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Anta RR2

While ANTA debuted the Rondo 9 as if it was Rondo’s next signature sneaker, it turns out this is the upcoming ANTA RR2.

They look pretty cool, reminds me a bit of the Huarache & I dig the layers/ paneling. Nothing is known at the moment as far as tech, but Rondo did bring in a triple double while rocking them… he could have done that in a pair of Tims, but hey… you get the point.

Check out our first look at the ANTA RR2 below and stay tuned for more updates as they come.

Anta RR2 1

Anta RR2 2

Anta RR2 3


  1. i think rondo played in a hyperfuse in a game just this year. he wore an all black most recent hyperfuse. im not sure if he has a comfort clause like love. i remember lowry also had some jordan brand stints while in peak.

      1. i think it’s like wearing what you want even though you are signed with a brand. like with steve nash, he actually is with a chinese brand, luyou i think. kevin love is with 361 but he uses nike PE’s. he wears his 361’s on special occasion like christmas, all star etc. for brand exposure. (would really like to try out 361’s magnetic cushion though). not sure if the comfort clause is legal meaning is wear with you are comfortable with playing even though we paid you to wear our brand.

        1. Interesting. The explanations sound right, but I don’t understand why the brand that signed him would go for it. I thought Love wears those 361s regularly. If he mostly wears Nike, then what’s the point of him being signed with the Chinese brand in the first place. That doesn’t make sense to me.

          1. some small brands do it for exposure. just to get exposed a few times. they still get air time. olympics or fiba for example when love was in. we wore them in medal games. if the brand is willing to be second fiddle in the players shoe rotation, brightside is they are in the rotation.

      2. much like when Lebron wears the Soldiers rather than the official high end Lebrons during games.

        what I meant is Rondo could wear some other shoes during games but give enough time to parade the Anta’s for airtime marketing. I’d say Rondo wears the Anta’s during a short commercial break. lol.

        1. still lebron wears nikes and still wears part of his line, soldiers, ambassadors, ST, the lebron stuff. or at least nike stuff. love, rondo(probably), lowry(during time with peak) and nash wore different brands.

  2. looks a lot better than the RR1. ..will wait for nightwings performance review though for techs and all that kind of good stuff

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