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The Brandblack Viento Running Shoe Debuts Today

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Brandblack has spent the summer teasing handsome sneakers and now, the Brandblack Viento is finally here. We caught up with David Raysse, Brandblack’s founder, to discuss the new runner.

The Brandblack Viento features a flat-knit compression sock, rib-knit collar, and integrated clam shell tongue. The eyestays are reinforced and branding hits the tongue and heel. Interestingly, full grain leather sockliners control odor due to leather’s naturally anti-bacteria oils.

Underfoot, cushioning is supplied by a proprietary Brandblack full-length high rebound midsole. Additionally, there is high abrasion rubber at the toe and heel areas, as well as a thermo-plastic midfoot shank in the beautiful Brandblack blue we have come to know and love.

We spoke briefly with David Raysse about the new Brandblack Viento and the upcoming Kaze, another runner the brand plans to roll out in the coming weeks.

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If people want to run daily in Brandblack, is the Viento the sneaker to do so in? Or the Kaze?

Both the Viento and Kaze can be used for daily running. The shoes can be used for the majority of runners in the world that want a lighter weight, neutral, soft running shoe. The Viento is going to be feel more like a conventional knit. A bit softer fit and feel on the foot.

What are the main differences between the flat-knit compression sock on the Viento and the tubular knit of the Kaze? Both showcase one-piece construction, correct?

Viento is a single later flat knit. This will be more like a conventional knit shoe for fit and feel. The Kaze is a single layer sock. The fit will be like a compression fit knit.

The Brandblack Viento debuts today in four colorways for $110 at Brandblack.com. The shoe has, like the Kaze, been available at Nordstrom, Revolve, and Bloomingdale’s for several days.

According to Brandblack, the Viento will soon be available at Gutenmensch (Denmark), Garbstore (Great Britain), Amazon Japan, Carnival Supply (Thailand), VII Athletic Club (Thailand), and J2/Sneakerboxx (Canada).

Are you excited to have a running option from Brandblack at this price point? Let us know in the comments.

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Images via Brandblack

  1. Im with the Brandblack hype train. As long as I can have here in australia I’ll support Brandblack. And performance wise this gonna look good

    1. Hey Deon, I’m in Australia too. Where do you get your Brandblack shoes from? I’ve ordered from Revolve before, but they said they’re not getting anymore Brandblack shoes until Spring 2018.

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