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DeMarcus Cousins Sprains Ankle in Nike Zoom HyperRev

Yes, DeMarcus Cousins sprained his ankle and he was in fact wearing the Nike Zoom HyperRev… however, that wasn’t the cause of the roll over.

Technology is so widespread that even the most simple-minded folk have access to running their uneducated mouth… what you might call a troll, I call an idiot… to each their own. I will say that I did warn those with weak ligaments to watch out when it comes to the HyperRev due to the minimalist upper, however, Cousins’ ran his 6’11” butt all the way down the floor bobbing and weaving through traffic perfectly fine… until Lin clipped his toe just before he planted his foot as he was about to finish at the rim.

Don’t believe me? Slow the clip down and at the :32 & :33 mark you see Lin’s toe swipe Cousins’ toe causing him to roll his ankle. I say this time and time again… everyone is so quick to judge a shoe and blame their injury on it when 9 out of 10 times its either a freak accident (like this) or its the wearers error also known as… sloppy footwork.

With that being said, just relax… stop being an idiot and just play the game in the shoes you want to play in. When playing a sport – any sport – you run the risk of getting injured. I don’t see Football players blaming their helmets for their concussions so we shouldn’t be so quick to blame our footwear when it comes to things such as this.

Is a shoe out there that could have possibly prevented this issue? I think the Ektio Breakaway could have, since they have such large bumpers as outriggers, but I wouldn’t want to recreate this scenario in order to confirm.

  1. Wow nightwing did you look at finishlines Facebook page? They posted you hyperrev review. They have 1.5 million people that liked that page . That’s cool

      1. Yes I knew but this is the first time I saw finishline post his vid on their Facebook page… Facebook have 1.5 mil people following it and the YouTube page has 2,000 I think

  2. had not seen that Lin touches Cousins’ foot, at normal speed it seems the shoe loses its form and cause the accident, it is adidas fault anyways, lol!

      1. I’m a big fan of Jeremy Lin and it hurts to say but you’re right that Lin did clip Cousin’s toe a bit which did lead to his fall. Good point and it’s good that you have facts. I love what you’re doing and thanks for the work that you’re putting in for others, very gratefully for all the hard work you do. Thanks a lot! Also these Adidas comments are hilarious haha!

  3. Cousin’s ankle just gave out on him. Lin passing by him didn’t cause his injury. This is a perfect example of an overuse injury. He had a perfectly planted foot that just gave out and a guy weighing as much as he does going full speed will easily cause an inverted ankle if his ligaments can’t bear the amount of force he’s putting into the ground on his cutbacks.

    1. Lin didn’t pass by him, his toe hit Cousins’ toe. I saw it clearly and wrote on it. Had nothing to do with his ligaments or the shoe in this case. With his foot landing no further than his shoulders width, he isn’t putting more force/ torque on his ankle or the shoe than what a typical guard would.

  4. The sad thing is that if he had been wearing adidas everybody would’ve blamed the shoes. I even saw somebody blaming Ricky Rubio’s acl injury on adidas even though he was wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer at the time. Some people need to realize that injuries like this can happen to anyone, no matter what’s on their feet.

    1. i have not seen the video and do not know if lin is already wearing adidas. the vid is blocked in our office. but if lin is wearing adidas, we can blame adidas for it too. they asked lin to trip cousing and making it look like an accident so someone gets a sprain using the hyperrev. 😀

  5. Yeah he is stupid for wearing a fully mesh light weight shoe. If I were him I’d wear some hiking boots to hold his heavy ass.

  6. It probably wasn’t the shoe, but cousins should not have been wearing guard shoes. All upper mesh=no good for big men

      1. Why are you defending the shoes so strongly? I didn’t see Lin hit his toe. I also think it could be a stability issue with the mesh on the shoe. However I wouldn’t say its a bad shoe. It probably just doesn’t support his frame all that well. He should stick to Lebron’s.

        1. I defend all shoes when they are wrongly accused of injury… why would you even ask that as a question? Thats like asking why you believe in anything that I dont… if thats your thing then thats your thing. If you didnt see his toe hit then you should try harder to look bc its there and it was apparent. I gave the mark where to watch closely and everything. But yeah, if you ignore the facts then thats your deal.

          1. I don’t know. I think at :24, you can clearly see his ankle turn without anyone touching his foot. It could be that he had an extra orthotic insole which may have made the show unstable.

