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Under Armour Micro G Drive Low – Greivis Vasquez PE

Yesterday on Instagram, Under Armour signature athlete, Greivis Vasquez posted a photo of his playoff ready Micro G Drive Low PE. We saw the unveiling of the Micro G Drive high top on Steph Curry’s feet and then the Volt colorway here. Now, we see that UA will have a low top version of this new shoe featuring their groundbreaking ClutchFit upper. This particular colorway seems to have a gradient design of black and red that fades to a significantly more black toebox. The design of the low seems to take ques from the Kobe 8 design, yet still is entirely original with its upper, its traction pattern, and the Micro G cushioning system.

These could very well be a joy to play in if the ClutchFit technology offers a great lockdown and the traction is anything similar or better to what we have seen from UA this year. Look out for these on Vasquez’s feet for the Raptors this postseason, and then look out for a more detailed look and possible review on the site when they release.

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    1. Does it feel like the Raptors are the underdogs here even with the better record? Seems like they just silently walked into the playoffs in the 3 seed, no one is talking about them

      Everyone has the Nets over the Raptors cause their roster was built for the playoffs, but I think they’re relying on 2 old bodies, Deron is shaky at times, JJ and Lopez gonna have to play outta their minds I think

  1. UA treating Greivis as he deserves, one of the most underrated players in the nba, international PG are now taking the stage (Parker, Dragić, GV)

  2. Only thing im not really wild about is the ua logo itself….ive never liked that though. Otherwise these could be played in for the right price

  3. lol. Wow. These totally look like Kobes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nike filed for copy-write infringement. Looks like a combination of the 6’s plus the 7’s plus the 8’s. I would need to see these in person (something that can be difficult for UA basketball shoes) but I’m guessing they wont go over $110 so it might be a sure cop.

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