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Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Performance Review

With the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2, Brooks created a carbon plate racing shoe that competes with Nike Vaporfly Next%, Nike Alphafly Next%, and the Saucony Endorphin Pro. Brooks’ first attempt with the Hyperion Elite wasn’t well received. To Brooks’ credit, they took the criticism and then created a second generation that solved the majority of people’s issues with the original.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 vs Hyperion Elite

What changed on the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 vs Hyperion Elite? In short, half the shoe is radically updated and half stayed exactly the same. The original Hyperion Elite saw a limited release at the US Olympic Marathon Trials in February with a wider release shortly thereafter.

Brooks Catamount Performance Review

The Brooks Catamount is a lightweight and springy new addition to Brooks’ trail running shoe line. It steps into an unfilled niche by focusing more on the trail runners that want something speedy. You know the type, the ones that zoom by as they ascend mountain trails and are practically jumping from boulder to boulder as they descend. If that sounds like your jam, this shoe is for you.

Brooks Glycerin 18 Performance Review

The Brooks Glycerin 18 is Brooks’ most cushioned everyday trainer. This year, the upper got extra stretch and the midsole got more cushion. A stretchier upper and more cushioning typically mean a shoe is going to improve and that’s what happened here. The Glycerin 18 has been a runner favorite for years and it just got better. Cushion Drew: The Brooks Glycerin 18 uses a midsole made of DNA Loft. DNA Loft is a blend of EVA foam, rubber, and air. The rubber is meant to increase the cushion’s bounce

Brooks Ricochet 2 Performance Review

The Brooks Ricochet 2 is a neutral runner that’s built like a sock. It’s the little brother of the more cushioned, similarly sock-like Brooks Levitate 3. And while it is the slightly less cushioned younger sibling, it’s the shoe with the most sock-like upper of the entire Brooks line. Let’s check it out: Fit The one piece Fit Knit upper is the star of the Brooks Ricochet 2. The Fit Knit upper really delivers a sock-like fit that’s just as good as the competition’s Flyknit or Primeknit. In this case,

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Performance Review

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is Brooks’ newest lightweight trainer. It saw a recent limited release alongside the Hyperion Elite, Brooks new long distance race day shoe. The two shoes are marketed to be used together but we’re focusing solely on the Hyperion Tempo since there are now rumors that the Hyperion Elite 2 will replace the Hyperion Elite sooner rather than later. We tested the Hyperion Tempo on various runs including speed workouts, treadmill sessions, long runs, casual wear, and even a 10k race. So how does it perform as

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History of Brooks


Brooks Sports, Inc., or Brooks Running, is a US company founded in Seattle, Washington. Brooks specializes in high performance running shoes and apparel.

The company was founded back in 1914 and originally made shoes for a bunch of different sports. The company became very popular during the mid-70s and was one of the top-selling running shoes on the market. By 1981, however, the company went bankrupt.

Then in 2001, Brooks cut its product line by more than 50%. The company decided to concentrate on running shoes alone and focused all of its efforts on developing performance technology. After the change, Brooks Running slowly began to recuperate and ended up becoming the top-selling brand in the running shoe market by 2011. Brooks held the first position until 2017.

Similar to Saucony, Runner’s World and Sports Illustrated have named Brooks running shoes the “Best Running Shoe” several times and the company has been recognized for sustainability and its technical innovations.