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Air Jordan XX8 Performance Review

Believe it or not; “Damn, those are ugly!” is not the first thing I heard when I walked out on-court in the Air Jordan XX8… but “where can I get a pair?!” was…

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Traction – For the second time in less than a year I receive ample traction from a translucent outsole.

The Air Jordan XX8 provides you with pliable rubber in an aggressive pattern that makes up the entire surface. There will never be a point in time in which you are without traction. Even on the slickest of courts, the XX8 held up surprisingly well.

With the rubber being as pliable as it is, it feels fairly sturdy enough for outdoor surfaces… not sure how quickly one would want to lace up a pair of $250 basketball sneakers for outdoor use but knowing its a possibility is always nice.


Cushion – I went over the new implementation of the Proplate Zoom Air in a Performance Teaser but just in case you missed it… its amazing.

The LeBron X offers a bouncy feeling Zoom unit that runs full length and may restrict certain movements for some Guards. This is where the Air Jordan XX8 comes in. You receive a similar spring with your stride but its targeted to the forefoot which comes in handy with the decoupled heel. There will be a period of adjustment with the overall setup since the Zoom unit sticks out a little bit but after a few nights of play you wont even notice it.

There is another large volume Zoom unit placed in the heel and while it’s not as pronounced as the forefoot’s setup, it works perfectly and offers quite a bit of impact protection.


Material – While there is very little in terms of overall material, what is there actually works and works very well. This is probably the best use of a shroud or zip up enclosure that I’ve experienced. Nike’s Zoom Flight Club was pretty good as well but this fabric shroud offers much better containment that a leather enclosure.

This is also where the Air Jordan XX8’s one flaw resides as I had some separation at the toe after being stepped on a few times. The toe rand features a thin layer of Fuse-like material for durability and protection of the shroud itself. Unfortunately, it would have been more durable without the Fuse layer in place altogether… or if they would have used a slightly thicker Fuse – something like what is found on the Kobe 8’s toe rand. The area’s that ended up separating can easily be repaired and they haven’t separated any more than when it initially happened so it seems to be a fairly targeted issue and may not happen to everyone but it’s something to be aware of… if you see anyone that rocks a size 15… stay out from under their feet.


Fit – The overall fit is wonderful and going down ½ size was perfect for me as it provided me with the glove like fit that I crave.

The Dynamic Fit system is minimal but works very well. Each lace loop acts as a finger and holds your foot down and into its proper place. Each piece draws your foot into the midfoot’s Flight Plate and heel counter perfectly… when you couple this system with the zip-up enclosure you receive one of the best one to one fits you could ask for. “Fits like a glove” comes to mind when describing the XX8… but I’ve never had a glove fit this good.


Ventilation – The ventilation is hindered quite a bit. Most of the interior is made of mesh but the outer shroud doesn’t allow for too much air flow. You have multiple options as to how one could wear the shroud – up, down or partially zipped – and it could slightly increase or decrease the ventilation but overall… its not the most well ventilated shoe.

Does this effect their performance negatively? Not at all. Just like the KD V, these have such a smooth and contained fit that the lack of ventilation is only going to be a personal gripe for consumers that wish to have some air flow.


Support – The support is unbelievable for how minimal the upper is. Everything is soft and flexible yet rigid in all the right areas. With the Flight Plate offering torsional support and the decoupled Carbon Fiber heel counter in place, everything does what its supposed to without complicating things. Simple placement and structure offering just the right amount of support.

If you need ankle restriction, this shoe wont offer much of it. Even with the shroud zipped up all the way, its like wearing a sock, not a brace.


Overall – Is this the best performing Air Jordan of all time? I don’t think I can answer that… at least not for everyone.

There are now 28 models to choose from and each model will provide someone with something that is on their list of must-have performance features. All I know is this… my requirements are widely available on the Air Jordan XX8 – Traction, Fit, Cushion and Support… its all there and its abundant.

One thing is for certain… if you are a tech junkie when it comes to the latest and greatest in performance footwear… then you have to give these a try.

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Air Jordan XX8 First Impression
Air Jordan XX8 Performance Teaser
Air Jordan XX8 Performance Teaser Pt. 2

  1. Before you begin to ask, here are your answers.

    I personally prefer the Air Jordan XX8 over all shoes at the moment due to the superior fit and traction. I prefer the Lunarlon cushion on a personal level but since I rank cushion at 3rd on my must have list I would still go for the XX8 over the Kobe.

