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Arc Originals is a New Brand From Scotland and its First Sneaker Debuts Friday

arc originals the outset volume 1 1

Founded in 2016 by 21-year-old Austin Yule, a mechanical engineering student, Arc Originals is the only sneaker brand based in Scotland.

Like many, Yule soon realized that mechanical engineering was not the creative outlet he had hoped it would be. So, he invested in himself and gathered a small team of close friends to handle every area of the company, from shoe design to sample weartesting.

Arc Originals is a product of Aberdeen, Scotland. If that city sounds familiar it’s because world-renowned boutique Hanon calls it home. Inspired by the Scottish Highlands, and the Granite city (Aberdeen), Arc Originals is ready to launch its first sneaker: The Outset ‘Volume 1’.

arc originals the outset volume 1 7

The Outset ‘Volume 1’, the first colorway in a series of builds, will be limited to only 100 pairs. The trainer is dressed in a mix of moss green suede and bone grey knit to create a sneaker that uses contemporary technologies to achieve a classic aesthetic.

“We love ’80s and 90s runners as well as more modern silhouettes,” Austin told WearTesters. “I wanted to have a mixture of new and classic tech as I feel it works really nicely together, but overlays will always beat one piece uppers in my book.”

Blood orange hits the heel detailing and tongue logo, a nod to the autumn leaves, while the sneaker rides atop a white molded EVA midsole for lightweight comfort.

The Arc Originals The Outset ‘Volume 1’ launches on November 17 at 10 AM GMT (5 AM EST) for £95 (approx. $125). It will drop alongside a hoodie (£40) and t-shirt (£25) and be available exclusively at ArcOriginals.com.

You can follow this up and coming brand at @arc_originals. Share your thoughts on The Outset ‘Volume 1’ in the comments below.




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arc originals the outset volume 1 1



Source: Arc Originals

  1. I’m a mechanical engerring student myself. I’m currently at the end of my 5th semester at school. For me I chose my major based off of my love of all things techincal. Whether it was shoes or cars, I always wanted to see how things worked and the thought process behind them. People always told me to go into a field for shoes or cars since I love them so much, but for me I want my “passions” to stay that way. So, I want a career that pertains to my passions but can also be it’s own unique things, if you get what I’m saying. The best part about engineering is that there’s not one particular way to go. I bet if asked Austin he would tell you that Engineering played a huge role in building his company. You can get a good fundamental background and take it from there. If you don’t like what you’re doing then there are many other paths you can go down. The biggest advice I can give for a new engineering student is to always keep your mind open to new ideas, and get ready for many long nights of working on projects.

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