            I just think you’re unfairly blaming Jeremy Lin and I really don’t think he touched him. Even if he clipped his toe from the left, Cousins was exploding to the right, so that wouldn’t cause the footbed to get caught. It looks like he caught that foam traction edge that you mentioned in your review.

            Jeremy Lin didn’t even trip over his feet lol

            I appreciate the work you do. Its all good. Thanks for responding.

            1. I’m not blaming Lin, he literally clipped his foot… a freak accident. At the :24 mark you cant see him hit his foot at that angle since its head on. If you slow the footage down – I downloaded the video and imported to my video editor to do so – you can see his foot clip Cousins foot. Cousins wasnt moving laterally, he was moving in a straight line. He took a euro step right before and that was the most force he applied to the shoe and it held up just fine.

              Ive said it time and time again and I will stand by it… shoes, 9 out of 10 times are not the cause of injury. There is always something else that factors into it.

              If you slip on the sidewalk and fall… are your shoes to blame? No, something made you slip.

  7. I like this shoe very comfortable.. Would love for my heel to feel a little more drawn in.. Tentative to move laterally. Other than that great shoe.

  8. I’m not trying to blame the shoe, but not only did DeMarcus Cousins roll his ankle, Rudy Gay hurt his Achilles in them too. Maybe it was just wasn’t their day.

        1. I didnt curse… lets be grown up about this and not act like little children. If you cannot handle a conversation then dont leave a comment. You and I have spoken here numerous times, I thought we could at the least talk to each other with friendly and playful banter about a subject without feelings being hurt.

          1. Im not feeling hurt but lets be real BS doesn’t stand for book science. i’m just stating my opinion like you are. im respectful to you…its just a disagrement thats all nothing more nothing less…we can agree to disagree

            1. Lol, I know that. But if I wanted to say bullshit then I would have just wrote it out, instead I said BS… Meaning if I were talking to you face to face I would have said the two letters not the full thing. I don’t consider that cursing at you.

        1. I dont feel Im proving to them, just discussing further. Ive already proven with the video and write up. I feel that most of those that comment here are like my friends, if my friend tells me something and I think hes bs-ing me then Ill say so and laugh with him. Unfortunately this is a digital interaction with text only which is something I loath bc you cant be genuine in your reply, its only based off of how the reader interprets things which is usually the opposite of how it was originally intended. Video chats… those are much easier lol.

  9. The only way he could have avoided injury would have been playing barefoot so he could feel Lin clip him and adjust. If he was wearing ektios, braces, strapping or hiking boots, his knee would have went instead… Barefoot hoops, you heard it here first haha

    1. A lot of people do that here. Seriously.

      They even jump as high as they can to get a rebound barefooted. I personally won’t do it, but I am amazed at people who do.

      1. Oh yeah, I unintentionally stepped on someone’s foot who played barefooted the other day when I drove to the basket. lol

  10. NW, I totally agree with you. My question though is, would it have been as bad as it was had Cousins been wearing something else? Something with a stronger upper? I guess what I’m driving at is, though it clearly wasn’t the shoes’ fault, it would have probably helped if Cousins was wearing something with a more supportive upper.

    1. Its possible but I think that he got off pretty easy. His roll over was very fluid and he will prob be back on-court in a few weeks or less. If the upper is more restrictive on a roll like that then he would have likely torn a ligament. Im not saying the HyperRev is very supportive, its minimal for sure, but I feel it would have been worse had his ankle been restricted from rolling as fluidly as it did.

  11. Yup Lin’s right foot did clip Cousin’s left foot as he was ready to plant it for the finish. I don’t think any shoe that Nike or Adidas makes would have save him. Judging from the way his ankle rolled while his full weight was on it.

  12. why cant others understand that it is not the shoes. basketball is a contact sport. if you dont want to get hurt by wearing ur favorite basketball shoe. wear it while playing chess.

  13. imho, no shoe would stop him from rolling his ankle from that light clip by Lin. but a sturdier constructed one may lessen the degree of injury. for his size and weight, the accident may have been made worse by the minimalist construction of the hyperrev.

    i was running a few months ago with a highly supportive shoe and rolled my ankle on a rock. the sturdier construction didnt stop the roll but lessened the degree. if i were wearing my VFF’s or Vivobarefoot runners i wouldve been in much more pain for sure.

    im saying, the hyperrev’s minimalist construction will not cause you to roll your foot. but the same construction cannot minimize the impact or damage when you do so.

