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An Official Look at the Nike LeBron Soldier 13

An official look at the upcoming Nike LeBron Soldier 13.

I may be alone here but each time I see new images of the Nike LeBron Soldier 13, the more I want to play in them.

One thing I’m surprised with is the fact that Nike decided to go with the plastic strap loops again, even after many of them broke on the Nike LeBron Soldier 12. Perhaps having two carry the load will ensure they don’t break this time around, but we’ll have to wait to find out.

Official tech specs on the model are unknown, but we’re assuming heel and forefoot Zoom Air will be used as it’s been a go-to setup for most of the Soldier models. The herringbone traction looks great and it looks like it’ll be durable as well.

With the official images emerging online, it’s only a matter of time before we see the Nike LeBron Soldier 13 available. Stay tuned for updates regarding its release and let us know how you feel about them below in the comment section.

via US11

  1. Why ? They look like they were drawn by a toddler: bulky, to high, and cheap materials. So why are you so excited about playing in them (besides the name brand behind them) ?

    1. They have herringbone which is proven for good traction and something that brands were straying away from for some reason. They probably will have good lockdown based on the observation of where the straps are. They might actually have good cushion like some of the past soldier models that feature zoom in both forefoot and heal. There are reasons to anticipate this shoe even if it won’t be the shoe for you. That’s just my guess though.

  2. They’re previous soldier models have been pretty solid from a performance view so far. I’m hoping these will be there same: solid outdoor or indoor option that provides ample cushioning and support. Colorways will make or break this one for many. This one so far doesn’t speak to me, but I’m looking forward to seeing more

  3. Other than the colorway, these look like something I’d hoop in. Cut above the ankles (lowtops aren’t for everybody), and the straps are the over-and-back kind so you can tighten them the way you need them done. The 8 and 9 worked very well for me, and I passed on everything after.

  4. Huge fan of the 9s, 10s didn’t work for me at all, 11s were okay, but 12s were unbelievable. My straps never broke on the 12s, tho. 13s are a day one, overnight air purchase. Don’t even care about the colorway. Just let me get them on my feet.

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