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Under Armour Curry 1 Unveiling Tomorrow

Under Armour has been on a roll since signing Stephen Curry, and since the beginning the goal was always a signature shoe.

Tomorrow, January 8th, Under Armour will be unveiling the Curry 1 to the public. The event will be held in the Bay Area, home of WearTesters, and we were fortunate enough to have received an invite. Stay tuned tomorrow as we will deliver the news as quickly as we can. If you wanted direct access to information then you’ll want to follow my Instagram and Twitter accounts as I’ll be out of the office during the event, but will have a recap later that evening.

Under Armour Curry 1 Unveiling Tomorrow

  1. Lol. Curry is like the kobe of underarmour. The clutch fit drive is the same shoe as the kobe 3. This SC1 is the first hyperdunk, but made out of mesh material instead of plastic.

    Nevertheless, the SC1 should be a dope shoe to hoop in.

    1. so you’re saying that the clutchfit drive is the same shoe as the kobe 3 except the traction, cushion, and upper composition. and the SC1 is the same as first hyperdunk, except for the traction, cushion, and upper….? thinking along those lines, my high top converse seems a lot like these clutchfits too except the traction, cushioning, and upper composition… but everything else is the same.

    2. Geez, I wonder what everyone played in, before Kobe Bryant decided to invent sneakers for basketball.

      I can’t wait for that idiot to retire, so his fans can follow suit.

  2. Will cop if the tech is equal to the clutchfit it should be better cuz it’s a sig but I’m not to sure about that cushion hard to beat micro h

  3. Yeah… these have a strong Nike feel imho. The silhouette at least. Look at the top line… very pointy and angular .. toe spring and smooth midsole top line…but the Lacing system is definitely UA. And yes.. I know you can’t say anything resembles Nike before the super Fans come for your skull.

    When I think of Under Armour… I think of Spawns and Anatomix. They should continue to evolve that language.

    Either way I think the shoe looks good and I like that Upper fabric like material.

  4. hey chris so do you have information about when is UA gonna release clutchfit drive low?
    i really wanna try UA

  5. I’m surprised no one posted about this today. They look really nice for his 1st signature. Great job UA!

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