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adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review

So good it hurts…

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 1Traction – I had expressed my concern for the D Rose 5 Boost’s traction, and yet again, I was proved wrong. Traction for the Rose 5 was awesome… not Kobe 9 or AJXX8 awesome, but awesome nonetheless. If there was a lot of dust, just simply wipe your soles and keep on playing. These things give you that squeak that most correlate with great traction so if you wanted to hear your traction working… that’s exactly what you’ll get.

As far as outdoor use… they worked. Worked a lot better than expected as well. Its one thing when a traction pattern that looks iffy works well indoors – which isn’t too hard to do – but when that same pattern happens to work well outdoors too…

However, I wouldn’t expect their outdoor lifespan to be a long one. The rubber is on the softer side so wear outdoors at your own discretion.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 2Cushion – Boost finally makes it to a basketball shoe. Yeah, I’m totally not counting the Crazy Light Boost… because a tiny heel unit doesn’t cut it in my eyes – complete waste of the tech. This time around, adidas did it right. They implemented full length Boost, but its not what you’d expect if you’ve worn their runners featuring the same tech. This time around its firmer for stability, and the forefoot was encapsulated for the same reason. In order to really feel the Boost activate, you’ve got to be moving, applying pressure etc. When you do this, the Boost will react – a bit lackluster compared to the runners, once again, but it wasn’t a bad thing. Impact protection, however, is the best its ever been in an adidas with Boost in place, and there is plenty of room for growth with the tech in the basketball world, so I’m excited to see where they take it.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 3Materials – You’ll see different materials on certain colorways of the shoe, but most of them will feature the synthetics featured on the pair I have. I’m not a huge fan of this type of synthetic… I’m not a huge fan of most of adidas’ synthetics, actually. Not much break-in time is needed, and the material is durable, but it won’t look visually appealing after the first wear. I know aesthetics aren’t a performance feature, but this time I feel its worth noting. I felt everything else about the upper was solid.



adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 4Fit – I feel they fit true to size with some toe volume, similar to the Kobe 9 Elite, but in the comments I’ve seen everything from true to size, 1/2 big & 1/2 size small. When that happens its best to go and try the shoe on in-store. If that isn’t possible then just use your best judgement.

Despite the toe volume, the midfoot lockdown was pretty solid. Heel lockdown was solid as well. Something I wanted to try was to remove the cheap insole the shoes come with and replace them with the PU insoles from the past Rose models, but my other pairs of Rose’s are in storage so I was unable to. Those PU insoles are thicker and more comfortable so I think they could have made a bit of a difference with the toe volume issue.

My main issue with their fit comes from the EVA foam Fit-Frame. For whatever reason, the left shoe’s frame killed my feet during every wear. I literally couldn’t wait to take my shoes off at the end of the night, which was a huge bummer for me since I liked most of their attributes. Even putting the shoe on to record some of the shots in the video review was uncomfortable. Not sure if it’s just me, or maybe just my pair… but it was something that was pretty irritating to deal with.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 5Ventilation – SprintWeb is featured under the perforated upper and lets your foot breath a bit. Nothing too crazy, but its not the worst ventilated shoe available at the moment. If you’re in need of moderate ventilation then these should do the trick.




adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 6Support – Their support is fantastic. You have a TPU X-Bar for torsional support, a TPU heel counter for containment, the fit/ lockdown was solid due to the synthetic and Fit-Frame and the Boost was implemented in a way that it was protective but not unstable. Like I said above, they’ve done things the right way this time around, but there is some room for improvement… that’s what I look forward to most.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 7Overall – I liked the shoe if you were to pull apart their attributes, but I can’t say I love them because of the discomfort I have every time I play in them. A shoe could have everything I’d want, but if I cannot wear them comfortably then I just can’t get down with them. Again, this just might be a personal thing for myself or the pair I have, as I’ve seen other people really enjoy their pairs. However, this is the biggest step in the right direction for adidas, and it makes me excited for their future basketball models.

If you wanted to grab a pair, you can do so now at Finish Line.
adidas D Rose 5 Boost Performance Review 8
  1. Thank you for the review, looking forward to getting a pair at the adidas employee store.

    Oh and awesome shorts.

