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A Detailed Look at the LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1

New brand on the block LANE EIGHT is looking to pave its own way into the sneaker scene with functional and fashionable performance sneakers.

Sleek and subtle, the LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 is a solid start to a brand many have never heard of.

Founders James and Josh Shorrock were able to take their experiences in the footwear industry and ditch the constraints that major corporate brands abide by in order to increase profit margins at the cost of quality and overall performance.

Retailing for $160, the Trainer AD 1 features premium suede overlays atop a quality constructed knit build. The knit is intelligently reinforced in order for it to retain its shape and perform while still looking clean and modern. ETPU (essentially Boost) is dual-layered for comfort; the entire midsole is comprised of the material while the insole is also made of ETPU. The bouncy cushion is contained with TPU for stability, an effort to keep the athlete in mind, and to ensure the wearer is safe and stable while working out. All of this sits on a durable rubber outsole.

The brand name is unknown, but the materials, build, and comfort that come from LANE EIGHT is all quality. After having a couple of pairs in-hand for a few days now, they get more comfortable with every wear and are fully capable of tackling day-to-day life, no matter what it may consist of.

We hope you enjoy our detailed look at the entire LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 collection and we can’t wait to see what the brand has in store next.

You can find out more information about Lane Eight by visiting LaneEight.com.

  1. I hate when people unnecessarily say brands are “copying” but this is the first time in awhile I may actually think that. Does basf and puma not have patents on those materials?

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