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Ektio Post Up Performance Review

The Ektio Post Up has been one of the most surprising performance models I’ve ever tried. They have strayed away from what is popular – lightweight performance – and gone with what legitimately works along with aiding the wearer in injury prevention.


Traction – The go-to model for traction is typically the Zoom Kobe IV… which is one model that I hold very high as far as being one of the most equipped performance sneakers from a traction standpoint. Hands down… the Ektio Post Up is better. Full length herringbone is implemented perfectly, covering the entire surface from heel to toe. The pattern is not recessed into the rubber; it is the rubber making the court coverage it offers abundant.


Cushion – A full length foam midsole makes up the cushion. The step in comfort is great and during game play; the foam remains responsive and protective. With the additional ribs along the midsole you receive a good amount of compression upon impact.

For someone like me, this is perfectly fine. If you need additional cushion all you would have to do is swap the insole.


Material – The entire upper is comprised of synthetics. With the use of synthetics along the upper you receive a lighter build without sacrificing support. Mesh is in place along the side panels which also helps reduce unnecessary weight while promoting above average ventilation.

Fit – They fit true to size however, there is some dead space within the toe. Once the shoe is laced up and the straps are locked down, the additional space within the toe becomes a non-factor. Lockdown is probably one of the best I’ve had in a performance shoe to date… might even be the best lockdown of all time. I typically don’t even like straps but from the very first interior strap – once tightened – you feel a difference that is – thus far – unmatched by any other shoe to have hit the market.


Ventilation – With the large mesh panels and ventilated tongue, the Post Up provides enough air flow to keep you comfortable for long periods of time. Even if ventilation was an issue, the lockdown within the shoe is so great that you wouldn’t slip as much as you would in other shoes.


Support – This is Ektio’s sole purpose… to provide you with support in order to potentially prevent an ankle injury. With the large exaggerated outriggers in place, you can rest assure that it’s near impossible to roll over. What ends up coinciding with these outriggers is the use of their dual strap system.

Say by chance you rolled your ankle, even with the outriggers, yet there were no straps… you would most likely injure yourself as your foot and your shoes are two separate components. With the straps harnessed, your foot becomes one with the upper – whether you like it or not – which can potentially save your ligaments. This is what ended up causing my ankle injury… my foot and the shoe I was wearing were clearly two separate pieces of equipment which were unable to work in tandem with one another.

Even with a weak ankle, I was able to wear the Post Up without any other brace or accessory and play at a high level. Just to be clear; this is not a recovery/ rehabbing sneaker. These should be worn to potentially prevent an injury and NOT to aid you in your recovery from a pre-existing injury.


Overall – The shoes are not only solid performers, but they also take care of what they claim… injury prevention. They aren’t the prettiest pair of sneakers available but when it comes down to straight performance, looks aren’t everything. Personally, I’d rather wear something like this and extend the life of my ankles rather than wear a crazy looking shoe and end up sitting on the bench with a sprained ankle.

However, if Ektio can implement their support features into a shoe that looks as good as it performs… you’ll have a certified winner for a great all-around performance model.

Traction – 10/10 (I said there was no such thing as perfect traction… I was wrong)
Cushion – 6/10
Material – 5/10
Fit – 10/10
Ventilation – 8.5/10
Support – 10/10

Overall – 8.25/10

You can purchase these HERE.

  1. Great review, are these a contender for shoe of the year? I know it seems crazy but i think these are the only shoes so far that have received 3 perfect scores in their ratings.

  2. you should do performance reviews of nike retros, since youre doing jordan retros. Nike Air Foamposite One?

  3. awesome review! it’s too bad my size isn’t available on either site anymore. hopefully ektio will restock or come out with their 2nd line of shoes.

  4. hey nightwing.There is 2 version n eastbay 1 outdoor and nomal one.If i buy the outdoor is the traction good in indoor court as well.

  5. Hi Guys, I’m from Ektio and wanted to answer a few of the questions that you’ve asked. The model that is outdoor has a more wavy outsole, would recommend those for outdoor. Those are available on Eastbay, Dickssportinggoods.com, and Amazon. We also have the all purpose model that NW shows in the video, with the more rugged outsole. A few of those are available at Eastbay and Amazon.com, as well Ektio.com. The White/Navy model is only available at Ektio.com right now. Hope you enjoyed the review!

  6. Forgot to mention, the all purpose model can be used indoor or outdoor, but the outdoor model we would recommend for outdoor use only.

  7. JonK, does ektio make shoes in an 8.5? i’m having trouble finding my size in all of ektio’s styles.

  8. @Byrne, there are no differences between the Wraptor and Post up in regards to ankle support. The straps and bumpers are in the same location in both models. The differences are aesthetic, with the Wraptor being a high top with a patent leather toe and slightly different design. The post up is a 3/4 top, action leather toe. The Post up is a tad lighter, around 1 oz lighter, and is about 13oz. If you add the weight of a brace or tape to a regular shoe, you’re right at our weight if not more.
    @Rnizzo, unfortunately we do not make size 8.5. We have sizes 8-16 with 10.5 and 11.5. If you’re a normal 8.5, you could give a size 9 a shot and if it’s too big, if you buy on Ektio.com, we’ll send a return shipping label with the shoe and you can always send back for the size 8. It’s very simple, as we know right now it’s tough for consumers who want to try the shoe on before purchasing. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  9. I appreciate the honest unbiased review. I am one of the designers of this “safety Sneaker” I am glad JonK from our company answered some of the questions. I am an orthopedic surgeon with 30 years experience who treats many sports injuries. Ankle sprains are statistically the most common. See http://www.ektio.com for some stats. Prevention of injuries has been our mantra. Ankle sprains are serious injuries but often under treated or overlooked. My comment to a player or coach of a basketball team of 12 player is if we can eliminate 2-3 ankle sprains a year in your players would you have a better season. Plus eliminate the pain, suffering and cost of the injury in real dollars. We hope to get this sneaker on more kids especially gym class basketball and volleyball. College athletes and Adults will benefit also.
    Try it you will like it … and you won’t get hurt.

  10. HONESTLY I cant wait for the Reebok Zig Encore Performance review, Now they are on sale for even less online and in stores, I wonder if they are even worth buying at all for something this cheap..

  11. looks like you may get a few free ektio kicks after this. you’ve gone big! the company noticed you!

    1. nice! i forgot about steph curry. he should endorse this. after a full season with him wearing it. funny how he said he worked with nike lab to choose a shoe for him. of course he could only pick from the what’s available from nike.

  12. Hey Nightwing, im a big fan! your unbiased reviews are great- you really pay attention to all of the details someone thinks about when wearing a shoe.. and your jordan retro project is a really great idea! sticking to this video and small brands, i was wondering if sometime down the road you could do some reviews on the APL brand sometime down the road

  13. Hey nightwing.

    If the ektios get a 10/10 in ankle protection. What would the lebron 9 get in comparison?

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