    The reason why the AJ XX8 is ranked ‘low’ is due to the ventilation score – it brought it down a bit. However, all the shoes listed on the Top Ten list all rank 9 or above overall which makes them all great options depending on what you are looking for. As I said above… the XX8 meets my personal requirements so that is why I would choose to wear it above other models right now.

    Thanks for watching, reading and of course all the support!

    1. Can’t wait to hoop in these, the design is similar to the ideas of my personal shoe and seem to match all my personal must haves, keep doin work nightwing you got the best videos by far

    2. Hey Nightwing, first time commenting here but longtime reader.

      Just wanted to touch on your rating system. It’s pretty good as is but I’ve seen how the ventilation category has brought down the scores significantly on what you’ve rated as top performers. Why not give ventilation less value in your overall score (like out of 5 rather than 10)?

      I know you’ve mentioned many times how you personally value ventilation less than other categories, why not reflect that in the overall score?

      Keep up the good work!

      1. Its some thing that needs to be considered when looking at the overall. If i took it out then people would complain. This is why is say people need to rank their attributes and go off of what they need. If ventilation isn’t important then just ignore the category all together. I do realize it can hurt their rank but i cant really help it, i just try to explain to ppl that ventilation isnt always needed.

        1. For sure it needs to be considered. It’s definitely not as important as lockdown, traction, support, etc… it is probably the least important from your categories… but it is important.

          I’m only saying if you valued the ventilation out of 5 pts rather than 10 pts. you would end up with the Jordan XVIII (adjusted score of 52.5/55) with a higher overall score than the Kobe 8 (adjusted score of 51.5/55) and would have a rating more reflective of your personal opinion and preferences.

          I’m only suggesting this because it seems you always end up having to explain to readers here in the comments your personal preferences because your overall scores and Top 10 list aren’t reflective of your personal taste.

    3. there is a westbrook pe coming out with like holes in the shroud… woudl that bring ventalation up ?

    4. nightwing i just bought a pair of air jordan 28 in grade school at champs today. ( Im 13) and i noticed that my pair does not say flight plate at the bottom. Is it because there grade school ?

    5. do you experience pain on the outer side of the forefoot from the little piece of flight plate? if so, how do you cope with it?

  2. Hey Nightwing, i’ve got a question for you.I want to buy a new nike zoom kobe 4 on ebay and i ask you do you think that is a good idea.Will they be good as nowdays performance shoes?Or should i buy a new pair of kobe 8?I ask you this because i want o know will i get good performance shoe that came out back in ’09.Thanks anyway.

  3. NW one question. is xx8 close to being your game shoe? lack of protection (arnd the toe) is a concern for me.

    If MJ was playing in these, it’d be bigger hit than 11’s…

  4. Hey nightwing, thanks for the review. How do fit they for the forefoot area, narrow or wide? Because often widefooters such as myself may not always appreciate the too much of a ‘snug fit’. Thanks!

    1. They only fit me snug bc i went down 1/2 size. Since the upper is fabric i think it may be accommodating to wide footers in their true size but a try on can confirm that for sure.

      1. Mabuhay means to “live” or have a long life :))). Long live nightwing!!! We filipinos (from the philippines) are a big fan!! Thanks nightwing. You’re the best

  5. Jordan Brand is killing it right now with their performance shoes, hopefully, your reviews will make people change their thinking of looks over performance.
    Great job again, hoping that you can continue doing the Air Jordan project.
    Congratulations from Spain

  6. Thanks man, now gotta wait until it actually comes out on the 17th and think will be getting those.

    As usual great job!

  7. First, Great Review. Second, the Ventilation category is unfairly skewing results (a 1 to 1 comparison basis with the other more important categories is flawed) – this category should be weighted. That being said the gold here are your actual reviews … but until the rating system is fixed the rankings are not useful. Just my opinion … don’t get ragey. (There’s always room for improvement).

    1. I agree but ventilation is important to a lot of people. Not sure why but it is. This is why its important for people to know what they want and need in a shoe… Ventilation usually isnt a huge performance requirement unless the shoes fit it sloppy or the materials get weak. Im not mad though lol.

      1. I agree with your present rating scale nightwing. It makes it objective & not subjective from your personal preference. It eliminates some bias & this makes your reviews so great! The only thing that people need to do is figure out what they need in a basketball shoe & check out the category if a particular shoe does well in it. Nightwing is great at what he does but he can’t tell you what you need. People have to figure that out for themselves. Once again, great job nightwing2303!

