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Asics Gel CMYK Pack – Detailed Photos and Info

asics-cmyk-pack-13The Asics Gel CMYK Pack is here! Dropping on April 12 at 43einhalb in Germany, this pack’s theme is the CMYK color model and printing technique. Short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (black), the CMYK pack will feature all of Asics’ heavy hitters including two Gel-Lyte III colorways, a GT-II, and a Gel Saga. The Gel-Lyte IIIs will be draped in cyan and yellow, respectively, while the GT-II kicks it in magenta. Finally, the Gel Saga rounds off the pack lathered in deep black. The lining of each shoe will feature a matching dot print that carries the printing theme through, for printed ink appears as evenly spaced dots under a magnifying glass. Nike and Jordan Brand have looked to the color wheel for many of their upcoming releases, like the entire line of monochromatic Jordan Future colorways. However, Asics has definitely showed Jordan Brand and Nike how it’s done. This pack is absolutely beautiful and worth checking out. Pricing is as follows: The GT-II will retail for 110EUR, the Gel-Lyte IIIs for 120EUR, and the Gel Saga for 130EUR. There is no word on when these will release Stateside. What do you think about this colorful pack? Does it rival past Asics packs? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out the Asics CMYK Pack video.

asics-cmyk-pack-5 asics-cmyk-pack-15 asics-cmyk-pack-20 asics-cmyk-pack-16 asics-cmyk-pack-12 asics-cmyk-pack-8 asics-cmyk-pack-18 asics-cmyk-pack-14 asics-cmyk-pack-4 asics-cmyk-pack-6 asics-cmyk-pack-7 asics-cmyk-pack-11 asics-cmyk-pack-19 asics-cmyk-pack-2 asics-cmyk-pack-10 asics-cmyk-pack-3 asics-cmyk-pack-1asics-cmyk-pack-21Photos via 43einhalb. Last photo via Wikimedia Commons.


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