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Embracing Inclusivity, the Nike Plus Size Collection Lands Stateside

nike plus size collection Paloma Elesser 3

Let’s get things straight right now: I know plus size models that do hard workouts every day, workouts that would have most people defeated in a pool of their own sweat, and slay. It’s about damn time these ladies have official Nike gear.

As with the ‘Be True’ collection (inspired by the LGBTQ+ community), the Swoosh is looking to have swooshes on the most people possible — and that requires an inclusive attitude.

nike plus size collection Paloma Elesser 4

The Nike Plus Size Collection offers tons of styles and colors in sizes 1X to 3X to ensure that almost everyone gets a perfect fit. The collection is comprised of sports bras, compression and Nike Pro gear, tights, shorts, tops, and hoodies for both staying warm and staying cool. The usual performance tech is here including Dri-FIT, Tech Fleece, and Therma-Sphere.

Models pictured here: Paloma Elesser, Danielle Vanier, Grace Victory, and Amanda Bingson.

You can watch a short spot about the collection here. The Nike Plus Size Collection is available now at nike.com and select Nike retailers.

nike plus size collection Amanda Bingson 1
“Beauty is definitely decided by you and how you feel about yourself. I’m blessed to feel confident and be surrounded by the right people.” – Amanda Bingson, Hammer Thrower.
nike plus size collection Paloma Elesser 1
“In a way, I wear a uniform – clothes that make me feel good. I also surround myself with people who make me happy, motivate me and make me feel happy about life.” – Paloma Elesser, Athlete and Style Muse.
nike plus size collection Grace Victory 1
“Positive body image and self confidence is something I advocate, not just for me personally but for every woman and young girl, no matter what their size. It’s about time real bodies are celebrated.” – Grace Victory
nike plus size collection Danielle vanier 1
“It’s really important that women, no matter their size feel confident & able to work out in garments that suit their personalities and needs.” – Danielle Vanier

nike plus size collection Paloma Elesser 0

nike plus size collection Paloma Elesser 2

nike plus size collection Danielle vanier 2

nike plus size collection Paloma Elesser 3


Source: Nike

  1. This is a good look for Nike and I’m glad you said what you said about some plus size people leaving others in the dust. I have literally witnessed people in my Orange Theory class that would make you question everything people think about image alone. LOL! That sh*t is hard and some of these people are pushing through way more than me. Respect to everyone trying to get and stay healthy. That’s what it’s about. Same for ball. Some of these dudes I see going up and down the court while I’m winded makes me feel like I have A LOT of work to do.

    Great post as always bro.

      1. No problem and I think you’re right about the product image models being smaller than the women above.

      1. Ashley Graham has been bae ever since mom would drag me into Lane Bryant as a younggin. I’m glad that brands are starting to realize there is actually a market toward catering to people beyond size 8.

    1. image is one thing, being healthy is another. there were times that I would scold some players half my age for their lack of effort and endurance and kept on making excuses. I mean you got a guy here that is twice your age going up and down the court with bad knees and is carrying 50 lbs of excess luggage like it was nothing. I mean I’m not even at my best yet, but seeing these young kids standing like lamp posts doing nothing does get under your skin. it maybe my competitive nature but the point is, once you get inside the court, you play to stay otherwise gtfo.

      as far as + sizes is concerned, my opinion on the matter is mixed. I admit that there are people that are indeed + sizes, but there are lots of people that say they are + size eventhough in reality that they are obese just to make them feel accepted and less embarrassed. case in point, people can be better both in image and health by going with their “true optimal figure”. no excuses, just reality.

  2. Don’t want to be a whine-baby but what about + sized males? People talk about how important it is for women to feel good having some more pounds but isn’t the same true for men? Or a boys strong and soldier on? A little biased, this whole debate. And I don’t say this to diminish the value of the discussion for women but just to remind everybody that equality goes both ways.

    1. You literally must’ve never heard of Sizes 2XL – 4/5XL… that’s +Sized Men, right there. I’m one of them. I’m not complaining, bc Nike has had an assortment for Larger guys for YEARS. Most Women’s clothing had only went up to XL at most. This is a Great Thing!

  3. I own a few pair of the plus pants and i find the fabric to be a lesser quality than the regular sizes… How do i know? I was once fit and am a dedicated nike collector… Not only is the fabric a miss they are ill fitting. Cut all wrong.. I expected more .

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