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adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review

Straight beastly.

adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 1Traction – Nothing has changed between the Rose 4 and 4.5’s traction… and I don’t mind that one bit. I love the traction used, its great indoors and outdoors even on some of the worst floors. Traction is the one thing that should be simple and straight to the point… this does just that and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 2Cushion – Just like the outsole, the midsole hasn’t changed at all. We still have the EVA midsole, adiPrene crash pad in the heel and the PU insole in place. All of which provides a lot to ground, minimal cushion setup that I personally really enjoy. If you like adequate cushion without too much substance, a low profile feel for enhanced court feel and stability along with the Next Gen PureMotion then you can’t go wrong with these or the original Rose 4.



adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 3Materials – The materials are one aspect that has been tinkered with a bit. These do use SprintWeb and that plastic synthetic that we saw on the 4 but they’ve also used the synthetic leather as well which is a huge bonus in my book.




adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 4

Fit – They fit true to size and I love the containment. Just like the Rose 4, the 4.5 contains the foot really well and lockdown is very apparent from heel to forefoot. I didn’t notice much change with the slightly altered collar but I did enjoy the extra GeoFit padding throughout the interior.




adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 5Ventilation – The ventilation was one aspect that I thought would have been increased but that actually wasn’t the case. While the side panels had slightly better air flow, the forefoot removed all perforations completely and that the main area where heat escapes the foot. It wasn’t anything to really focus on but it was something to note.




adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 6Support – Due to the containment, lockdown, low profile base and natural range of motion… the force is strong with this one. In all seriousness, for a Guard… they excel in the support category. They may not offer enough support for really large guys but if you play quick on your feet then you’ll be good to go.



adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 7

Overall – The adidas D Rose 4 was featured as my third pick in my personal top ten list of 2013… playing in the adidas D Rose 4.5 reminded me of that as it already feels that the Rose 4 review was so long ago. While I do like to see more change and innovation involved, I do love playing in these and I think they just might be my favorite adidas hoop shoe of all time. Of course, this might change once the Rose 5 releases but until then I’ll keep these in my gym back as a backup pair of kicks.

You can grab the adidas D Rose 4.5 now at Finish Line and if you want the colorway shown in the review, they will be available HERE on February 6th.

adidas D Rose 4.5 Performance Review 8

  1. just a quick question about the toungue. Is there much difference in the padding between the 4 and the 4.5? the 4.5 looks like it should feel pretty comfy

  2. So I was right in catching the preview after the Jordan 6 infrared video!

    I originally wanted the Rose 4.5 in the Tiger “solar zest” colorway, but now I’m waiting on the “Brendas” instead. I think they’re damn near all scarlet, but those will be my final answer on the 4.5.

    The way Adidas has been handling the Rose line the past few seasons has prompted me to always wait for the .5 version.

  3. Awesome review, the nba store in nyc has this ehite colorway alread and it looks awesome in jeans to my liking at least.

  4. I actually saw these in person today at Dicks Sporting Goods. I went in to see how the 4.0 fit and they accidentally brought these out. When I asked how much they were they realized they didn’t launch yet and wouldn’t let me buy them. They fit a bit narrow so I wasn’t totally disappointed. I will admit they look even better in person and that’s saying something because the pictures look good. I’m debating getting them because I like my shoes to be really comfortable right out of the box and with these I think there would be a decent break in time.

    1. Break in time wasn’t that bad w the material on the 4.5 but be warned that the cool little metal rose logo on the side can get ripped off while playing… I lost one the other night. Other than that they’re great.

      1. Thanks for the info. Shame about the quality control. I think I’m going to get it. I love how it looks and it sounds like it performs great as well.

  5. You stopped using youtube embedded videos? I find youtube is always the best balance for streaming speed and quality.

  6. hey NW, i just saw on the eastbay catalog is a new UA model called Anatomix Anamoly. Never even seen it on blog sites.

  7. The longer that I wait for the scarlets or “Brendas”, the more that I realize the value of the Rose 4. Adidas is offering the Rose 4 in various colors for $50 less than the 4.5. According to NW scorecards, the Rose 4 is slightly better than the 4.5. What I mean by that is that the 4>4.5 in terms of breathability.

    1. What are your highlighted points? I ask because I don’t have either, but I’m interested in getting both at some point of time.

  8. Hi NW, I’m not sure if you have answered this in your other reviews. In your personal rotation, does the d’rose 4.5 comes close to the hyperrev?

  9. Personally, i did not enjoy the 4.5. Landings are too hard in these shoes. Im not a heavy guy, im 6ft 3in 190lbs so weight is not the problem. Now the soldier 7 is perfect for me. The zoom is not top loaded but it is felt on landings and sprinting so if u jump high, get the soldier 7 instead of the 4.5

  10. hey kick on court umm quick question is the d rose 4.5 good for flat footed people because I’m planning to buy a lebron 11 or a d rose 4.5 but I’m flat footed the lebron is wide enough i wanna know for the do rose so in a nutshell: is the d rose 4.5 good for flatfooted people?:)
    and thank you!:D

  11. Hey nightwing,

    I own a pair of the drose 3’s, and the traction is fine and all but the shoes dont tend to squeek. Squeek as in a shoe like the hyper dunk 2012’s. I was wondering if the traction on the drose 4/4.5’s “squeek” hahah


  12. I have size 9.5 of this pair and i really know that my size are true to my foot because i have other nike shoes that same size but my d rose are slightly tight with my foot. i hope that it will expand because i really not relaxed when i fit those pairs.

  13. Hi nightwing, just wondering how the traction on the rose 4.5 compares to the traction on the ua curry 1. Is one better than the other? will they both hold up on dusty courts?

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