ARKK Copenhagen Unveils Nordic Camo Pack, Marks 100th Edition of the Raven

ARKK Copenhagen has taken a new approach to incorporating camo into its line with the Nordic Camo pack.

Inspired by Scandinavian landscapes, ARKK knew it had to “innovate rather than imitate” when it came to camo. And the brand did just that — it started at the pixel level and spent over 100+ hours developing its own custom Nordic Camo print.

According to ARKK, traditional military-style camo prints start with organic and nature-inspired round shapes. But ARKK’s Nordic Camo pattern gets its basic geometry from architecture, not nature, so the sharp edges of the pixels actually create the pattern.

After picking four colors that echo the Scandinavian landscapes, ARKK applied it to the custom mesh uppers of its sneakers. Once on the sneakers, the pattern appears somewhat disrupted, which adds to its distinct appearance.

arkk copenhagen pythron nordic camo

This is the first time ARKK Copenhagen has brought camo to its sneakers, and it marks the 100th build of the Raven, the brand’s first sneaker (you can watch the sneaker come to life here). The limited edition Nordic Camo pack will also feature the Eaglezero Mesh S-E15 and Pythron S-E15 (the hightop).

The ARKK Copenhagen Nordic Camo pack drops at on January 31 at 1:00 PM CET (that’s Friday at 7:00 AM EST). Sizes for men and women will be available.

Let us know what you think about ARKK Copenhagen’s latest pack in the comments below.

arkk copenhagen first 99 ravens

arkk copenhagen eaglezero nordic camo

arkk copenhagen eaglezero nordic camo 2

arkk copenhagen eaglezero nordic camo 1

Eaglezero Mesh S-E15

arkk copenhagen raven nordic camo 2

Raven Mesh S-E15

arkk copenhagen pythron nordic camo 2

Pythron S-E15

arkk copenhagen raven nordic camo 1


Source: ARKK Copenhagen / ARKK

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