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Brandblack J Crossover 3 Performance Review | TheWongKicks

Hey guys! Jordan here again, back with another performance review! This time around, if you couldn’t have guessed, is on the BrandBlack J Crossover 3. BrandBlack really killed it, especially in the cushion department, but I’ll stop there so you can read and/or watch the review. Hope you guys enjoy!

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BrandBlack | Finishline | Revolve


J Crossover 3 - Traction

Brandblack brings the blade traction pattern back on the J Crossover 3. The pattern itself is spread out widely enough so that dust is not a major issue. And even when dust is present, it isn’t a big issue. A simple wipe of the outsole will do just fine and get you back to sticking to the hardwood. In other words, the traction just worked and it will continue to work.

If you know how the J Crossover 2 traction feels, which felt fantastic and stuck on multiple surfaces, expect something very similar.


J Crossover 3 - Cushion

I loved the cushion on the J Crossover 2. When I had first heard that the J Crossover 3 would be featuring a new cushion, and one that was even more bouncy than Jetlon, I knew I was in for a ride. BlackFoam is what the new foam is called; it has a high rubber compound which gives it a more responsive ride, while still maintaining a strong level of impact protection. BlackFoam definitely is more responsive and feels bouncier than Jetlon, but when I initially tried them on, I didn’t get the same “Wow, this is awesome” factor that I got when I first tried the J Crossover 2 on. Don’t get me wrong, the BlackFoam felt awesome, but don’t expect it to be something that completely blows Jetlon out of the water.

However, I experienced a good long run in the J Crossover 3, and the cushion hasn’t shown any signs of bottoming out on me yet. Unfortunately, the Jetlon on the J Crossover 2 started to bottom out on me fairly quickly.


J Crossover 3 - Materials
J Crossover 3 - Materials 2

Materials used on the J Crossover 3 are top notch as always, with excellent craftsmanship as well. Codura mesh is found on the entire upper, with Fuse found in areas of high stress for structure and support. The heel shroud is a synthetic leather. Underneath the shroud is an external heel counter. The midsole is comprised of a new cushion from Brandblack called BlackFoam. Caging the BlackFoam is the signature Force Vector plates. Along the outsole is a multi-directional blade pattern and a TPU midfoot shank.

I really enjoyed the Codura mesh upper. It allowed me to play comfortably in the shoe right away as no break in time was needed, and the materials started to form to my foot after the first day of playing in them. The shroud is one thing that I loved yet disliked about the shoe. The heel shroud is connected to the shoe by the top two eyelets, as the laces lace through holes on the shroud, and a small button on the heel of the shoe. When playing in games, the shroud would come off of the button sometimes and start flapping around when I was running. It was more noticeable at some times more than others, but it is something to note if you really like the way the shoes look with the shroud on.


J Crossover 3 - Fit

The J Crossover 3 has one of the best fits I’ve ever experienced. Personally, I felt that going true to size was best, whereas Nightwing felt the J Crossover 3 fit a little big and you could go a half size down. When I go and try a shoe on, I always try on a size 10 first because my left foot is a size 10 and my right foot is inbetween a 10 and 10.5. When trying on the J Crossover 3, the size 10 immediately gave me that perfect sock-like fit that I prefer. After playing in the shoes for a couple of weeks now, the materials still fit, and have stretched out a little bit, but not enough that I would recommend sizing a half size down. I would recommend trying them on if you can, or going true to size. Wide footers may be able to get away with true to size as well if you don’t mind a snug fit.

The highlight of the overall fit though: the ankle padding. You are going to receive some amazing comfort from a highly padded, interior heel. If you like comfort of heel pillows, definitely go with or try the J Crossover 3.


J Crossover 3 - Support

As softer materials are used on the J Crossover 3, the support of the shoe becomes more on the minimal side. The J Crossover 3 doesn’t lack support whatsoever, but some people feel they need a ton of support, and the J Crossover 3 won’t be able to offer that to someone. The support of the J Crossover 3 comes from the overall fit of the materials, and since a mesh is used on the upper, which has some stretch to it, not everyone will be satisfied with that level of support. With that one-to-one fit, you receive a ton of lockdown, and the support is topped off with an internal heel counter, heel shroud, midfoot shank, and an outrigger on the base of the shoe. Upon lateral movements, you will find that the layers of Fuse that support the upper really play their role as they keep the mesh from stretching too much.

Brandblack J Crossover 3 Overall

J Crossover 3 - Overall

I really love the J Crossover 3 just as much as I do the J Crossover 2. However I like the fit and cushion of the J Crossover 3 a little more than that of the J Crossover 2. Materials were top notch as always, and I’m hoping that BrandBlack makes the release of the leather version of the J Crossover 3 more widely available so I can try those out.

I’m also very really excited to play in the BrandBlack Ether when I finally grab a pair to see how the different materials work out and hopefully any other BrandBlack models in the future as well.

Brandblack J Crossover 3 Performance Review  TheWongKicks ScoreCard
  1. i played in these since they came out. unfortunately I cannot play in them again. every time I play in them, I feel like i have a high ankle sprain. I noticed its the shoe, because when I play in anything else (xx9, crossover 2, curry 1)- i get no pain in my legs at all. the pain is too much for me to keep playing in these…too bad, I have 5 pairs of the crossover 2 and love them.

  2. Simon B, is that because the shoe rides high and feels tippy?

    TheWongKicks, did you feel that the Crossover 3’s were a lot more tippy and unstable than a low cut shoe like the Kobe line?

    1. Phil, I experienced that they sit higher and more off the ground compared to something with a minimal set up such as the Kobe line. Differences are the midsoles and cushion set ups used. Did not feel unstable however, but I can see how some people may find the JC3 “tippy” compared to a Kobe or something that sits low to the ground

      1. Thanks TheWongKicks. I really want to get my hands on the Ethers when the Weartesters version drops but don’t want to put the ol’ ankles at risk. Keep up the fine work.

  3. Does the cushion require break in time to feel awesome? Because I played in mines only 2 times and it feels dense. Thanks Jordan for the great review.

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