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We are introducing Bring ‘Em Back. It’s a brand new series where we take a quick trip through time and reminisce about the footwear from our past that we’d love to own again.

The idea had been brewing in my head for months as I’ve reflected on the state of things in sneakers. As each new-generation sneaker is leaked and unveiled, the Internet is a place that often instantly breeds hatred for all things new while, at the same time, asking for new things to be created. This may be hindering the creativity that was once commonplace within the sneaker industry.

There was a time when innovation was truly innovative and shoes were way ahead of their time — and most of those still are today. That was also back when shoes weren’t just filler within a quarterly release schedule. Each model released had a purpose and a drive. The drive was to kick the competition’s ass. Reebok. adidas. FILA. Converse. AND1. Nike. The Air Jordan. Signature sneaker or not, nearly every release had an impact on someone.

Unfortunately, those days are dead and gone. However, we’re asking to Bring ‘Em Back!

Hopefully you enjoy the first two videos and feel free to share your thoughts below. Stay tuned as there are plenty more sneakers that we’d like to see brought back.

  1. As a younger guy who only really knows modern sneakers, I think it would actually be super cool to see these release (for a reasonable price). Especially that Converse All-Star 91. It’s like retelling history with shoes. Love the series!

  2. That Vis Zoom Uptempo? I’ve still kept the right shoe, with air bubbles all fogged up. Still looks good. (Only bought them because of Allan Houston)
    But to be honest, this visible zoom didn’t feel like zoom. Not in a forward propelling way the Zoom Flight 96 felt. Impact protection? Yes. Responsiveness? No.
    I think in the forefoot there was just too much material (foam/ phylon?) on top of the zoom, to feel anything. No room to expand maybe?
    But I have to say, I’m a small dude.
    And although that foam on the mid sole seems to contain your foot, I remember my feet sliding quite a bit in the shoe. Also that half bootie construction didn’t offer a secure fit.
    So no, don’t bring these back.

  3. How about the Converse ERX series? Or the Nike Air Flight Maestro All-Star (True red)? I also loved the Nike Air Bound 1992 worn by Cedric Ceballos at the slam dunk contest and the Nike Air Mach Force 3/4.

  4. I want the Nike Air Super CB brought back. Barkley’s shoe in the 97-98 season, I had those for soph. year of bball, and I don’t think they’ve ever been retroed.

    Also the Nike Air Garnett 1. I had those Junior year in 98-99 and I’m pretty sure they’ve never been retroed either. I’d buy both in a heartbeat, I’d love to buy every shoe that I hooped in back in school.

  5. LOVE the idea of this! As a 33 year old 90’s dude myself I love seeing the nostalgia pieces.

    I also eagerly anticipated the monthly Eastbay issues so I could drool over all the kicks I couldn’t afford or get. The Vis Zoom Uptempo was at the top of the list. That black/silver/white color way that Duncan wore was sooooo sick.

    I’d love to see the Zoom T-bug return as well (Tim Hardaway’s sneaker)…..the Alpha Project sneakers were the shit.

  6. Diggin the Bring Em Back videos , so many classic Kicks I would like to see again.
    Is there any plans to do another performance review for the best retros to ball in?
    Would be much appreciated !

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