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Brandblack Phantom – Performance Review

After spending a considerable amount of time playing in them, and then finding the time to film and compile a performance review, the Brandblack ‘Phantom’ Performance Review is finally here.

This is my first video review of this nature and I have identified some elements I will need to improve to ensure quality content and production in the future.

Just a little analysis to fill in some of the things I did not touch upon in the video. Anything else you’d need to know should be in the review

– The traction works great outside as well but definitely will not hold up to that sort of wear and tear, you can literally feel the traction pattern flexing and bending on asphalt.

– The Phantom has a nice roomy toebox, since I spend a lot of time in minimalist running shoes, this toebox is great comfort-wise. My foot doesn’t slide around and my toes are not crunched nor rubbing together.

– Wide footers may have good luck fitting in these as the supple leather stretches and forms to their feet.

– I often forget I even have shoes on when wearing these for an easy shoot around, etc. They don’t have anything invasive and stiff like the old sprint frame, foamposite, or flywire cables, these shoes never get in the way.

– These will retail for $140 dollars on Brandblack’s website and on Jackthreads.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the review and the shoe in the comments below!


Brandblack Phantom


Brandblack Phantom 1


Brandblack Phantom 2

  1. Thanks for the review.

    Its cool to see more companies trying to make some noise in the bb shoe game. Its also very cool to see what a shoe looks like after 30hrs of wear. Most of the shoes in Nightwing’s videos still look fairly pristine. In future videos you might want to have a bit of a timeline were you film the shoe right out of the box (kind of like Nightwings first impressions videos) and then show the shoe after all of the abuse. I’m sure the shoe companies would be thankful (rather than us only seeing the shoe beat up all to hell) and its always nice to see a before/after comparison.

    If the Lebron 3 and KSWISS had a baby I think it would be this shoe. I don’t really understand what they were going for with this color scheme/blocking though. I don’t know if its just me but the gum color really seams to clash with the turquoise sole. I think making the sole black would have looked much better. Either way I’m interested to see what Brandblack shoes are like. Hopefully they will be available at retail stores. I just hope the quality is on point for that fairly high price and your problems were a fluke.

    1. I’m glad you liked the review and thank you for the sincere suggestions, I value your feedback. A timeline esque element will definitely be added in the future. You can also check out my Performance Teaser post on these for some earlier photos of the shoes.

      It sounds like you would be more into the version of the Phantoms with the Icy sole, check those out on their site! These happened to be the only ones available at the time of my purchase. Function takes ultimate precedence for a basketball shoe for me, regardless. I hope my outsole problems were a fluke as well. Again, thank you for the feedback.

  2. Does anyone know if the only difference between their models is just upper design? The midsole/outsole look the same on most of their performance models. I’m kinda interested in picking up a pair of lows from them now.

  3. Nice review! and i think you can improve a whole lot…Nightwing has set a nice standard and i totally get that you have your style: to the point, basic, no flair…and that’s just how i see this brand and pair, 100 % basic, and i have to give it to them, they aim for something classy, not sporty…it’s just not there yet, the shoes look cheap for me…and i know that the materials must be fair quality! but, no, i’ll pass…some while ago we saw this brand, Ball’n trying to make it and they had something fresh, that d3o cushion, nice materials, cool design, bold details…i wish i could see an effort like that once again…

    1. I think so too, and I’m looking forward more performance reviews in the future. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      The Phantom is definitely a new look for a basketball shoe, I was initially drawn to them as something different, and of course, for that all leather upper. Keep an eye on the brand and I would also suggest looking at the Brandblack Jet. That’s a premium looking shoe of theirs, leather insole as well so they won’t smell bad with use.

  4. I want to try and get a pair of brandblack shoes but I’m all the way in the Philippines. Is there any way I can get a pair? Is there any online store that can ship internationally?

      1. Thank you, John! I’ll try sending an email as well. And I would really love a pair. All the pairs of shoes I’ve bought are all either Adidas, Nike or Jordan and I would love to try something new and Brandblack looks really good in terms of aesthetics and performance. I don’t mind not playing without Ventilation because Traction, Cushioning and Materials are what I look for the most. :))

  5. Great review, John! I enjoyed learning about the things you liked about our products. You put some mad work in those Phantoms. We’d like to send out another pair for you to hoop in. Please send over your info via Twitter.

    Talk soon. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I definitely played the hell out of these. I couldn’t justify playing in anything else for a while after I picked them up.

      That is very generous of you to do that, I truly appreciate it. I’ll send a DM your way and we’ll get squared away.

  6. thanks john. good review for a first timer and surely need to work those butterflies first.

    anyway, my concern about these shoes is the wear and tear, especially with the gum rubber. I’m not sure how long you have been playing with those shoes nor I have any idea on how you are playing them (possibly using a hammer on them?). my question is, did you find other shoes ending up the same condition as the phantom or much worse? or does the phantoms have some durability or quality issues?

    1. Thank you, I didn’t do any editing within the review segment so that was all straight through talking off the cuff. Perhaps I will do more cutting to keep it more concise in the future.

      If you watched the video, you would have learned how much time I have played in them, what kind of play style I submit them to, and how other shoes of mine have faired on my feet….It is all in there.

    1. They’re light enough, certainly. I have no official weight on them, but it is no problem. They do not stop me from grabbing rim with two hands and that’s all I need to know.

    1. I sprained my ankle in those. Slipped over the midsole and ankle hit the floor. Didn’t miss time, but had to wear a brace with a grapefruit on my foot. Have been afraid to use them ever since.

      1. Yeah man that flywire did not hold up, or lock me down before it was ripped. I’ve always had a problem with flywire though. Blew out all my flywire cables on the medial side of my LunarRacer 3’s doing some dynamic warmup stuff last year.

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