      1. Would I be able to use these as my ball shoes for an entire year. I play both indoors and outdoors.

  2. Great review too bad you are feeling pain in you foot. I got these and found them to be excellent shoes. No pain in the knees or feet after games. I got these to replace the superfly 2s and they were pretty good until the foam in the heel wore down making the forefoot higher over time causing issues with my knees.

    1. To clarify the superfly 2s were causing pain after wearing them overtime. The d rose 5s Have been great so far and don’t believe the boost will wear down or flatten too much over time

  3. i think the rose 5 and wall 1 is in need of other reviewers to compare their experiences with other CW/materials. one review for the shiny stuff, one for the softer looking stuff. but then, where would i get the money to buy them? hahaha! too bad the red one’s were the first to release and NW got that cw instead of the other softer looking shoes.

  4. Great review. I feel Adidas dropped the ball on this one. They should have went all out with better upper, it would’ve made a huge difference. I can’t justify buying it when there are so much better options out there. The difference in quality is too big. Boost is not everything, it needs to be the whole package.

    1. Most shoes that release come with different uppers for different pairs like the pairs that release tomorrow that I was able to pick up early, great material so I disagree

      1. Then they should have released with one of the better uppers as the first release. First impression means everything. Nike and JB can afford it considering how they command the basketball shoe market. For Adidas, this was about getting back into it and showing us they can compete. At least personally, I can say that failed when I tried on a pair. That upper was just so horrendous. Even cheap Nike fuse felt better.

        1. Jordan Brand alot of the time dont even use that good materials and their craftmanship is not good. I have purchased a pair of Melo 9s with the flywire being misplaced and the stitching being messed up in areas (already coming off).

          1. Nike will usually hook you up of you have a defect like that. Speaking of Jordans, I’m currently playing in the Melo m10 and loving it. Materials are aces.

          2. I don’t really buy that much from jordan, except the 29s and melo m10s just for the unlocked zoom and leather upper. And there’s a difference in defective pairs versus the non defective version still feeling cheap.

    2. there are 6 different upper theirs the one the red have, the one the black have i believe is newbuck ,woven , mesh , mesh whit fuse and some leather

      1. I was actually waiting on the mesh/leather version, the homes. Until I copped the LeBron 12s. Had they came out with a decent upper in the first place, I would’ve bought the rose 5s instead. And I don’t regret it one bit. The shoe feels great all around, whichiIt should considering it’s price.

  5. Nice review as always. It’s a bummer to hear about the discomfort they caused you on the left foot. Something like that taking away from an otherwise great shoe sucks. Personally I can’t say I experienced any discomfort, and love playing in my pair. Maybe it’s the colorway/materials on them that make a difference you think??

      1. Do you lace up super tight? I actually had the pinching feeling in my Rose 4.5’s if I laced up too tightly (which I tend to do sometimes). Are you going to try another pair just to see if it’s a one off incident with your particular pair?

  6. Nice review! I don’t have the discomfort either but a possible solution is to put some mole skin on the area that hurts (or switch shoes for a bit and switch back). I went TTS but could fit .5 down as well although length was a little tight.

    1. How’s the stability with the thicker insole? I put the Rose 3.5 insole in there to try it out but havent hit the court yet.

  7. I have to hand it to you bro, you are about your business on giving these kicks fair reviews. I know you had been keeping us updated about the pain in your left foot hooping in these and I thought it might trash the materials and fit section in your opinion. I was thinking that there might be a silver lining with the upcoming different material releases, but it seems that it’s a frame issue to where you were pointing?

    Another question is it possible for us to receive an unlocked Boost hoops shoe? I was under the impression that the forefoot encasing was there to stabilize the various movements of the sport. It’s a damn good shoe for $140($114 on Eastbay shipped free with one of those coupons) though.

    That toe volume is recognized and I think it’s been throwing people off about what size to get. They are TTS for me; get thick socks and keep it pushing.

      1. Rose used to always wear that speed wrap, so yes I do feel like Adidas allows those opportunities in their designs for his line.

      2. Yes I wear a figure 8 brace and it’s pretty thick and fits pretty well. I might try playing with just thicker socks Bc the shoe actually gives great support around the ankles if you lace them tight.

