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adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 performance review is now available for your viewing and reading pleasure. If you need a CrazyLight Boost 2016 performance review from a big man’s perspective, click here.

adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review Traction

Traction – The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 offers the best traction that I’ve had since the Nike Kobe 9. Yes, it’s that good. Funny enough, the pair I’ve been wear-testing doesn’t even feature Continental rubber. For whatever reason, white, translucent, and gum rubber outsoles have not been made with Continental rubber. For those wondering, all other colors I’ve seen use the Continental rubber.

The dual density rubber setup worked perfectly with the pattern used. With the solid black section, on the colorway worn, is a pretty dense rubber which is durable and works well even when dust is present. Everything that you see that is white rubber is a much softer rubber; it’s a more pliable compound that gripped like crazy. Together, the two proved to work well on multiple courts and conditions, along with being durable. Such a huge shift from last year’s CrazyLight model.

adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review Cushion

Cushion – Full length Boost is finally available in a basketball shoe, and it’s a little different than I initially expected. adidas put a ton of Boost pellets in this midsole — the most it’s ever used on any shoe. By doing this it made the midsole a little firmer than previous Boost models I’ve worn. I know this sounds like a negative, but it’s actually really positive. While you don’t get that bouncy springy feeling you may be accustomed to, you get a slab of midsole that absorbs impact like nothing I’ve ever worn before. It’s something that works without you feeling it. On top of that, the firmer setup ensures that the Boost remains stable enough for the game of basketball.

Transition is super smooth from heel to toe and toe to heel regardless of your foot strikes or lands. The transition from one point to the other is as smooth as it gets, like rolling around an air filled bounce house smooth. Wherever your foot strikes the floor, Boost is there to protect it.

adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review Materials

Materials – The pair I’ve been wearing features Primeknit while the first run of CrazyLight Boost 2016’s will feature Jacquard. I don’t think there will be much of a difference as the Primeknit used is backed by a nylon which restricts the natural stretch the knit has. Both materials will stretch less and contain more — which is what you want — while requiring very little break-in time.

The only real difference between the two is that the Primeknit version doesn’t have a tongue. Instead, it features a neoprene section that makes the upper similar to one-piece construction. This is great for lockdown and containment, but it doesn’t allow you to customize the fit much. Personally, I’d have preferred the setup found on the regular versions of the CrazyLight Boost 2016 since I would be able to tighten and loosen the midfoot as needed.

adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review Fit

Fit – The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 runs true to size so that’s what I’d recommend. It’s narrow at the base of the forefoot so wide footers may want to consider going up 1/2 size or skipping the shoe altogether. That section does break-in during play, but each night I played in them they started off pretty snug, even for me. Just something to consider.

Lockdown is incredible, especially in the heel. The forefoot, as mentioned above, is pretty snug so lockdown there is great. However, the heel section cups the heel of the foot so perfectly that you won’t even realize that you’re wearing a low top shoe.

adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review Support

Support – Everyone should know by now that ankle support in a shoe is a marketing gimmick. It isn’t real. You can get the same support from a low as you would a mid or high so long as the support features and the way they were implemented work. That’s what adidas was able to do with the CrazyLight Boost 2016.

The support starts with the Boost, surprisingly enough, as there is more Boost here than in any other adidas model to date. Creating ultimate impact protection and responsiveness without sacrificing stability plays into the support. Just for good measure adidas designed the lateral outrigger section to cage the lateral forefoot of the Boost midsole. This is a fail safe Boost midsole as the designers have done everything possible to ensure it won’t collapse on you. There is a torsional bar in place for torsional support, an external TPU heel counter that ensures your heel remains on the footbed at all times, and nylon lacing that ensures the midfoot remains on the footbed at all times. This shoe features everything you need, nothing you don’t, and it all works perfectly together.

adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Review Overall

Overall – adidas claims the CrazyLight Boost 2016 is the ultimate low top. They’re not wrong. Wearing the CrazyLight Boost 2016 feels like you’re wearing the Kobe 4 or 5 on steroids. Ultimate lockdown, ultimate cushion, ultimate traction…the only issue would be the fit and that’s only because it’s narrow to the point to where it may not accommodate everyone — which is totally a nitpick as achieving the perfect fit for every foot on the planet is nearly impossible.

If you love playing in low tops then you’re going to love these. If you’re scared of playing in low tops then you’re going to want to try these. If you value your hard earned money and what you purchase with it then you’re going to feel like you made the best sneaker purchase of your life. The only bad thing I can say about them is that they’re not very well ventilated. And if you let that stop you from buying them then you never wanted them in the first place.

