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Converse to Bring Back Its Old Basketball Classics as Lifestyle Sneakers

Converse looks to bring back some of its classic basketball models as lifestyle sneakers.

With Converse reviving its performance devision, the brand also looks to dip into the Retro market.

While these models are technically original to the brand’s heritage, they’re not complete remakes of the original models. More like a remixed version rather than a full on retro.

This move reminds me of Reebok’s short lived Remix series where they took its popular models from the past, like the Kamikaze, and remixed the shoe to a point where it was a far cry from the true version of the shoe. The remix series sold poorly and wound up at Ross and other discount stores.

We’ll have to wait and see if Converse will end up making the same mistake or if Nike’s marketing can do what Reebok couldn’t — and actually sell some shoes.

Below you’ll find information via Nike Inc. about each model and where it derived from originally.

Let us know your thoughts on these remixed classics and if you like the move or if you’d rather see a true Retro instead of a remix.

All three models are currently scheduled to release in August 2019.

Mission VLTG V

Originally released in 1995, the Converse Voltage made an immediate statement on collegiate and NBA courts through its dynamic “bolt-chevron” upper pattern. That it was worn by some of the era’s most potent guards led to its mystic and made the shoe a cult favorite (lock-up with school uniform styles helped too).

For 2019, the Voltage is brought back from the archives for the first time, its spirit channeled through the new, women’s-only Mission VLTG V. This vision of the shoe reinterprets the ’95 silhouette with an exaggerated heel arch, lightweight SmartFoam cushioning and street-ready herringbone outsole.


The color blocking of the ERX 260 MID draws from a series of Converse tracksuits sold in 1990 under the “CONS Collection” label. Along with an embossed tongue, these blocked color palettes celebrate the ERX’s over-the-top verve. The shoe is completed by OrthoLite insole cushioning and an EVA heel.

ERX 260 OX

Notable for its brash high and mid models, the ERX gets a low-cut, off-court refresh in 2019. It retains archival design cues, including embossed tongue details, and is given an OrthoLite insole with EVA heel for added comfort.

via Nike Inc.

  1. I wish they could retro the og voltage.if I remember it correctly, Kevin Johnson wore those. Hope Nike would start retiring those good old 90s and early 2k sneakers.

  2. fully agree with Chris, this policy of castrating perfomance shoes of the past (since they assume the shoes will be used casually and want to save money, which is wrong, as Nike zoom GP retro shows some 90ies stuff is actually better than what we get today). I wish Converse would bring back the React juice (and fix the reliability issues) and then proper retros of Voltage, KJ’s Run and Slam and esp. the über-futuristic All Star Smooth (which made it, rightfully, to SF MoMA!). I find the concept of remakes of old classics (like All Star 2000, all star pro bb) to be fundamentally flawed, since reinterpreting an original with new tech is lame and sneakers are THE field for innovation (or were in the 90ies…). So it is fine to be influenced by an original but not too much!

    1. Have you ever played in something with react juice or the react 2 gel ? I would prefer a nike react foam insole. and just colored windows that would mimic the juice or gel. They weren’t that comfortable and the impact protection wasn’t that great. It wasn’t bad, but what we have today is better.

      1. Hey Mike, sure, balled outdoors a few years in Run N Slam until one shoes’ React Juice popped. Found the comfort and protection ace, while I am pretty light and didn’t try post 2000 ball tech shoes so can’t comment ;))) Another point – if a manufaturer removes a tech – then please don’t fake it, that could be deception of customers.

  3. I hope someone at the converse hq goes through the archives and gives us the rodman line and the converse The Smooth.

  4. These are all terrible. Now if they remixed the Run N Slam and added Zoom and still made it for the court, I’d be all for it.

  5. How in the hell do they finally bring back the voltage and bastardize it… and make it women only… dammit!!! Put nike react in it instead of the old juice, boom you have a really slick protro

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