    2. I’ve thought the same thing too, but using a weighted average would be flawed because people value the difference performance categories differently (e.g. for me fit, support and traction are my top categories).

      I know it skews the overall “Top 10” list a bit, but it’s everyones responsibility to read/watch the full review and gauge whether the shoe will suit their needs.

  8. thanks for the review. i’m really excited for the release.

    i would like to point out that the Schoeller fabric is one of the better moisture wicking ‘tech’ fabrics available. used primarily for technical outwerwear to shed water on the outside, and at the same time draw interal body moisture towards the exterior. highly regarded in the technical outerwear enthusiasts.

    although the xx8 is not very well ventilated by means of airflow, i was wondering if you can comment on the Schoeller fabric’s wicking ability.


    1. Thats interesting, i didnt know that. Makes sense since the shroud itself was never wet, only the interior booty was wet from moisture. When i blew air on the shroud no air was able to flow though so while it may wick moisture, it isnt considered well ventilated.

  9. I have both the Hyperdunk 2012 and the Lebron X and these shoes are excellent. In terms of your preference, I was wondering if you would pick the Jordan XX8 over both of these shoes?

  10. hey great review. How did you wear them, shroud down? Does the shroud stay down while playing and not ride up? Thanks

  11. excellent review. As always you deliver the goods. I rate cushioning #1, traction #2, and fit #3. It sure sounds like these would be great shoes to add to my current rotations (m9s, XX3s, and HD2012s). I have hyperdisruptors arriving soon. I can’t wait to try them out and also try out the XX8s. So many great performance hoop shoes out there right now. We are really lucky…

  12. Man I can’t wait to watch the review! I have never seen youtube take this long to process a video!!! Crazy

  13. thanks NW, can’t wait for some insane dude start brutalizing this shoe like a frog experiment. lol.

    glad to learn about the toe issue which is quite of a downer for a $250 shoe. gotta agree that they should have done better with that. just for that, I think I’ll wait for these to drop in a few months or wait for the better (I hope) upcoming models for this year that might include the same proplate zoom concept tech. I think I could live with the fact the this may not cater my ankle needs which means I need to play cautiously and have to wear ankle braces. we’ll see.

      1. Just tried on the XX8s. That Proplate Zoom Air in the forefoot is INSANE!!!

        You’re right about the heel, too. It isn’t as pronounced so just pressing on it while standing doesn’t have the same feel as the one in the forefoot.

        I’m just waiting for the other colorways to come out. Can’t wait to play on these!!!

      1. i hope a lite version comes out without the shroud but still keeps some of the plates or replace the little one with a thicker rubber that may extend as an outtrigger. i’m liking the inside of the shoe and it looks good too without the shroud. the outtriggers can compensate for the fit in the forefoot. anyway i’m not designing the shoe and i can shut up now.

  14. Do you think these will sell out or should I wait till the price lowers down? I would really appreciate a reply! Thanks

  15. didnt it cause blisters on your foot considering you wore it so snug? i mean with the friction and everything?

  16. also, would folding the shroud cause tripping? like maybe other players shoes get stuck on the inner side of the folded shroud.

  17. Footlocker is also listing black camo and green camo xx8 to come out on release date. Do you think they would have more colorways on release date? And footlocker doesn’t show pictures of the colorways. Btw great review NW! Hopefully the toe problem is not too widespread. Please keep us updated on if there are any other people also with the same problem. Its sad to see a great performance model be the victim of such a flaw.

  18. Man, the shoe would look so much better if they cut that top off and just ended the shroud where the inner booty ended. Sooo…. NW does this play better then the zoom flight 98’s?? Jk. Great review!

  19. I think i just jeezed while watching this video…. I gotta get a pair even if that means cleaning out my bank account… Was doubting a bit when I saw the shoes for the first time, but now i’m pretty set to buying a pair. Thanks for the awesome review nightwing!

  20. NW I have been waiting for this review from you since I first saw this shoe. Congrats on getting your pair from Nike and early, they know you are doing some good work! I’ve been playing in the AJ 2010’s since you did that review a long time ago and they play well and are very good basketball shoes. But now is the time to replace them and I was leaning towards the Rose 3.0 from your review but I think I may stay with the home team and get the XX8’s. Thanks for your detailed reviews of shoes for over the years and being one of the older guys that loves leather shoes like you do I can’t wait to get these on the court!

