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Under Armour SC30

Could this be our first look at Stephen Curry’s 1’st signature sneaker with Under Armour? Not sure, but if it is… I like it.

Nothing is known about the shoe as of now. The only markings that are visible is the word ‘Charged’ along the midsole, and we don’t know what that means right now. Could be a new cushion system, since we see no signs of Micro G, or is could be the new styled upper. All we know as of now is that they are GSW colors with ‘SC’ branding on the toe and tongue.

Check out this potential first look at the Under Armour SC30 and share your thoughts down below in the comment section.

Under Armour SC30

Under Armour SC30 2

Under Armour SC30 3

Under Armour SC30 4

Under Armour SC30 5

Under Armour SC30 6

Under Armour SC30 7

Under Armour SC30 8


  1. 2011 Hyperdunk silhouette (which S.C. has used in the past), with a ‘Charged’ (or micro G) cushion setup.

    1. Will everyone just shut up with tha “hyperdunk, lebron10, kobe8 silhouette.” So what? That’s like the most common looking silhouette across all brands, even before hyperdunks. It’s just like everyone is using non-marking rubber outsole. It’s a staple of performance bball shoes. Try examining the other aspects of a shoe before you trying knocking it for innovation.

  2. This shoe is kind of confusing for me. On one hand it has the SC30 branding all over it and appears to have some new tech. But on the other hand, the materials kind of look cheap. The patent leather, upper and tongue area look something from a lower end model and don’t seem like that of a signature shoe. (Also, Under Armour uses a material for their shirts called Charged Cotton, which is a material that wicks away sweat and dries very fast. Im not sure if that is what the ‘charged’ text is relating to, but it might be referring to the material of the upper)

    1. Thats very possible, I’m not super familiar with all of their apparel. I really only wear their compression shirts. The upper isnt patent leather though, its likely a synthetic but its not patent. For what UA puts out, they look good. Plus, you have to keep in mind that some moron with a camera phone that doesn’t know how to use it took this pic. Prob doesnt show the shoe properly.

      1. The “anaskin” interests me because it will basically try to mimic skin i guess. And the midsole is interesting

        1. if “anaskin” is the same tech they use in their compression shirts, then this would be a very good “sweat management” shoe. this shoe looks like the micro g fly i’m currently ballin’ in

  3. just like to point out that the picture has the shoe on top of a garbage bag, maybe some UA intern was taking out the trash and saw these in the bag and decided to take a pic of a scrapped prototype. Just kidding for the most part haha but seriously why is it on a garbage bag.

  4. I personally would have taken the material found in the heel and wrapped it all the way around like a one piece. If the material is sturdy enough to be in the ankle area of Curry’s model with all of his ankle problems, then it certainly can be used as the only upper material. The synthetic just doesn’t do it for me.

    1. I feel where your coming from. Would have been a cleaner look with the snakeskin material all the way round. The seam where the synthetic leather and snakeskin meet throws off the whole shoe for me. Maybe if the leather were the same blue as heel cup…

      1. Yea it would look better and more important to me is that they perform well. I think having a onepiece anaskin upper would be dope, even though I’m being optimistic on how anaskin performs. I’m not buying that shoe solely on looks, it has to be a beast on the court.

    1. Nike rep1: How bout…he’s not nice!

      Nike rep2: Ooh ohh. I got one! The Baddest!

      KD: um guys…I’d like to be known as…The Servant!

      Nike reps: no…KD, let us handle the marking…k?

      Under Armour: Hey KD, we’ll give you $30 mill…a year!

      KD (to Nike): Ahh…Nike…you know what? I’m afraid I can’t make that schedules meeting today. Something came up (my stacks).

  5. Tight! Agree heel tech needs to be whole upper! Really different- picture what they can do with color- designs at UA are so daring- nice job!

  6. Maybe the Charged means New Support Tech just like adidas Sprint Frame..the leather looks like the material use in Apollo running shoes..AnaSkin??what happen to Clutch-fit??..well,Hope its a hoop shoes..KD TO UA???how true???

  7. I was looking at the traction and it looked almost identical to my hyperfuse 2012’s, which were pretty good for their price. I just hope they will be readily available in canada, which wasn’t the case with the spawns sadly

  8. The anaskin looks like a thin mesh over some other material, but can’t tell what that is. As long as the midsole is micro g, it’ll be great.

    1. Hmm…that yellow midsole looks quite foamy. Maybe there’s a full length Micro G insole and this new midsole material…whatever it is.

    2. Great observation! The Anaskin does looks like a meshy material layered over another GeoFit like material. Should be super comfortable. I think this will be a good performer. Interested in seeing how they compare to ClutchFit Drive…

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