The best low top on the market features three stripes. Who would’ve thought?

adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Performance Score

    1. Yeah, worried about that as well… I was excited until he mentioned the narrowness. I avoided Adidas for years because of the fit until the recent offerings blew me away.

      1. Hey Nightwing, is the narrowness of the forefoot base supported by the mini containment cage along the outrigger? Wondering if I can stretch it out or if there’s really no having it. I’d rather not size up if I can and possibly compromise the fit.

      2. So the CLBoost will be very narrow on me (had to remove the laces from the loops on the Hyperrev 2016 to relieve pressure) but I think I am gonna try ’em anyway.

        I am always comparing the scorecards, I asked regarding the Rose 6 because it was widely used as some kind of standard for greatness among performance shoes :))

    2. I have a wide foot and even in Nike’s/ Jordans Kobe’s and a few Jordans were the only ones that fit. I tried on the Dame’s, the Adidas Ultra Explosive and the Ultra Light Boost. The Ultralight were the only ones that felt wide enough to play comfortably. The Dame fit to snug for me and it runs the longest of the 3. Explosive is strictly for very narrow feet. The heel is the tightest fit on the ultralight boost and it fits true to size.

    1. He mentioned it in the review for the KD9. You’re best trying it on if you can, but he went down 1/2.

  1. This shoe is f*cking Majestic. Two Weartesters Hall of Fame like its Kobe and Shaq, and for me in Canada it’ll retail for $160. Its a victory of races for Adidas. What a time to be a consumer!

  2. I and many others were anxiously waiting for this review! I can’t wait to get a pair of these! Thank you Chris for another fantastic review! God Bless!

  3. Wish the cushioning was more bouncy but I’m still copping. My Rose 6s are worn out from hooping on a carpet floor. The forefoot Boost in my Rose 6 compressed and lost a lot of its bounce so hoopin these have at least a LITTLE Boost bounce.

    Thanks for this Nightwing, been waiting on this review ever since the adidas sheet leaked with these on it

      1. Yeah, I’ve played in a couple church leagues w/ carpet floors. Its a little unstable due to the give but traction wasn’t a problem as long as the pattern hasn’t worn down to smoothness.

    1. Never experienced any loss of boost cushion on my D Rose 6 at the forefoot,

      And burning down a shoe on a Carpet floor?? Never heard anything like that……

      1. Yea, I guess I play hard or something because the traction and Boost has worn down quite a bit. I’ve only been playing in them for about 4 months and the traction is worn, parts of the sole are even peeling, and some of the Boost is “burned off” from the sides in the forefoot (looks like from friction and traction rubbing).

        What I also meant was that the Boost started off thick in the forefoot and bouncier. Ever since playing they’ve lost of that “bounce” and the height of the forefoot cartridge has decreased.

    2. I’ve experienced the same on my Rose 6’s. Unlike lunarlon however the Boost in place is still protective and absorbent just not as bouncy. Lunar bottoms to a point where I don’t feel that I’m getting adequate impact protection and my feet and legs feel awful afterwards. While I did love the bouncy feel while it lasted, at least the kicks are still playable for me. As a big my kobe 9 midsole is not an option anymore because it’s so flattened out.

      1. Had the exact same experience with the Kobe 9. The Lunarlon is actually still kind of decent for me, surprising. I experienced what you are describing with the 8, not so much with the 9 (although I end up more sore in the Kobe 9 than the Rose 6). I’m glad I’m not the only one who experienced this lol, everyone is claiming Boost is still bouncy and thick, and I’m thinking “I wish I had your pair” lol. Like you said, still totally playable and there is SOME feedback left, it’s just you have to try to pay attention to notice it (whereas before, it was totally noticeable).

        I hope the same doesn’t happen with these, though I suppose even if it does happen it’ll be down to a point to where we can still experience some bounce still due to the thickness (hopefully the same amount of bounce feeling as the Rose 6 when new – after the CLB2016 has “broken down” like the Rose 6).

  4. WOW that’s the best score i’ve seen (at least, from what i can remember)! gonna have to try these out and hopefully my knees will feel a little better in them!

  5. so how does the denser Boost cushion in these feel in comparison with Bounce Cushion? I’m close to buying some Lillard 2s. I might wait for these to drop if they are that as good or better.

