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Under Armour Anatomix Spawn ‘The Bay’ – Online Release Countdown Begins

The Under Armour Anatomix Spawn ‘The Bay’ Stephen Curry PE saw a quick and random release in San Francisco last week and for those that don’t reside within The City, your chance to grab a pair starts tomorrow.

Eastbay is currently counting down until the release and UnderArmour.com will also carry the model as well. No word on other retailers at the moment but if we hear anything then we’ll update you.

Good luck to those trying to purchase!

Under Armour Anatomix Spawn 'The Bay' - Online Release Countdown Begins

  1. I like the fade transition on these. They look much better than the recent ones with all the stats scribbled on them. Let me record my own even though it’s a PE lol.

  2. Even though my season just ended, I might buy these and keep these DS until my senior season which is next year.

  3. Nightwing, what size did you purchase in the Green colourway? your usual size? trying to figure out what size i need

  4. LOL Gone within seconds again

    Can’t sleep on UA now, I even was online 10 mins early refreshing, still missed out on my size after the 8 oclock deadline

    Eastbay is useless now, you’re going against bots who have bots on bots…

    And UnderArmour.com, I was lucky to even get a half size up, but still, the size 11’s sold out within seconds again…

    Eastbay and UA need to have that anti-sneakerbot function that nike.com is implementing

    1. U shouldn’t keeping on refreshing.

      Best thing to do with these count downs is to check the time according to World Clock (Just google it) and count the seconds, as long as you are in last 2 minutes of the countdown, you should pre-select the size and wait patiently for the countdown to finish, meanwhile keeping on clicking the space underneath the original countdown clock. “Add cart” button will occur there, then you should be able to add it into your cart comfortably.

      Another thing to do is to log on your account 10 mins before the release and make sure all the details are ready, I prefer paypal as it gives buyer slightly more flexibility when it comes to potential payment issues. Make sure you store all your shipping and personal information in paypal before purchasing.

      Hopefully the above information would help you successfully make your purchase next time around, from as far as I’m concerned, UA still has a few Curry PE colorways coming. Above is probably the best way to order manually against those rotten bots.

      All the best and wish you best of luck!!

  5. i had the same problem Grizz, logged in about 30mins before and let the timer run out then added my pair as soon as the ‘cart’ button appeared then it said they were sold out! Much like Dominator said

    eventually got through for my size after a few mins trying then Eastbay said they cant let international buyers back order products….devastated!!

    anyone hook me up with a US9????

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