          1. Please jump 40 inches in the air while twisting, shooting the ball and then purposely land on someone’s foot…I will check back soon for your review. If you miss try try again. Because I’m nice, go ahead and research castor oil for ankle sprains.


      1. It’s not the shoes’ fault. It’s the player’s. Don’t judge a shoe because of what happened to the players when they wore the shoes…

  8. The upper on Adidas models has been my biggest gripe with their hoop shoes. For $140 I really feel like they should have done so much better. Boost seems like it’s a nice touch, but I still feel like lunarlon and micro g have it beat. I would be interested in these if a CW with raw materials was released, but that’s probably not going to happen.

    1. Lunarlon? you’re tripping.

      Boost & Micro G perform the same, if not better and also last about 10 x longer.

      1. I’m talking about full length lunarlon, not the targeted setups. I’ve found that stuff to perform really well.

        1. I like Lunarlon, especially on my Kobe’s. they feel different than MicroG and Boost. I find Boost to be a bit more comfortable and responsive though. one thing I don’t like about Lunarlon is that they don’t last that long and lose their good cushioning. even my energy boosts which logged a lot of mileage than the Kobe’s are still good to go except that I worn down the outsole traction.

          1. Durability of full-length lunarlon is disappointing..much worse than boost and MicroG. After several games my lunarlon has apparent compression and the cushioning is weaken.

  9. Yo, you mention discomfort in the shoes on the outside near the sprintframe.. I “m experience the same thing! in order to fix that, switch out the insole.. your foot is sitting to low in the shoes and the seam is diggin into your foot.. I put some T-Mac 3 insoles in them and the pain went away

    1. this is possible as well considering the shoe’s inside is virtually barebone with the thin insert. that really puzzled me as well as to why Adidas did that and used a virtually useless insert. it’s also the same thin insert on my RG3’s although they were fine nonetheless. their purpose is pretty much just a texture fabric shoebed material without any cushion at all.

    2. I used superfeet black insoles and they were awesome…the hard plastic shell on the bottom of the insole pushes on the fitframe and spreads it out a bit and prevents said fitframe from hurting your foot. no pain at all.

  10. thanks for the review. I just want to ask NW, if he uses his left foot more often than his right foot? fi not, it could be an imperfection or a lemon. maybe another copy and material might be different than the copy you have?

    anyway, I skipped the Rose 5 because I didn’t like the synthetic look at all and felt the shoe too pressing for my size, probably due to the upper material used.

    also, any plans on doing a review on the RG3 Boosts?

  11. Great Review Nightwing!! I hope I don’t get that pain when I try these out, really been looking forward to trying out the Boost for basketball and glad that it does provide good impact protection. As for the EVA frame I think they are going to have to fix the fit on them since people will probably experience the same issues as sprintframes. I don’t think its the the kind of foam they used cuz there are support structures made of way harder materials like carbon fiber or tpu that have worked fine in other shoes, so I hope they get it right in their next Boost shoe.

  12. First of all this shoe doesn’t have a sprintframe, so it most likely not the because of the insole. Collins you just said that the the RG3s don’t have that problem and they use the same insole?? Nightwing said the discomfort comes from the EVA fit-frame which is not part of the footbed. IMO, insoles provide a smooth fabric and a thin foam layer that provide protection from the seams on the footbed, so you don’t get blisters. Also while I appreciate the suggestions on how to fix a shoe, it really shouldn’t be necessary, a shoe should be able to perform fine without modifications, out of the box.

    1. yes, they have the same thin insert. I don’t want to call it insole because don’t provide some considerable comfort, and protection at all, not to mention that it doesn’t even improve the fit. I think Adidas did this as they were probably relying on the boost foam on the footbed itself to act as direct cushion alone rather than having the conventional PU insoles to do their magic for additional comfort and cushioning protection on basketball shoes. the RG3’s felt a bit wider and spacy than the Rose 5 in the forefoot area. also, the materials and upper looked better and not cheapish like the Rose 5 shiny edition.

      personally, I don’t think that changing the thin insole to a regular PU insole as a real modification at all. I would rather say that Adidas neglected to provide an insole instead. lol.

      just think of it this way, put the Rose 5 inserts on the Lebron X shoes and they would feel empty or something is amiss. you didn’t really modify the Lebron X’s per se. you just removed the insole.

