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The Curry 1 Makes Its On Court Debut Against the Cavaliers


Two rookie signatures face off for the first time.

With the recent unveiling of the Curry 1 from Under Armour, Steph can know rock his first signature model on court to the envy of us all, for know. It was a great game, and Steph lead the Warriors to a home court victory against the LeBron-less Cavaliers, speaking of LeBron, if he had played last night we would have saw three signatures on the court at the same time, thats all-star game status.

What I want to know is; Who had the better on court shoe game? Steph? or Kyrie? Battle it out in the comments section below. Ready?……. FIGHT!

The Curry 1 Makes its On Court Debut against the Cavaliers-7

The Curry 1 Makes its On Court Debut against the Cavaliers-4

  1. Under Armour was insanely smart with the pricing on these. I’ll probably pick up a pair. Hopefully better colorways will be offered than the initial 5.

      1. we didnt notice it because the shoes UA sells like the clutch fit drive inst a signature shoe therefore their just like the hyperrev2014 that kyrie promoted but when it comes to signature shoe that brings the best and new “tech”(material whatever you want to call it ) at a 120 price point instead of a reused tooling cough(kyrie 1)cough and just change one thing or offer a cushion that’s not your best and has been implemented in the past(adiprene) compared to those price these are a steal

      2. I actually noticed it before. That’s why I own 2 pairs of the original Spawn’s and also some Cam Newton Trainers (a Marshals $30 pickup). I was just worried they would change things up with Curry and his recent rise to elite status (I thought these might be $135+). Thankfully they didn’t and I think that will benefit them greatly in building the brand in the basketball community.

      3. In reply to Jarron, I don’t think it took a signature release for most of us here to realize their pricing is good. I think JMD (myself included) thought that UA would raise the price on these with them being a signature shoe. I was hoping they didn’t, but I still thought that UA would increase it slightly, and it probably would have been justified with the success that the Clutchfit Drives are currently having. It’s a little surprising that they didn’t. As JMD said, very smart move on their part for not doing it. It really could get them a lot of brand exposure and a lot more sales if the shoes are good.

        To add, I would say most of the regular posters on this site know that UAs pricing is great. I’ve noticed it since getting the Torch 2s about a year and a half ago. They’ve had plenty of models since then with very decent pricing.

        However, the main reason why I don’t have many UA shoes is because of their lack of durability. You can forget about playing outdoors with most of their shoes, even if they are very well priced, most of their models just aren’t very durable. For someone like me that plays outdoors, it’s still not worth it. I might try a pair of Clutchfit Drives outdoors (Nightwing did say they are playable outside), but I don’t think I will try my current pair as they’re a Steph Curry PE colorway and I don’t want to play in them outdoors. I will probably get another colorway at some point and see how they go outdoors.

        The Torch 2s are pretty good for outdoor play, but apart from them, most of their other shoes released in between the Torch 2s and the Clutchfit Drives aren’t really suitable for outdoor play. The Torch 3s have the same tooling so I don’t include them as they’re pretty much the same shoe to me. If anyone has had some experience with other models outdoors, I’d really like to hear your opinion on their durability.

          1. I wouldn’t say they are worse because the issues I’ve read about with some of these UA shoes, I’ve never personally heard or seen with Nike or Adidas. It’s usually the uppers on some of the cheaper UA shoes that are pretty bad and then the outsole wearing out quick is the next issue.

            I was looking at buying some of these lower model UA shoes the past 6 months or so, but I read stuff like people saying that the eyelets ripped off just lacing them up the first or second time. That kind of stuff puts me right off.

            I can understand the rubber on the outsole wearing out quick or the upper not lasting long, but eyelets just ripping lacing them up for the first or second time? That’s not good at all. It’s like they’re using paper for some of their uppers, or they’re not putting the shoes through much quality control or testing.

            1. Its just something that happens. Happens with all brands. You may not always hear about it, but it happens with them all. Its usually the pairs that are at the tail end of the quality control check, the ones that are missed just prior to – or just after – an issue is found during production. If you owned a brand yourself, you’d hear the complaint on a daily basis, and by your train of thought… hope you dont go out of business in 30 days lol.

    1. Nicer but better company not even close nike it’s top of the line if you believe under armour is better you must not live on earth

      1. nike kyrie 1 = hyperenforcer,hyperfranchise hyperenforcer xd all of them are a shoe whit hyperfuse upper phylone midsole and forefoot zoom
        lebron 12 a new segmented zoom pod system that was feature in old Jordans lol
        kd 7 half of what the kd elite was whit the same forefoot zoom
        kobe 9 = kobe 8
        kobe 10 lmao
        clearly better reused tech at higher prices

        1. Word. Nike pricing is insane. Micro G is insanely comfy.. I have two pairs of Clutchfits for my men’s league games, while my Inspirations and KD’s sit at home collecting dust.

  2. I’m just waiting on the performance review for both of these shoes. Hopefully we will have the Curry1 before release.

  3. Those are some serious kankle braces on curry. Ndub called out the roomier mid foot area – I guess to accommodate the glass ankle support system. Maybe we have to go a half size down. I hope I can find these to try them on

  4. Those are some serious kankle braces on curry. Nbud called out the roomier mid foot area – I guess to accommodate the glass ankle support system. Maybe we have to go a half size down. I hope I can find these to try them on

  5. Curry looks like it was carefully crafted and there were lots of though into it. Bruh… Kyrie 1s look like they were made in a day.

  6. Irving looks to be in phenomenal defensive position. Don’t know why nobody points to him going 1 on 4 on a regular basis as a contributing factor to their struggles. Guy plays losing basketball. Shoe itself looks interesting in person, nothing groundbreaking tho.

    Curry1s look great, all about performance. So excited to get my hands on them, love the taxi colorway.Under armour will stay in 2nd behind Nike without a doubt. Gap will eventually close a bit, adidas is always throwing out new gimmicks (I’ve tried a bunch) but the shoes usually disappoint. Even boost, you give the drose 5 full length boost, with basically no insole, negating the comfort and awful cheep uppers. How do they not see these things?

  7. KI 1 Dream colorway in my opinion kills any colorway on these Curry Ones. Only problem Nike limited that shoe, Nike has become more predictable in designs but almost all UA look like the same shoe??? Nike KI 1 wins for me and the fit is very on point. I think if you have a wide foot stay away from the Kyrie.

  8. Congrats Steph Curry I am a Cleveland fan born and raised but happy for the Warriors fans they got a great player here. My guy Kyrie got some work to do dam it!!!!

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