    1. agree!! i agree. just like air bag or helmet. they dont prevent any injuries. they just minimize the potential injuries. well said man 🙂

      1. oh another experience i had, i rolled a foot with Kobe 8’s on and then again on hyperdunks a few games later. the scenario was exactly the same, drove down for a layup, stepped on a foot (against the same team lol). with the hyperdunk i was able to get back into play much quicker since, well there was less injury. btw it’s the stiffer HD Low. just my two cents.

  14. nw is defending the shoes… hmmm.. fine, you say that lin clipped him.. but if the shoe had better ankle support, cousins would have been fine. a hyperposite, a howard or maybe even the ektio would have prevented the injury.

    1. I stated facts that were backed up with video evidence.

      Fact #1 – Cousins was wearing Hyperrevs
      Fact #2 – Cousins rolled his ankle while wearing Hyperrevs
      Fact #3 – Lin clipped Cousins’ foot while Cousins was wearing Hyperrevs causing the roll


  15. It’s the shoe. Y’all are in denial. Same thing happened to me in the crazyquicks my foot just kept turning. Never happened to me other than in those. Luckily I caught mine each time

  16. shoe is not built to prevent but minimize. so as helmet, seatbelt, airbags, ankle brace, knee pad, mouth piece, etc. Even hyper posite or ektio cannot prevent ankle injuries they just minimize. MINIMIZE the potential damage. all joints in your body can be rolled or dislocated even if you apply tape to it. all joints have ligaments. all joints have fluids. that compressesssa or stretch depending on your movement. so if you tape your ankle while sitting it would be different when you start to stand and walk. jeez stop blaming the shoes. blame ur self if you got injured.

  17. Hey Nightwing! I really find the Hyperrev as a flimsy shoe overall. It is too soft and too spongy and does not offer much support in the upper area. Probably made for point guards rather than big men. But that’s just me saying.

  18. No shoe can prevent rolling one’s ankles. But shoes CAN minimize the damage, particularly with the kind and quality of support that each shoe offers, and that is where they all differ. Which is why I don’t understand people who blame the shoes for inadvertently rolling their ankles. It’s like blaming a particular brand of mouthpiece for losing a tooth after a hard upper cut landed squarely on your jaw. It’s really silly.

  19. big men should never wear shoes designed for small players. would he have sprained his ankle no matter what shoes he was wearing? absolutely. but having zero support in the upper around his ankle made that sprain the worst it could be

  20. All these comments about him “defending” the shoes, what exactly are you guys implying?

    If you’re not implying anything and are just “airing” your thoughts, it is NW’s rights to defend HIMSELF. This is his blog, we’re guests on the blog, respect that. Say your peace, but give the man his due. Until you step up and do something yourself you really have no right to judge. If you think he’s biased, just go somewhere else, that’s YOUR right. But don’t come in with your pseudo-accusatory comments, then when confronted, act like the innocent party.

    I read sneaker blogs to do my own research, then I decide if I want to try the shoes myself I make that decision. With this mindset I could give a crap if anyone is “biased” or not.

  21. Ok NW is right Lin did clip his foot and altered his step and that doesn’t mean it’s the shoes fault it could have happened in any shoe whoever with the hyperrev being thin mesh with little support it might have sprained it slightly worse than if he was wearing a better supporting shoes for a man his size it’s nobodies fault just and accident

  22. To finish all the comotion why don’t we perform an ankle rolling experiment.
    LBJ 9 vs. Hyper Revs
    And let’s wait who will go to the ortho first. I’m pretty excited.

    1. Each player will jump and land on a foot.
      The first player that will unable to walk, cry while calling his momma or die with pain loses.

  23. One thing I’d like to see in these reviews are tests of ankle protection.

    For example, show the shoe with the ankle bent at a 45 degree angle. Let us know if the upper lacing/braces/height etc put any pressure at all (eg 10%) to prevent a break.

    If I strap up d rose 6 for example. I can roll my ankle until it reaches the break danger zone. There’s absolutely no ankle support there and it’s all for show.

    Note: cousins was fully taped up here. If it was one of us wearing Kobe lows id expect a fracture rather than a sprain. Been there.

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