      1. By modification, I mean that in that it would fix the discomfort from the EVA frame. That shouldn’t be necessary like I said, the shoe shouldn’t have that discomfort out of box. And I think the Lebron X is the wrong shoe to use for that example, Zoom Max feels good regardless of the insole you use.

        1. I was referring to the insole feel. I don’t know if you noticed the difference on the Rose 5 inserts versus using a normal insole.

          also, could be a lemon with NW’s copy. there are times when one shoe felt uncomfortable than the other or felt smaller eventhough the size is supposed to be your size. it could be that.

  13. Are the 3.5 inserts the same as the 4/4.5? I would still like to play in my 4.5s and don’t really wanna change up the inserts all the time 🙂

  14. Finally a review from a pro…i do have to say though. ..they are very long and even if u measure them up to the 4.0 or 4.5 they are alot longer…but I also had the same problem with the left foot…there are hot spots that do hurt…

    1. I don’t think they do.

      Order from Eastbay instead. Eastbay also have discount coupons of 15% & 20% off quite often which offsets some of the postage costs.

      1. Thanks Ice! This will be my first time ordering overseas and I’m a bit nervous. So Eastbay can deliver to the Philippines?

  15. I was wondering are these as narrow as the d rose 4? Or wider? Specifically in the middle of your foot. Also how is the tongue. More padding or same as the past models?

    1. the scoring is subjective. anything along 8-10 (not sure if NW scores a 10 on cushion) is excellent and would depend on preference.

      as long as the cushion is not a 5-7, you don’t really have to worry about it.

      anyway, I would suspect the score being an 8.5 due to the firmer forefoot cushion.

  16. informative review again sir NW! hopefully on the upcoming rose models, they would implement the crazy light upper with the full length boost foam for cushioning and the puremotion traction of the crazyquicks, if they would incorporate all of that in a single shoe would be dope, just me wishful thinking lol

  17. informative review again sir NW! hopefully on the upcoming rose models, they would implement the crazy light upper with the full length boost foam for cushioning and the puremotion traction of the crazyquicks, if they would incorporate all of that in a single shoe i think it would be DOPE, just me wishful thinking lol

  18. informative review again sir NW! hopefully on the upcoming rose models they would implement the crazy light upper with the full length boost foam for cushioning and the puremotion traction of the crazyquicks, if they would incorporate all of that in a single shoe i think it would be DOPE, just me wishful thinking lol

  19. informative review again sir NW! hopefully on the upcoming rose models they would implement the crazy light upper with the full length boost foam for cushioning and the puremotion traction of the crazyquicks, if they would incorporate all of that in a single shoe i think it would be DOPE, just me wishful thinking though lol

    1. didn’t mean to post 4x. ..my bad. Great review once again Nightwing, felt bad for the pain on ur left foot. But I will definitely get a pair

  20. Great job and great review Nightwing! Just try another colourway and see how things will perform! I was between the black and the red colourways but i found the red one very cheap (as far as the sprintweb materials) so i bought the black one. The sprintweb on the Aways is much better and softer and it doesn’t crease so fast.

  21. I wouldn’t expect their outdoor lifespan to be a long one.

    -This broke my heart T__T

    Great review btw 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure that I recall Derrick Rose saying that they were durable and can even be used outdoors. This was a month or two before the shoes released though, so I’m a little disappointed.

      Maybe he was hyping them up, but from what everyone else has said, they’re not really for outdoor use at all. He shouldn’t have said that.

      1. depends what surface you are playing outdoors I believe. are you playing on a shell court? rubberized court? or a running track surface? I think people shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations with these types of shoe to last as long as XDR’s or dense rubber outsole.

        the point is, these shoes would last “decently” outdoors at a certain amount of time compared with other indoor court rubbers. I have certain Melo’s that wouldn’t even last a day playing outdoors even on a rubberized court. these however would last the typical 3-5 month period regular BB use, depending on how you use them.

  22. Oh my God. I. AM. LOVING. THE. RESULTS!!! Thanks for the insight Nightwing! I also love the shorts! Do I have to order them online?

