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Brandblack Founder David Raysse Says Big Baller Brand is Not Dead

Brandblack founder and Big Baller Brand footwear designer, David Raysse, says Big Baller Brand’s death has been greatly exaggerated.

Lead designer of BrandBlack and Big Baller Brand footwear, David Raysse, took to Instagram to give people a first look at the upcoming MB1 for LaMelo Ball.

Despite rumors, reports and speculation, Raysse says that Big Baller Brand isn’t done. He also said that Lonzo and Gelo Ball’s BBB Zo2.19 and G3 models, respectively, are still releasing.

From the images, it looks as if LaMelo’s signature shoe will be the lightest of the bunch coming in at 11.2 ounces. Tooling is shared between the three signature shoes so traction, shank and midsole cushioning are identical between them. The uppers are all designed differently with Lonzo’s shoe mixing textiles with premium leathers and suedes, Gelo’s shoe featuring full leather and suede builds while LaMelo’s looks to utilize textiles and lightweight TPU heat-welded panels.

Within the comment section someone asked about the retail price. Raysse responded with “people are gonna be pleasantly surprised!! No excuses not to cop.”

Hopefully the sharing of the BBB MB1 means an official unveil of the shoe is coming soon. They will likely be unveiled via SLAM as each of the past BBB shoes have before them.

Let us know what you think about the Big Baller Brand MB1 below and stay tuned for updates regarding its release date and pricing.

via @draysse

  1. Looking forward to my ZO2s to arriving in July. I hope the G3s release in the orange/white/black sample colorway at some point.

    The first colorway of the MB1 does look good…

  2. The brand’s image has been ruined by the rumors of its death and their failure to combat those rumors, let alone put out new products in a timely manner. 3 months is a long time for the business brain to go without its oxygen.

    Nobody will buy.

  3. I love that they’re still gonna be around. Even like what they do.

    But I’m not spending another dime on their products until I get my Z02’s.

    A refund won’t cut it either. If I wanted $200 to just sit around for 6 months, it would’ve been better served in my wallet.

  4. I ordered the ZO2s also. Mines was supposed to arrive in May and I still haven’t received them. Who do you contact to get an answer since the site is done and there is no phone number.

    1. Go to the BBB IG, and e-mail that address. That was a while ago though.
      They might give you an automated update, that the shoes have been delayed to July — at least that’s what we got when we acted early on it. I’d say still make the e-mail because for all we know, they had an issue logging orders due to their abrupt shutdown.

      Waiting 6+ months for a shoe is really silly, but hey, a lot of us bit on it. The way BBB is run was knowingly far from perfect. Main reason I’m not mad is as I can afford to have that $200 sit knowing some communication exists (although it could’ve been better). Raysee speaking out is pretty much the best form of reassurance the shoes are coming because he likely would’ve made a statement about things coming to a halt had that been the case instead.

  5. Paid for two pairs, 400 bucks, to be delivered in May. Fine, then all goes bust and not a single piece of info as to what we should expect. This is so irresponsible, so unprofessional, and so customer-unfriendly. Have no idea how they ll make up for this, but I would love to be humbled. Not my base case scenario though.

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