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Best Basketball Shoes of 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas. It’s time for our picks for the Best Basketball Shoes of 2019. Each year we test every major basketball shoe release and do an individual review for each one. Then, at the end of the year, we put together our best basketball shoes of the year list for your enjoyment.

Hopefully this list will help guide your purchases and help you use that Christmas cash on shoes that will perform well in all conditions.

Update: Find the current regularly updated list of Best Basketball Shoes here.

Much has changed since June’s mid-year Best Basketball Shoes of 2019… so far list. You can watch that video on YouTube.

There were only so many pairs released between January through June, and we chose the best of the bunch that had been released in that short time span for those looking for a new pair of basketball shoes in that timeframe.

However, most hoopers know that the best is yet to come when it comes to the annual sneaker releases as some of the best shoes tend to release around the beginning of the new basketball season. With all of those shoes in mind, this ends up changing the list pretty drastically from June through December.

Some of the shoes that were once on the best of list mid-year are now completely off the list. Not because they are bad shoes, but because a proper list is a narrowed down group of models that should help consumers and not confuse them. Too many options and things can quickly go from helpful to convoluted.

So, with that said, we hope you enjoy Chris’ personal picks for the best basketball shoes of the year 2019. We hope you all have had a great year and we wish everyone the best for 2020.

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