  23. when will the hyperfuse performance review be posted i was going to get them for my team basketball shoe and i just wanted t know how they played… thanks

  24. Hey Nightwing! Thanks for the review! Gotta say that you and KickGenius are the only ones I trust with performance reviews. This being said, I bet you the white pair that’s coming out and that I’ve seen D Rose rock more often than not (regardless of home or away games) will probably help with the discomfort you’re feeling while playing in them, simply base on the different upper material. Maybe you should do another review with that version of the shoe or any other with another upper to see the difference. It would probably upgrade the ratings.

  25. Nightwing, you should give the CL Boost a second look… The cushioning is slightly less than ideal, but it outshines the Rose 5 in almost every other category, especially fit and support. I’ve been playing in the CLs for a month and I’m really happy with them. Really appreciate your work on this site!

    1. I’m aware of their pluses and minuses. I reviewed them and I liked the upper, fit and support as stated in their review. Traction was not that great and the forefoot cushion, something I need, isn’t there at all. I dont hate on shoes, I just review them. Good or bad, they all get an equal opportunity.

  26. Hey chris nice review again but a quick question…why did the cushion get an 8.5 when you said boost was one of your favorite foams

      1. As someone who has never worn a boost running shoe, I am extremely impressed by the Rose 5 cushioning. If the running shoes set such a high bar that the Rose cushion is a disappointment for NW, man that is really saying something. Those running shoes must be totally insane amazing. I am going to add the Pure Boost to my holiday shopping list.

  27. PRIMEKNIT UPPER, FULL -LENGTH HERRING BONE TRACTION, AdiPRENE + FITFRAME, CARBON FIBER SUPPORT. ALL IN for $100.00 Fully customizable on miadidas.com for $135. adiMack

  28. that YRN drop was great, man, song of the year, haha….
    would it be fair to say that you’re a bit underwhelmed by how the 5 performed in the end?

    1. Yes I would definitely say so. Here is my comparison based on playing in the XX8 SE, which has the same cushion setup as the M10:
      Rearfoot and forefoot shock absorption: my knees and back say Rose 5 is way better
      Rearfoot responsiveness: Rose 5 a bit better
      Forefoot responsiveness: XX8 a bit better
      Overall thickness (inverse to courtfeel): Similar. XX8 may be slightly better.
      Heel-Toe Transition: Rose 5 by a mile

      1. Thanks agm727

        i have heel pain sometimes and im a 13 year old boy and i play travel so theres alot of basketball in my life and i have one more question for u
        Do you think drose 5 was underrated in this because its so soft and i thought itd get a 10/10

  29. Hey NightWing,
    My first comment even though I’ve read plenty of reviews. No problems with the shoes on my end. I actually play competitive volleyball and I’ve cycled through the Kobe 8, Kobe 9 Elite, Melo M10 (2 of them!), KD Elite, Hyperdunk 2013 & 2014 and while I still have those shoes to choose from, the D Rose 5 is what surprised me the most. The cushion and stability on these things are great with good traction (but not as good as the Hyperdunks). I also have major knee issues and the Boost technology definitely cushions that constant impact. The only issue I had with this specific model (red) is the stripping of the colors. Not even 15 minutes into playing and white marks started to show. By the end of the first game (30 minutes?), the shoes looked as if I’ve owned them for 3+ months. Other than that, I love Boost and I am so glad Adidas finally decided to implement a full length Boost bball shoe. Come 11/26, I will be getting the new colorway.

    1. Glad you like them! Had they not pinched my feet, I’d have loved them. I’m actually looking forward to future colorways as I’d like to try them out again and see if I get the same problem.

    2. Bro I’m going to try and stop hating on them after this comment, but yeah they pinched on my feet and looked 3 months of after the first wear. there is glue around the ankle support plates that has gone almost white.. I hate these

  30. Thanks for the review. I would like to ask if the outsole and upper are durable for outdoor use? Here in the Philippines outdoor courts are usually not in pristine condition or rough asvthey would say. Thanks again NW

  31. Beware hooping in no show socks in these. I didn’t give it too much thought at the time, but those are what I had on and my Rose 5s in the bag. The stitch work on the tongue went in on my ankle so bad, I had to play the rest of the games unlaced. It seems that nothing but the best of thick high cut socks are compatible with the Rose 5. However to my surprise, the fit was still boss without my shoes tied and I was able to continue play at a high level.

