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Dre Baldwin Q&A with Nightwing2303

I was recently asked to participate in a Q&A session with YouTube’s own Dre Baldwin.

The Basketball tutorial master himself asked me some questions and below are my answers. If you wanted to get to know me a bit better or just simply pick my brain, here it is.

Stay tuned for part 2 and be sure to show Dre your support by subscribing to his YouTube Channel… if you’re an avid ball player, you won’t regret it. You can also check out his site, DreAllDay.com.

  1. hey NW previously I had thought you started up your channel and testing of shoes because it was a good idea and no one else did it, but after watching this video you I wondered if it was as you stated, (paraphrase)”doing it yourself”. So do you think it was more of “it’s a good idea that no one else is doing, I should do it” or maybe “man i wish someone would do it… I guess I will”. Sorry if thats confusing it’s hard to really word it so that there’s a difference but if you could understand it, which one was it more?

      1. Hey Nightwing i have a question not only for you but also for everyone is everything in amazon.com authentic like their shoes is it all authentic cause I’ve been hesitating cause the prices are cheap and im not sure if it is authentic or not pls give me a quick answer and thank you.

  2. Interesting…Guess the web is catching more of your bug. Good to hear. Highlight was with Blake Griffin. Had a guy the other day randomly stopped me in NYC talking to me and knew everything about your videos. Keep it up!

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