  21. hey nightwing first of all great review!
    i just was wondering if the toe problem could be because of your 1/2 size down since your toes are overpressuring the toe of the shoe.
    Sorry for my bad english, greetings from Spain!
    keep up the good work!

  22. I wait sales at the summer or the next saison to buy it for $ 200 or less. I bought Penny V for basketball shoes I hope to Will be perfect !!!! But I’m afraid that shoes will be sold out …

    Thx NW for this good review

  23. As always, Great review! IMO, this is not worth $250 plus I agree with the ventilation part! Jordan should still make improvements but they should do it bit by bit. Jordan has recently jump straight to fixing about the complains of the previous model in which it will sacrifice the performance of the previous model to the latest. back in the 2012’s they changed the cushion system with proplate zoom which was a improvement but sacrificing the materials with full mesh which gave a letdown! Maybe that’s the reason people keep hitting JB because of how they push sudden changes in the shoe but for me personally, I don’t hate it! It’s been a while since you keep answering questions of your viewers in your website. LOVE IT BRO! 🙂

  24. Quick suggestion: you seem to get a lot of questions regarding individuals preferences. You might be able to make your site interactive in performance reviews by asking the user to give percentage (out of 100%) of importance to the various categories. 6 categories so the default would be 16.6% and.users could use a sliding scale or some other interface. Reduce ventilation to 6.6% increase traction to 26.6% if they play on slipper floors or their game involves quick cuts. When comparing models users could use the personalized total score with the site doing the preference calculations for them.

    Whether you use this idea or not keep up the good work. Much appreciated and love your first look at the Jordan 28.

  25. nightwing thx again for the review
    i;m playing SF and i have a big body
    currently playing in lebron X due to the support that i need and the wonderfull cushioning.
    will the XX8 give me the same amount of support ? and cushioning ?
    i play SF and basically an outside shooter.
    but due to my big frame and weight i need more support and cushioning from my shoe
    cause i have bad knee in my right leg.
    thank you.

    uh oh another thing
    i’m wearing 11 on lebron X
    but i wear 10 and 10.5 on air force 1 low (these are casual shoe for me anyway)
    so i supposed i should get the xx8 at 10.5 ?
    thank you once again.

  26. Great review nightwing. Can’t wait to play in these bad boys.
    The look is amazing and it’s good to hear that the performance is too.
    Just a quick question, I wear 12.5 in nike baasketball shoes, which fits just right, not too tight and not too large.
    Should I go for a 12.5 in the XX8?

  27. Great review and glad to see Jordan tweet the review. Hard work eventually pays off. Glad to see the comment as well to let everyone know your “opinion”. Frustrating to see people ask the same questions over and over when this is an unbiased performance review to educate buyers. Keep working and appreciate the reviews. Won’t buy a shoe until you review now.

  28. cant wait to get a pair, in your opinion this or the aj2012? long time fan nightwing keep up the good work, your the best reviewer when it comes to shoes 🙂

  29. The air Jordan 28 not only had the best design its also a good performer according to you and I can,t wait until feb 16 to hang up a pair and play in it but I still think the zip is a bit annoying when a basketball player get on court.

  30. Tried to buy one today (living in Ireland) – not available, footlocker uk not posting to Ireland – seriously gutted.

    Ridiculous !

  31. Ha, thats the problem, no stores have them (not even in Footlocker plans to distribute them here) and all sold out online

    Not cool JB, not cool at all

  32. tried these on tonight for a bit: the cushioning and spring plate are pretty amazing but pretty sure I could have rolled my ankle looking at someone wrong with the rounded heel section…beware.

  33. Hey NW, i think you said in either the actual performance review or one of the teasers that the forefoot and heel zoom bags are directly underfoot.How hard would it be to actually pop the zoom bag like in you KD 4’s? If you did actually pop the zoom bag, would the shoe basically become useless? (since the zoom bag is the only thing separating your foot from the sole and if it popped, there would be no forefoot or heel cushioning)

    1. I popped the Zoom unit in the KD IV on accident with a pocket knife while trying to see if there really was a Zoom unit bc I couldnt feel the cushion. If an air unit is popped then you will no longer receive cushion from the unit.

