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Court Grip Review

Here is my review on Mission’s Court Grip.

Here are a list of the ingredients that were listed.

1. Acetone
2. Proprietary Blend
3. Silica

Just as a note, there is a lot of text inside the sticker label, ALL of it was warnings explaining how flammable the product was and to be sure to keep the product away from your hands, eyes and mouth… all this and NO safety cap… insane!

Hopefully the review was helpful for you. Courts need to be properly maintained and shoe companies need to provide you with ample traction, you should not have to rely on a product like this while playing basketball.

  1. Acetone is a bottle. Acetone is not necessarily dangerous (I use it to wipe off paint from my kicks if I have to repaint some old classics). This is a disgraceful product that is harmful but not to us but dangerous to uneducated individuals.

    This is a bigger scam than the wristband crap because Kids and Players all around the world think “Oh D-wade & Brandon Jennings are using it, I should use it too” (Athletes should be more accountable when endorsing products instead of worrying about that paycheck)

    And there are so much irresponsible people in the world that will purchase this product and leave it lying to an easily accessible area which can in-turn lead to children and babies getting harmed by this crap.

    I could see that you were holding a little back and restraining from completely ripping this product apart from all angles. Good Job LOL.

    1. It is not harmful if stored properly, like most household products. However, no safety cap and easy dispensing will allow for someone who just thinks this is a basketball product to be careless. Its highly flammable so leaving it near a heater or fireplace could be dangerous. Also, with not locking cap it could spill on you or your gym bag and a smoker or who knows what could potentially cause damage. In addition to all of that, its a pre packaged fire ball for bad people that is easily accessible… These are just my concerns and as a parent its more than logical to worry about possibilities from all angles.

  2. Oh, i m very happy about this review. Now i know, that i dont need this product. Good Job.

    And now please make a review about the adidas speedwraps and upload the adizero Rose 2 review. Cant wait to them.

    Good Job Nightwing. Thank you.

  3. Hey, big fan here. A little off topic, have you considered to review some of the older zoom lebrons? I’ve heard zoom lebron VIs are pretty good (double stack zoom air). Last time I checked, they’re around 70$ on ebay.

  4. Thanks for the review man, this is such a bad product not only that it doesn’t work, it also destroys the shoes. I stil feel bad for the 12’s where you tested the product though..hehe Thanks again and keep it up you’re helping a lot of us with your reviews.

  5. damn, you straight up took Mission’s soul with that review lol. I was always curious as to their added performance after seeing my old teammates use them in a exhibition game the other weekend. Thanks for the knowledge, looks like imma have to go and educate those guys.

    btw do u strictly post just performance vids on your site? I’ve noticed you’ve done other vids on kicks that are non performance related, yet you don’t post them on your site.

      1. oh yeah, since people are throwing in random fun facts and we are on the topic of acetone, thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. If you didn’t know nail polish remover works wonders on cleaning scuffs off of patent leather. Saved my Hyperflights numerous times back in the day

          1. Yup. Vaseline on foam takes care of scufs too. My Flightposite 3s stayed looking brand new after a full season of balling in them… Haven’t had the need to try them on any of my Foam Ones as of yet though

  6. I was thinking of buying this product. Is it really as bad as you say? My new shoes have an alright grip but could be better. Any tips or products i could use to help with the traction.

  7. Is court grip really that bad? I just got new adidas crazy fast 2 bball shoes and when I played my forst match in them i noticed that I often slipped. Is there any product that i an use to stop this? Also i Power Grip any good???

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