        1. Most do. For some reason the lillard setup just doesn’t stick enough for me, with frequent wiping.

          Off topic:
          My curry 2 mids i had replaced twice by UA from the sole coming apart, never played outdoors in them and they had plenty of traction left. They sent me the 2.5 to try out, I couldn’t lace them up they were so snug…. Same for the curry low. So I’m back to my anatomix spawn lows. Love them.

      1. I wasn’t asking about the traction. also it’s good that you liked your Currys but I don’t like them.

  6. Wow!

    With such an awesome review makes me wanna try a low top shoe for Bball, since im a high top shoe guy, Currently enjoying my D Rose 6,

    Expecting a high demand this July 2 since the review came out almost a week before.

  7. I wonder if support will be even better with the top tpu piece on the regular. Do you think it will be that much more noticable?

    1. I got the pk one but the regular version should get more support simply because it can adjust the fit. Though reports of heel slipping on the regular one scares me.

  8. Already a great review, but this is the only time that i would look forward to other reviews from the WT crew. Keep up the good work

  9. Sounds like everything I hoped they would be. I love boost,; I’m on my second pair of DRose 6s, but they wear down way too fast. This one sounds like it’ll last. The firmer boost with greater impact protection sounds interesting; could it actually be more responsive, but easier on the knees? Nuts. Can’t wait to try it.

    1. I do hope the DRose 7 is still a little plush, though. I did like the way it compressed. And by wear down too fast, I don’t mean the boost, I meant the outsole. Boost seems to never wear down like lunarlon.

      1. Traction and cushion and they’re both great on those…I’ll probably go try them both on then decide

    1. No. The jacquards are the 120. Eastbay has them on the release calendar for July with pic and price.

  10. Great review NW, as always!

    In terms of the high vs low debate – I have to disagree somewhat.

    Yes, lowtops can provide perfect ankle ‘support’ but there is still value in high cut shoes – it’s ankle ‘protection’.

    No, a hightop will not prevent a sprain any more than a low. If you land on someone’s foot hard, either way you’re going to sprain your ankle. But, what a high can do is provide more protection. The extra material around the ankle will help reduce the speed at which the ankle is inverting – thus reducing the amount of force your ligaments see and reducing the severity of the sprain. This is why I still prefer mid/high tops. To reduce how bad a sprain could be when I land on someone.

    No, you don’t want a skiboot cause that force will then transfer to your knees which you definitely don’t want. But there is a middle ground that is ideal for some level of ankle protection.

    Another important factor is the shape/geometry of the outsole and midsole but that’s for another day…


    1. The more restriction while rolling the worse the injury will be. When in a low you’ll roll as naturally as possible with less material in the way trying to stop you from going — even though there is no stoping you once you begin to roll your ankle. People disagree all the time – which is cool – but it’s supported by something brands have implanted in their minds rather than facts. How many ankle injuries are there in barefoot sports that require more force and torque on the ankle — gymnastics — not many. If there is one its usually due to direct impact and not the roll itself.

      1. Professional athletic trainers tape ankles to help prevent injury by restricting movement. So, some restriction is a good preventive measure. Do any shoes high or low, achieve the same level of protection as taping? No.

        1. The tape is supposed to be like a second ligament. It’s restrictive toward the ankle, but its the minor con to a major pro which is to strengthen the body’s natural support system. They don’t just roll tape over the ankle lol. Its placed on in sections strategically to ensure the proper support is added to the support already built within the body.

          1. Hey not related to this comment but the oh mentality 2 is so light and got a really good review why is it not in the top performance picks for the quick

      2. Higher cut shoes ensure heel lock down for people with a lower instep or those with very narrow feet. The higher lace holes enhance better lock down while securing the foot. If fitted properly it will also prevent sliding inside of the shoe, which does add protection to the foot and ankle. Also there is a reason that there is no such thing as a low cut ice skate, and the reason is higher support, which actually does work. I understand that this industry want to promote such things in the attempt to move product, but misinformation isn’t the way to go about it.

        You will not see Steph Curry playing in an NBA game while wearing low cut shoes. We saw what happened to him when Nike tried pulling that stunt.

        1. I rmb that Curry enjoys playing in his low top shoes more than his mids, like he plays in his lows before they were out while everyone were buying his mid-tops.

          1. Just because you enjoy playing in low top shoes, does not mean that you are supposed to do it. I would love to see someone try and ice skate in a pair of low top skates, then tell me that the added protection does not work. Even roller blades, higher protection. Now granted, limiting the motion of the ankle does bring more torque to the knee, but that does not mean that the ankle isn’t being protected.

