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Chrome Industries Southside 3.0 Pro Review

Chrome Industries Southside 3.0 Pro Featured

The Chrome Industries Southside 3.0 Pro sneaker is supposed to be a cycling shoe that you can wear off the bike. I’m used to traditional road cycling sneakers that are impossible to walk around in. A shoe with bike cleats that was functional both on and off the bike was something I always wanted to try out.

The Southside 3.0 is compatible with two-bolt clipless pedals and have a stiff nylon sole to help the shoes transfer power efficiently. I used them with Shimano SPD cleats and the pedal engagement was efficient and easy. The nylon plate does its job well. On my first ride I noticed the shoe was very supportive when I started to put power down. They are clearly not as stiff as a pure road biking shoe or even an indoor cycling shoe (like the Nike SuperRep Cycle), but they were more than capable in all the riding I did with them. The combination of the firm upper and nylon sole made my feet feel locked in on the bike, which is exactly what you want from a clipless biking shoe.

Off the bike, the shoes are very sleek and wearable. They have enough flex to walk around comfortably, and the design is stylish. This makes them perfect for commuters, backpackers, and casual riders. The shoes looked great to me in casual settings, the design is basic in a good way and the shape looks awesome on foot.  They also come in a few different versions such as a low top or slip-on option. The shoes do run about a half size big so size down and they should fit perfectly.

Chrome Industries Southside 3.0 Pro

Chrome Industries Southside 3.0 Pro Overall

I’m a cycling tech nerd and I was impressed by the Chrome Industries Southside 3.0 Pro. The power transfer was good enough for them to work well on the bike, but the aesthetics and comfort made them very wearable off the bike as well. I will continue to use them for my increased commuting rides as well as any backpacking I do in the future.

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  • Aesthetics
  • Wearable off bike
  • Good pedal power transfer for casual riding
  • Very durable vulcanized rubber outsole


  • A little heavy

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