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Under Armour Curry 3 Performance Review

Finally, my Under Armour Curry 3 performance review. Consistency is key…

under armour curry 3 performance review traction

Traction – Herringbone is utilized once again, and like the Curry models that have come before the 3, traction is beastly. The pattern on the Curry 2 was a bit more aggressive than what is used on the 3, but the rubber compound on the 3 is much more tacky in comparison. With the rubber compound changed, I’d give a slight edge to the Curry 3 overall in terms of grip.

This same thing happened on the Nike Kobe Mentality line; the traction on the Mentality 1 and 2 did not change at all. However, the performance was greater in the 2 due to the rubber compound switch up. 

The rubber used is pretty firm so the Curry 3 would be a viable option outdoors. The grooves are shallow, so that’s something to keep in mind, but if you’re looking for performance over longevity then these should suit you. 

under armour curry 3 performance review cushion

Cushion – Charged is used once again, and it’s pretty firm. There is an Ortholite insole which aids in step-in comfort, but that comfort quickly dissipates once you start moving around on-court. 

If impact protection is your thing then you’ll want to look at an Under Armour model that utilizes Micro G. However, if you’re in the market for something with adequate court feel then these may be for you. 

under armour curry 3 performance review materials

Materials – Other than the traction, the materials are my favorite part of the shoe. Under Armour has introduced Threadborne into its material arsenal and it’s pretty awesome so far. High tensile threads are used throughout the lateral side of the shoe and provide you with a comfortable fit without sacrificing any support. 

anaFoam makes a return to the Curry line and it’s as awesome as it ever was. It’ll mold to your foot with each wear and ends up feeling like a custom fit in no time. I only wish there was more of it. 

Fuse is the last material utilized on the Curry 3 and it’s strategically placed in high-wear areas. It does what you’d expect fuse to do, and luckily it does so while being out of the way. 

under armour curry 3 performance review fit

Fit – The Curry 3 fit me perfectly true to size, but there have been varying reports from multiple buyers that have claimed it fits small, while some even claim it fit long. When this is the case then we always recommend that you try on the shoe prior to purchasing, if that’s an option. 

Lockdown on the shoe is solid throughout. The slight asymmetrical lacing system provides the midfoot with a wonderfully secure feel. Meanwhile, the heel feels great with the added padding implemented throughout the rear and tongue. 

under armour curry 3 performance review support

Support – Plenty of solid support features are used throughout the Curry 3. The exaggerated midsole sculpts into the heel counter while true carbon fiber wings are in place for additional security. Your ankle isn’t going anywhere in these guys so long as you’re wearing your proper size. There is an outrigger in place, but the shoe sits a little high so I would’ve liked to have had the midsole cup that area just a bit better, but it isn’t bad as is. There is also a true carbon fiber shank for torsion support. The entire shoe sits atop a nice flat base for stability. As long as the shoe fits you properly then you shouldn’t have any issues with support. 

under armour curry 3 performance review overall

Overall – Much like the Curry 1 and 2, the Curry 3 is a great shoe on-court. These are my least favorite in terms of cushion — much too firm for me — but speedy guards will likely enjoy their time in these. 

As mentioned above when referencing the Kobe Mentality; the Curry line from Under Armour is pretty similar to the Nike Kobe signature line in that the overall performance has been pretty consistent thus far. When you purchase a Kobe model you usually know what the shoe will offer you on-court — the same can be said for the Curry line. Thus, the Curry 3 receives good marks in all categories.

If you’re a fan of the Curry 1 and 2 then you’ll likely love the 3. 

under armour curry 3 performance review score

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  1. Nice review, these come in pretty light at 13.01oz (sz 9.5 IIRC for you Nightwing?)

    Are these the lightest sigs out right now?

  2. Great job on the review Nightwing, you too are consistent just like the curry line.We know what to expect whenever you post your reviews it’ll be informative and helpful THANK YOU Nightwing2303

  3. Thanks Nightwing, another great review.
    As you mention, I feel as if I were standing atop a (firm) flat base whenever I put on the 3. I haven’t gotten used to it, particularly during transition or making cuts.

    I actually thought the traction is better on the 2, perhaps because I normally play on a semi-outdoor court and in Taiwan quality indoor courts are not widely available.

    To me it fits a bit long, and actually the 1, 2 and 3 all fit differently in terms of either length or width – including the lows… Maybe I’m the only one, dunno.

    Anyway appreciate your hardwork. Been a fan since 12.

  4. The theme of consistency, or lack thereof, has been one of my gripes with some lines. I like how UA keeps to its guns with this line, making a very specific shoe for their signature player. It’s probably never going to have the cushion people want, but it has purposeful and dedicated design to a type of player, and stays on top of its strengths. On that latter point, I find *that* to be the difference between the Curry line and most others.

    The Kobe line always seems to throw a curveball in somewhere despite the fundamental design staying in tact. Nothing was stopping Nike from going completely astray from the 9’s traction pattern, or the 8’s soft mesh upper. The LeBron line didn’t have to abandon the air setup, smack on ridiculous amounts of posite, change the cushion entirely again and then start placing the posite in weight places. The KD line didn’t have to keep going back and forth with straps and cuts. The Rose line didn’t have to suddenly get clunky with the 6 and mess around with materials. Even the BB JC line didn’t need to get heavier and run taller with the 3, (but they gladly went back to evolving the JC2).

    I’m probably never going to buy a Curry, but at least if I was looking for certain attributes I’d know where to find it.

    1. good point there. maybe it has something to do with the athlete’s involvement with the creation and/or development of the shoe?

      1. It absolutely does. This shoe is what curry wants, from the traction to the cushion to the ankle. If he could play with no cushioning he has said he would, to feel quicker.

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