            Another thing, I mentioned a narrow foot on my above post, if someone has a narrow heel, that player should be careful while playing in lows, then should not consider him/herself safe while doing so, and for good reason. Unless custom fitted, a medium width shoe is actually a D lasted shoe, which means it could be tougher for that player to get that one to one fit UNLESS he or she are wearing mids, which actually pulls the shoe up and around the ankle for a more true fit at the heel.

            Having a higher cut shoe was never a gimmick, higher cut shoes have a FUNCTION if utilized properly.

            1. If you’re balancing on a linear blade or row of wheels then yes, you should have a boot surrounding your foot to ensure your ankle is in the correct placement to wear said item. Last time I checked, hoop shoes were less than 2″ off the ground lol. It’s like comparing an apple to a banana. A good high top, mid top, and low top all share the same exact support features. The only difference between the three designs is the cut of the shoe itself. If all three feature the same support features then one is not less supportive than the other. I said it was a marketing gimmick, I did not say higher cut shoes weren’t functional.

          2. I must say I have to agree with secular human. when I was younger, I also loved wearing low tops. I didn’t really pay much attention about rolling ankle issues most of the time til I saw a muscle/bone specialist due to a serious sprained ankle which he fixed amazingly within a very short time ( a few seconds). he did take notice on the shoes I was wearing and asked me what I often wear and just said that since I was having an issue with sprains, he discouraged me vehemently on wearing lows and even referred me to a foot/orthotics specialist. there they measured and evaluated my foot construct, stand on a platform on how my feet’s balance and force applied on a flat surface or how much of my feet or area covers the surface. there I found an anatomical problems which I wasn’t aware of. I have to disagree with NW on his stand on the issue regarding cuts/tops. I must say that this is not merely a marketing thing but rather as science. I wasn’t a believer on this at first til it was too late. I have longer and heavier upper body than my legs and my left leg is a bit shorter than the other which contributed for my over supination problem. a few months ago, I sprained my ankle seriously just by walking casually. guess what type of shoe I was wearing at that time? now, I’m wearing mostly mids or something that atleast covers or secures that mid part of my foot.

            anyway, I don’t have to tell people when they are wrong. all I have to say is that they can do their own research as there are lots of information in the internet. if people believe that orthotics is only marketing, then it’s pretty much saying that performance reviews are marketing as well. is it?

            1. Performance reviews are now based on science and not experience? The materials on these are scientifically proven to be starting five? Anything publicly discussed can be considered as some type of marketing. You talking about your experience and the doctor that saw you markets him, his practice, and your distain for lows. If you sprained your ankle casually then its unlikely a shoe issue and more a you issue lol. I’ve stepped off stairs/ curbs – in highs, mids, lows – and tweaked my ankle bc of being clumsy… if I were to have blamed it on my footwear then that would just be me looking for an excuse.

          3. Okay don’t like the ice skate comparison, lol? Lets go with the Boxing boot comparison! The reason for the extra support for a boxing boot lie in the fact that boxers often step on each other feet , especially with the orthodox v. Unorthodox style. The shoes are flat as can be, and when in clinches, or while trading shots, you are not going to see a fighter in there with low top boxing shoes! MMA duds cannot wear footwear in the ring due to their kicking, but they often wear some other sort of ankle support for the added protection.

            My point is simple, there is a need for such devices and ankle heights for each athlete, because not all foot shapes and ankle circumferences are the same.

            1. lol, the boxing boot is a better one. But it’s sole is nearly like being barefoot and the concept is closer to compression and tape vs a basketball shoe that’s is a bit more bulky in nature. The Kobe X Elite was the “best” high top hoop shoe where the added collar proved you with a great fit and lockdown, but I’d give credit to the low profile tooling for their support. It’s the closest thing basketball has to a boxing boot.

          4. Do you believe in ankle braces for basketball? For those that don’t want a separate thing to wear and maybe not so much restriction, can’t a mid/high top shoe do a similar function?

      3. Being barefoot, your foot is much closer to the ground; lower center of gravity. The geomtery of a shoe’s midsole/outsole also doesn’t come into play there. I think that has a role in preventing rolled ankles too.

        It’s crazy how opposing we think the result of having material there stopping from rolling – complete opposite! I truly believe if there is material in the way, the ankle will turn less (say, arbitrarily, 30 degrees) whereas without any material it will turn more (say 50 degrees). The less of an angle, the less of a stretch/tear your ligaments get. Which is the same purpose as ankle taping.

