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adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review

The adidas Rose 773 II reminds me of a time when adidas provided you with top-notch performance for mere $110… it wasn’t even that long ago… the Rose 2.5 was a beast on-court with a low retail price. Good to know it can still be done.

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 1

Traction – Just like the adidas Crazyquick, the traction is practically prefect. Indoors that is. If you play outdoors then you will want to pick something with a more durable outsole but for those of you who hoop primarily indoors or have an indoor and outdoor shoe then these will suit you just fine. This type of setup is the best adidas has ever produced – in my opinion.

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 2

Cushion – Yes, another Crazyquick comparison. These felt slightly thicker but the same overall feeling and minimal setup. Is this bad? Not at all, its natural and perfectly fine for your body… if you are able to wean off of a more plush cushion setup that is. With a setup like this in place, less equals faster response time and less lag when it comes to making your moves. They are more effortless and less restricted. I’d say its a nice little tradeoff once you get used to it.

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 3

Material – I feel the materials could have been a little better but now that the $110 mark is their ‘team’ pricing… I can see why these aren’t as luxurious feeling as the Rose 3 or 3.5. They weren’t bad in terms of overall performance but I still would have liked to see some nicer materials applied. This is a Rose shoe after all…

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 4

Fit – I love the fit. They fit true to size and are a bit on the narrow side but I do feel they can be broken in given time. Going up 1/2 size is your decision and I will leave you to decide that for yourself.

Lockdown was perfect, no issues at all. Most of you already are aware that I like my shoes to fit nice and snug and these did just that. Materials did not require much break-in time at all so there were no periods of adjustment. Just lace them up and start playing… simple as that.

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 5

Ventilation – The overall ventilation is greater than most models available on shelves. Still, not the great ventilation that we all know adidas can provide but it is better than anything currently available so while not their best… you can’t really knock them too much when they are still the best when it comes right down to it.

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 6

Support – These feature no SprintFrame and I loved it. Brought things back to basics and guess what… the basics still work just fine. Sure, SprintFrames allow you to reduce weight and keep structure and support at their highest level but it tends to come at a cost… and that cost can become quite uncomfortable for most people’s feet. Since the upper keeps your foot onto the footbed so nicely, you really aren’t losing much support at all. The torsional support is something that isn’t as prominent but these are Guard oriented shoes so less restriction and more range of motion have been instilled.

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 7

Overall – I love these… I did not even want to test them since I thought they were too similar to the Crazyquick but to my surprise they were just difference enough. While I LOVED the TechFit upper on the Crazyquick, the Rose 773 II’s SprintFrame-less construction and extremely affordable $110 price tag has solidified my decision in choosing the Rose 773 II over them.

adidas Rose 773 II Performance Review 8

  1. Finally! I have been waiting for the Performance Review of this shoe for a long time now! Thanks to your review, I found out that there IS an actual difference between this and the Crazyquicks. I started to doubt this shoe because it was kinda like a mixture of the Crazyquick and the Rose 3.5. Now, I’m starting to like these, and I hope I’ll be able to buy one in the future. Just some quick questions:
    1. How will you compare this to the Rose 3.5?
    2. Are you going to make a performance review on the Crazy Light 3 and Crazy Ghost?

    Thanks and More Power!

    1. These have PureMotion and the 3.5 does not. That along with the missing SprintFrame are the biggest differences and I personally love the PureMotion tech so anything in comparison isn’t as great IMO… Speaking as a small Guard.

      I hope to get the Crazy Light 3 done and I doubt Ill get to the Ghost.

      1. Then which one would you prefer? The Rose 773 II or the Rose 3.5?

        And if I were to buy 2 out of these 3, which of these would I choose (out from your personal opinions)

        1. “anything in comparison isn’t as great IMO… Speaking as a small Guard.”

          are you kidding? He literally just answered your question. smh

    1. i would love to see how they will cut these joints low. Always been a fan of lowcut basketball shoes. 🙂

  2. nightwing, have you tried the original puremotion? OG puremotion is still ahead in terms of performance and mimicking true barefoot experience. the midfoot floats in the OG PM, allowing your foot to move naturally and to strecth and relax naturally where as in the new PM it is flat, fixing your midfoot in place. the new puremotion is more of a conventional setup but still offers a barefoot experience but just not as pure as the original puremotion.

    1. I’ve tried them on but never got the chance to play in them. It visually mimics the foot better than the newer ones do but in terms of flex these are just as good IMO.

    2. Agree man – the OG puremotion definitely felt more “natural” than the newer version. Heard rumours that Adidas only stopped implementing it due to poor sales and primarily due to aesthetics. That sucks.

  3. jeez man, these have an estimated outdoor playing life of one or two weeks?! that’s a serious drawback for those of us who don’t have ready access to an indoor court without paying through the nose for access (that’s how it is in hong kong….)

    the outsole is pretty much the reason why i’ve always held back on the crazyquicks, every time i run my thumb against the rubber i’m astonished at how soft it is, i’d be afraid even walking on a concrete pavement with them on. 🙁

    of course, the outsole is also the reason why i’m so tempted to pick them up in the first place…too bad i only play indoors once a week, if that…

  4. Nice video and review as always. But the shoes are just not the right one for D.Rose. He has suffered that much of a knee injury, he defly needs cushion!!!! Why the hack would adidas change the style of his signature line to something even more unsuitable in terms of what he actually needs. At this moment, I just feel really said for D.Rose.

  5. Hey Chris, what made the Rose 773 2 have one more point than the crazyquick. Is it noticeable or not. I am pretty new and dont understand a lot.

  6. The herringbone on the Rose 773 2 is peaked right? On the pictures on the adidas website the herringbone for the D Rose 4 didn’t look peaked. It’s the same pattern but thicker on the Rose 4 so I was wondering if you think the traction on the Rose 4 might be worse than the 773 2 or do you think it’s not that big of a difference? (for indoor courts)

  7. Just got these because I wanted to try out PureMotion and they were on sale on Black Friday for 59.99. gotta say that i love the way they feel. they have Instantly become my favorite shoe over the Kobe 8 and cp3.vi. They feel great on my feet and the fit/lockdown and court feel is awesome. Im semi flat-footed so i can see why the very similar Crazyquick made the list as the top shoe for flat footed players because i could feel them supporting my arch and it felt very natural. I have a narrow but flat foot. I measure as a 9 but like to go 8 1/2 for the more glove like fit.

    Ive also had the crazyquick and while it was a good shoe I didnt like it as much so decided to return it. After trying these on in the store i felt like the fit was superior on these. and playing in the Crazyquick was slightly uncomfortable do to the sprintframe squeezing the middle of my foot. Glad i made this purchase. Now i have to try out the Anatomix Spawn and the XX8/XX8 SE/Melo M10 Flight Plate/Decouple Heel/Unlocked Zoom experience which i have been absolutely dying to try out due to Nightwing’s reviews.

  8. Ohh yeah another thing I just wanted to add was that the materials aren’t the greatest, the shoes creased some just after 1 3-hour night of pickup ball. but dont let that hold you back alot because they are a great shoes.

  9. Hey night wing I bought a pair of rose 773 2 and was wondering if insoles would be a good idea to get more support in these or should i not?

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