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Air Jordan 11 ‘Bred’ OG vs 2019 Retro Comparison

We’re less than two weeks away from the official launch of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Bred’ Retro for 2019. How does this remastered version of the shoe stack up to the original?

You’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Jordan Brand did a very good job recreating the Air Jordan 11 to be as close to the 1995/96 version as possible.

Materials are the one area that are a glaring distinction between the two. Yes, we’d love to see the Air Jordan 11 brought back better than ever, but that isn’t what the brand has been trying to do. They’ve been trying to replicate the original, not replace it.

The truth is that the leather tanneries, textile manufacturers and carbon fiber manufacturers that Nike hired to make the parts that make up the OG Air Jordan 11 are no longer in business. It’s literally impossible for them to make the AJ11 exactly the way they were. So, getting as close as possible is the next best option. For that, we say good job.

There are some small and subtle things they still can work on. The most notable being the toe shape. The squared looking toes of the last decade are just boxy looking and make the original’s sleek design look bulky. If we can see some refinement of the toe shape in 2020 then we’ll be pretty happy.

We hope you enjoy our detailed comparison of the OG Air Jordan 11 ‘Bred and the 2019 Retro. Good luck to everyone going after a pair. You’ll be able to find them available on Nike.com beginning December 14 for $220.

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