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Blast From the Past | Another Eastbay Magazine from 1997

Another blast from the past as we dive into an issue of Eastbay magazine from mid 1997.

The first video had a pretty solid response so we’re continuing our dive into past Eastbay magazines from the 90’s. This one is also from 1997 but it’s from mid-year (we think) so inside offers some different footwear options. Hopefully you enjoy the video and stay tuned as we have a few more issues to run through in the near future.

  1. I actually had the strength shoes. I probably gained about 2 more inches to my vertical. The first step though improved alot(about 2-3 month with strength shoes). OG DMX was so comfortable. Fila Stack House 2 was fire. I remember the Mc Donald’s All American game featured the Stack House 2’s. I’m hyped for the retro Starbury’s. 97 was such a great year for kicks. I love this series.

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