  34. Great review as always Nightwing. Keep up the great work.

    I picked up the black/volts last week. I have worked out in them 3 times and played in them 3 times for 3hrs/run. The shoes break in quickly, the traction is great, and the fit and support is amazing. As you mentioned the ventilation could be better, but it’s actually pretty good for a shoe with a shroud. Speaking of the shroud, I don’t like it zipped all the way up. I’ve played around with folding it down like you did or folding it into the shoe (looks a lot like the Gloves that way). It’s manageable but still not optimal.

    I love the zoom when walking around. During games the forefoot zoom is dare I say too much. Never thought I would say you could have too much zoom, but I almost wish Jordan would have made the zoom a little thinner and put foam over the top. The shoes are so bouncy in the forefoot that it throws off my jump shots and fatigues my forefoot after long runs. This is disappointing.

    I really want to love the shoe, but so far I can’t. For $275 with tax I want these to be special performance-wise in every way. If the forefoot zoom gets better overtime then these will be special shoes. Since zoom doesn’t degrade over time like foam cushioning, I’m not holding my breath that the zoom will soften much.

  35. Nightwing, love the reviews come here after every new shoe release keep it up! The question I have is when going down half a size, will the fit simply mold around the forefoot or will it pinch and blister?

    1. There isnt anything on them that will pinch or blister your foot since most of the upper is fabric. The interior are like independent harnesses so they wont bother you either. I went down 1/2 sz to avoid dead space which could cause an injury since your foot would slide around when there is additional space. But that was my personal preference.

  36. Thanks for this review. Finally decided to pick up a Blue/White pair yesterday as a result. Played in these for 3 hours total last night at a 24 hour, and a rec center and am highly enjoying them.

    Just a note for those that wear custom orthotics, they work perfectly. Mine are cork based and I definitely feel the zoom cushioning in the heel and forefoot. The lightness of this shoe being a Jordan and all is also another thing that surprised me.

  37. Thanks for the review! I just saw the Air Jordan 28 Lite and I think they look better than the 28’s do you think there is a difference in the performance without the sleeve? Thanks for your reviews man!

  38. Great reviews!!! Have bought everything in your top 5 to 10 over the years. Just got the 28’s.
    kinda disappointed that there’s no translucent sole on the camo reds that just launched. Would that make for better
    Traction? Does the lightest ever mean cheapest? Nike gives me my money back every year because the defects are exposed even with minimal use. WTS, can’t wait to get on the court with these. Keep up the good work! You’ll get bigger sponsors!!!

  39. Where could i buy one if these in the Philippines?
    Starting to like the look now.
    And based on the review this is for sure going to be a good shoe for me.
    Nice one nightwing.

  40. Just thought I’d share some news on one of my pair of XX8s that went south. I currently rotate between two pairs of these because I love how they feel on court compared to any other sneaker on the market right now.

    Basically the left rear zoom bag popped last Wednesday towards the end of my hooping session. I can’t recall anything in particular that caused it to pop, and didn’t hear or feel anything until after I finished my last game. At that point, I noticed a funny noise, and a softer feel in my heel step with the problem shoe. Upon taking the shoe off, the rear rubber outsole was caved in and soft where normally the zoom bag would keep it flat. Just a note, I only wear my basketball shoes for indoor hooping, and change in and out of them when I arrive and leave.

    Thankfully I kept the original box, packing materials, and receipt from Footlocker. I usually hang onto this for a year since Nike and Footlocker have a pretty good warranty exchange policy. Footlocker had a pair in stock as well to swap with me right away upon bringing them into the store with no hassling.

    Posted this because I felt it was share worthy, and I’m also curious if anyone else has run into zoom bag problems as a result from playing in them.

  41. My right shoe’s front zoom air bag popped too!
    I bought my pair at footlocker on the release day, and I used them only for indoor.
    Last Friday, I noticed that the zoom air bag popped. I can’t believe that $250 shoes were broken so easy. just about 2 month…
    I don’t have the receip, but if I have, is that possible to exchange with new one?

    1. The HoH in San Diego UTC was really easy to work with. They told me that if they didn’t have my size in the XX8, they’d let me exchange for the monetary value.

      If you bought your pair with a Debit or Credit Card you might be able to show them your statement with the purchase as a proof of purchase. If it was cash, that’s gonna be tough to exchange with them I bet. I’d call your local Footlocker and talk to the manager to see if they can work with you.