  32. (For anyone that has worn them) are they heavy? 14.3 oz seemed a little heavy to me. Is it noticeable? Also, for wide footers, do you suggest going up a size or TTF? Because I heard the toebox was a bit wide already. Im deciding between these or the Clutch fit drives…

    1. I got both and you can’t go wrong with either. If you do get the D Rose 5, don’t go half a size up. Stay TTS. Replace the insoles first thing with an insole from a different pair. If you plan on using the stock insoles, even going down half a size might not be a bad idea, although that’s at your own risk. I’m used to playing in Lebrons so these things are really light to me in comparison.

  33. On adidas.com, you can get this launch colorway for $78 plus tax which is a pretty good deal with the code FRIENDS. I have this colorway and yes the upper does crease like crazy. The traction is great and I really like the cushion. No pain for me but I have very narrow feet. All the other colorways are 30% off as well.

  34. Hey NW! Have you tried some other colorways after all to see if I you find the same aching problem in other models? Also, despite that flaw, would you still consider these to be better overall than the Rose 3.0 and 1.5 (my 2 previous favorite Rose models)?

  35. Hey Nightwing. Thanks for the review as always.

    Man I just bought these in the all black with red laces. They looked sick. Clean shoe.

    Quick background:

    I have mainly NIKE. Hyperdunk, Hyper REV, and Hyper quickness and of course a lot of Jays – XIs, Vs, IIIs, XIX, VIs, and many others.

    For me Jordans fit the best and feel very well made. Especially the later stuff such as the XXI. I think of all the early Jays, the XI feels the best.

    Newer Nikes, like the Hyperquickness and Hyperrev have an amazing feel due to lightness. Not as well made as Jordans (or as expensive). But solid. I also love the feel of the Lebrons (the IX was awesome and the sole of the X was amazing) but they are heavy man, and the new ones (11 and 12) are to flashy for me.

    When I saw the rose, I had tried the older ones and they were too narrow. They fit terrible. This latest rose is the closest one Ive had to fit kind of ok. But to be honest they are still too narrow.

    My right shoe just rubs both my big toe and little toe – but there is no way I would buy bigger than the 10.5 I purchased as its the right length. Left foot feels ok.

    Problem is by the 2nd or 3rd hour the shoe, on my first wear, the shoes are already digging into the top of my foot. The sole on the inside looks like its already breaking away – I can see the white under the inner sole. Man these already feel like the upper is not going to last. First wear. I hate them.

    Ill keep this short – they are terrible overpriced shoes. Rose should go to Nike.

    Never again.

    1. Agreed! Really want to like Adidas, but always find the fit/finish is just off or below standard Nike or Jordan 🙁

  36. I too find the left shoe feels very different to the right. Heel slip on both shoes and far too roomy to seriously play in, i smash my toes into the end of the shoe every cut!
    i put an extra insole inside to try and help this, but being that i wear ASO ankle braces, sadly these were a poor investment for me, and i REALLY wanted to like these 🙁

  37. Love Derrick Rose. Hate the shoe. I bought this shoe in the all black with a little red. And the upper on my first wear is so stiff it digs into the base of your toes. Really bad materials. Like stiff cardboard. I hate it. But the sole is comfy as. Couldn’t ball for these ever again. Maybe I’m spoilt but all huperdunk hyper fuse and hyper quickness is on another level. Jordan’s and penny’s are just so much better made again.
    Sorry but the inner shape on Adidas always suck. Wish I could say they are a 7/10 but they are not.

  38. I’m a 6’2 center and wear a size 14 should I consider.Buying if not can you recommend a shoe for a 5

  39. Hey Nightwing, have you tried the woven uppers? I’m thinking about getting the Brenda colorway and was wondering if is durable.

  40. Hi i nead a advice im a point guard waths shoes do you recomend me? the jordan CP3 Vlll, nike hyperrev 2015, adidas d rose 5 boost or the brandblack j crossover 2?

  41. NW, I just picked these up on clearance in the all white colorway with full solid rubber outsole. The upper is mesh and felt much better than this initial cw that released. Did you revisit these at all after the colorway a with mesh dropped?

  42. This is a great shoe for outdoors and prob the best shoe I’ve had. I had no problems with the ankle tech fit thing either. Best cushion no pain after playing

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