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Brooks Reviews

Latest Brooks Shoe Reviews

Brooks Breast GTS 23

Brooks Beast GTS 23 Performance Review

When the Brooks Beast GTS 23 arrived, I was confused. How was it different from the Brooks Glycerin 20 GTS? The differences (including the looks) are so small.
Brooks Ghost Max

Brooks Ghost Max Performance Review

Annie: I have to confess, I wasn’t enamored of the looks of the Brooks Ghost Max when I first laid eyes on it. But seconds after putting it on and feeling its undeniable comfort and balanced cushion, it suddenly started lookin’ real good…
Brooks Cascadia 17

Brooks Cascadia 17 Performance Review

The Brooks Cascadia 17, like the previous iterations of the line, is everything you need in a trail running shoe and nothing you don’t. It slots in nicely alongside the rest of the Brooks trail line including the plush, bouncy Brooks Caldera 6. Let’s dig into the features that make the Brooks Cascadia 17 one of the more dependable trail (running or hiking) options on the market.
Brooks Hyperion

Brooks Hyperion Performance Review

Right as the pandemic was picking up steam in early 2020, a peppy, lightweight speed day shoe called the Hyperion Tempo was released to largely rave reviews. Three years later, the Brooks Hyperion is the spiritual successor to the Hyperion Tempo. But the running shoe world looks much different.
Brooks Ariel GTS 23

Brooks Ariel GTS 23 Performance Review

If you read our review of the Brooks Launch 10, you know that I tend to appreciate a shoe that doesn’t try to tell me what to do. It should also be noted that, like many children of the 80s and 90s who grew up on Disney/Pixar, I anthropomorphize just about everything. In fact, you’ll soon find I’ve predicated an entire review on that very quirk. Okay, I think that gets you up to speed… When the Brooks Ariel GTS 23 arrived and I spotted that “GTS” signifier on the
Brooks Launch 10

Brooks Launch 10 Performance Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect in my first run with the Brooks Launch 10. I’d never run in a Brooks speed shoe, and I typically associate the steady, workhorse brand with plush cushioning and accommodating uppers.

Brooks Glycerin

Brooks Levitate

Brooks Ghost

History of Brooks


Brooks Sports, Inc., or Brooks Running, is a US company founded in Seattle, Washington. Brooks specializes in high performance running shoes and apparel.

The company was founded back in 1914 and originally made shoes for a bunch of different sports. The company became very popular during the mid-70s and was one of the top-selling running shoes on the market. By 1981, however, the company went bankrupt.

Then in 2001, Brooks cut its product line by more than 50%. The company decided to concentrate on running shoes alone and focused all of its efforts on developing performance technology. After the change, Brooks Running slowly began to recuperate and ended up becoming the top-selling brand in the running shoe market by 2011. Brooks held the first position until 2017.

Similar to Saucony, Runner’s World and Sports Illustrated have named Brooks running shoes the “Best Running Shoe” several times and the company has been recognized for sustainability and its technical innovations.