      Worse case scenario, you can call Nike direct, and see if they can do anything. Nike’s been notoriously famous for handling air bag problems within a year of purchase. Found this number on their contact page: 1-800-806-6453.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you for your comment.
        I went to FOOTLOCKER with my credit card record, but they said that they only accept the exchange within 30 days. Then, I talked with NIKE customer service, and they told me that I could send the shoes and they would investigate what the cause was. If it is their issue, they will give me credit, and if it is not, they just send back the shoes.
        I hope I could get new Jordan 28 cuz I really like them except the issue. but I am worry if I buy Jordan 28 again and the problem happens again…
        Anyway, thank you for your help, Jon.


        1. No problem man. A damn shame that Footlocker was being stubborn like that. Guess they vary shop to shop. I hope NDC can get an exchange going for you.

          Again, I love playing in my XX8s. I played in my LBJ X’s to switch things up last night and kept bitching in my head about not wearing the XX8s. Just an overall more efficient shoe in general. Hopefully Jordan Brand continues with the unlocked zoom, flight plate trend for their flagship shoes moving forward.

          I also noticed that I’m significantly less sore in my knees, back, and joints when I play in the XX8s as opposed to any shoe I play in afterwards. The only other shoe that comes close for me is the LBJ 9 Elite that I still hoop in from time to time, but they’re still no where near as good as the XX8 for me.

  42. I want to get the ones that release this weekend, but I mostly play outdoors. Is it a bad idea to use the
    Jordan XX8 with a solid rubber outsole on blacktop?

  43. Does the upper show scuff marks or other damage from players stepping on them? Other than the fact that the fuse may detach from the sole

  44. The zoom air in the forefoot of my jordan 28 popped… would nike reimburse me or send me a new pair? or is their a way to fix the shoe? anything helps, thanks.

  45. hey NW, have you played in a xx8 pair that featured a solid rubber outsole? and if you have, was there a difference?

  46. Hey, great review as always. I never buy a shoe without checking your reviews! Thanks so much for all the hard work and money you spend, much appreciated.
    I live in Canada, and I can’t find anywhere to buy these shoes! Any suggestions?
    Thanks again!

    1. Only what he said, in the last 28 video. Mitch, if you want them, you’ll find it and watch it. I’m not NW, but I can promise he wasn’t going to answer a question in-which he made a video for that sole answer.

  47. Hey nightwing! i was wondering why does the bulge on the forefoot of my pair decreased after playing on them. Unlocked zoom is really awesome and offers a really great cushioning but will it last on the XX8’s?

  48. Can you post an updated (to-the-day) list of the best performance basketball shoes for players with flat feet? I’d really appreciate it because I don’t like to have insoles, I play daily at a college level, and I have extremely flat feet which require lots of support. Thanks.

    1. There hasn’t been much to release with a pronounced arch so the list still applies. You may be able to add the Spawn to the list but thats about it off the top of my head.

    2. I have flat feet with pf so far the best shoes without orthotics for me are cp3.vi penny v air j 2012 & kobe 8. Penny v had the best support

  49. I Like the shoes overall but I prefer the horizontal flex groves of the superfly 2. The decoupled forefoot and no flexing horizontally at toes feels a little clunky for me. Like I get a little dead space under my foot where the shoe flexes between the flight plate and forefoot joint. I think if they rotated the forefoot zoom bag so it flexed at toes as well it would have been wicked unbeatable

  50. I don’t know if this only happens to me but the carbon fiber on the back of the 28s hurt my ankle bone. Like when I jump or land it sometimes grinds my bone and it hurts a lot. Any suggestions on what I should do?

  51. Hey NW. I am not sure which size to get but I’m wearing Janoski size 9 and it fits perfectly. Should I go up to 9.5 or stay to 9? Thanks for this website, helps a lot.

  52. I scanned this thread again to see if there were any zoom bag issues on the OG XX8. It seems that instead of stocking up on another pair or two of the XX8 SE, I should just ball more in these. The thing that limits my hoop time in the OG is the rare factor. I can’t get anymore once they’re done.

    So has anyone had any durability issues here?

  53. Hi im from asia. Usually its hard to find access in indoor courts here.

    Just saw the 28 SEs for $109.
    Would u recommend them for outdoors? Consider getting them at ONLY $109 wouldnt be
    too much of a regret?

  54. Why can’t these shoe companies employ you to wear test their shoes before it goes out to the market? Although the toe rand issue was minor, your insights regarding it were very commonsense and should have made the product a step more superior than it already is. Ohohohoho. 🙁

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