Vans, Jordan, Nike etc. don’t so I can’t see Etonic doing it. I could be wrong though.

    2. Zeke,
      I have no idea what the insoles are made of but they’re super comfortable. What I have noticed with the Etonic Dream 1 is checkout the outsole; there’s that indentation beneath the heel. When I step, I can feel that indentation as it adds flex beneath my heel. It is very comfortable.

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