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Asphaltgold Fittingroom | Sneaker Shoe Sizing App

You one of the many that have a hard time figuring out what size you wear depending on the brand? Well, holy crap… there’s a freaking app for that.

Check out the video below for all the info and you can download the app for free at the app store.

  1. Well, the app isn’t that good and sizing recommendation is not that accurate, at least for this particular case – I put in Air Jordan XI US10 as reference and check on Lebron 9 size, it says US 10 too, lol
    I never see anyone says Lebron 9 is true to size, they run small at least .5 size

    1. Agreed the lebron 9 runs a good half size to size small. Mostly due to the fuse or material at the toe box . It is thicker there and thus makes the shoe fit smaller .

    2. That’s the difference between somebody like nightwing and most other sources offering consumer information. He will actually test the product, others mostly just go by another’s database (e.g. Eastbay), and input info without actually checking if it’s valid.

  2. I beg to differ. I would say the 9 actually runs tts or even slightly large. It’s a funny thing how actually measurements are subjective but how something fits and how it is sized get construed.

  3. ^Great advice on using JP sizing.

    This app is a very cool idea but it won’t work the same for others in many instances.

    Since there are many different foot shapes and preferences on fit, a direct comparison between the size of one to the other won’t always.

    Has anyone used the shoefitr sizing tool? If you buy shoes from Running Warehouse, I’ve found that tool to be really cool as it gives you fit comparison from heel to toe between different shoes.

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