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Emmanuel Mudiay Joins Under Armour Basketball Roster

Skipping College to go play overseas isn’t a popular choice among most potential future NBA prospects, but that’s what Emmanuel Mudiay has decided to do and so far it’s sort of working out for him.

Emmanuel Mudiay has officially joined the Under Armour Basketball roster. Emmanuel is one of the most dynamic young basketball players in the world, and many draft experts feel he will be a top five pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. He joins our growing roster of game-changing next generation talent including Stephen Curry, Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson, Clayton Kershaw, Bryce Harper and Jordan Spieth.

Emmanuel Mudiay Joins Under Armour Basketball Roster

Press Release: After his visit to the brand’s global headquarters in Baltimore, Under Armour Basketball announced the addition of Emmanuel Mudiay to their roster of elite, young basketball players. Mudiay is set to travel to China this month to begin preparing for his debut professional season in the Chinese Basketball Association. Many draft experts project Mudiay to be a top five NBA Draft pick in 2015 because of his combination of size, speed and natural feel for the game.

“With Emmanuel joining our roster, Under Armour Basketball has added one of the game’s best young players to our team,” said Matt Mirchin, EVP, Global Marketing, Under Armour. “For such a young player, Emmanuel has a complete game, is a leader and plays with a toughness that stands out the moment you see him step on the court. When you combine that with his commitment to training and his positive attitude, he has the potential to be a special player for a long time. We’re proud to now be a part of his journey.”

Born in Congo, Mudiay began playing basketball in middle school in the Dallas, TX area. He soon earned national attention for his standout performances during the high school and summer basketball seasons. Recognized as a court leader and for his strong will to win, Mudiay won a state title in high school and was twice selected to play in the Under Armour® Basketball Elite 24. He will play this season for the Guandong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association.

“Joining the Under Armour team is an important step in the pursuit of my ultimate dream to compete at the game’s highest level,” said Mudiay. “Knowing their dedication to making athletes better and how well their footwear performs made them the perfect partner.”

So, what do you guys think of UA’s latest acquisition? Do you consider it a risky move, signing someone with unproven potential, or do you think this will be a great way for UA to spread brand awareness throughout China for the time being?

  1. Cue the Nike brand hounds with shouts of “should’ve signed with the swoosh” and “you’ll never sell with them ugly kicks” and 500 other stupid ass comments.

    Good for Emmanuel. Hope it works out well for him and UA.

    1. You should have seen the hate comments on adidas on facebook when they signed wiggins and embiid. All the comments were like “their careers are already over because they are going to get knee injuries”

  2. i don’t think the CBA allows you to wear anything other than li-ning on court. On the rare instances when i watch CBA games, all players wearing other brands had to put tape over the branding to cover it.

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