        I’m not saying all high cut shoes will do this (example Kobe 9) but, if done properly, I think it would still reduce severity, not increase severity.

        NW, what’s your thoughts on Nike’s old Monkey Paw System on ankle sprains?

    2. The only thing a hightop can provide is added lock down. You’re fooling yourself if you this these paper like flexible uppers provide any support whatsoever. The Curry 2 fir example, bends like nothing is there. zero support.

  11. I think the jacquard could be different. The presence of a tongue could command slight differences to the liner, and then the top eyelets are linked to that TPU(?) piece drawing from the heel. Since this isn’t “pure” PrimeKnit, I’ve actually become more interested in that pair.

  12. ….and Adidas still haven’t release Rose 7 and Crazy Explosive yet

    This year will be adidas best year , no doubt .

  13. Since you said the continental rubber was tackier, does dust stick to it more than the non continental pair?

  14. Which one would you prefer D rose 6 primeknit or crazylight boost 2016? Really want to hear your suggestion, thanks.

  15. The all white ones are on Amazon already. Just search for crazylight boost 2016 and it’s like the 4th search result. I was going to get them but I don’t play in lows.

    1. Oh YOU DA MAN! Ordered! Thanks so much for the heads up. I’m taking a break from Jordans and Nikes. This will be my first pair of Adidas Bball shoes in almost 20 years. Cheers!

  16. Once you go low-top, you’ll never go back.
    I’m loading up on these.

    I’m going to try and help Nightwing here with the doubters.

    All the top basketball trainers of the pros say you shouldn’t even wear ankle braces at all, unless you re recovering from an injury.

    Why, answer here! https://youtu.be/Qa7MhcoJyqs

    If you have weak ankles or bad ankles you need to work on the strength of your ankles and their flexibility.

    As Nightwing says, If you land on someones ankle, you’re going to roll your ankle. It doesn’t matter the height of the shoe. It’s all dependent upon the fit and lock down.

    Think of all the NBA superstars who have had knee problems in recent history. Derrick Rose, he’s the only one I know of that wears ankle braces in the league, at all times..

    if you’ve ever played basketball at a high level like I have, they usually tape your ankles, but everyone knows after 20 mins of warming up and sweating, it loosens right up and is not much better then a tight sock.

    I understand most people will continue to go with the marketing gimmick, but once you realize it’s the cut, fit, and support of the shoe, you’ll never go back to mid or high unless it’s an amazing shoe.

    The reason Kobe, who brought back the popularity of the low top, thought about soccer players and how much torque they put on their ankles and the stop and go, which he said was harder on your ankles then basketball.

    Kobe understood this principle and wanted a lighter shoe that gave him better range of motion.

    As Nightwing said in the video, If you ve ever wanted to try a low top shoe, this is the one. This will get you over your mental, whatever, that low tops aren’t as supportive as ” regular cut shoes.”

    Watch the video link I posted to the reason why your ankle needs to be able to move and how that effects the rest of your body when playing basketball.

    1. I have a weak ankle due to constantly landing on peoples feet. I only use a brace after that’s happened and I tweak it. Like tape, it helps the ligaments. It’s not really a prevention tool, just an aid. There are some that can prevent injury as good as a tool can, but they’re painful to wear and restrict most of the ankles motion. So it limits injury potential by not allowing it to move. Thats like never driving a car in fear you may get into a car accident lol.

  17. Hey nightwing I am contemplating buying either these or the KD9 which would you personally reccomend. Thanks for another great review

  18. It looks like it’s a toss up between these and kd9s.

    I have to walk in house of hoops and try them both on.

    And I hope footlocker accepts use returns if ever I decided to go with the other one , after one time used on court

      1. Speaking of lockdown…you mentioned no heelslippage in the PK version, as well as a TTS fit, whereas many others have experienced minor to extreme heel slip in the Jacquard and downsizing by 1/2. Have you had a chance to wear both versions and feel any noticeable difference in that heel? That’s a huge point of emphasis for me and I have not been able to find them in-store to try for myself. Thanks, as always, for your input on all these particulars!

        1. I went over that in the triple white CL Boost 2016 review. I have 1/2 sz down and TTS in the Jacquard version. I’d personally play in the 1/2 size down, but when I warmed up in the TTS the heel slip was very minor and only in one shoe — not both.

          1. Gotcha, still may just wait for the primeknit versions to become available. Appreciate the clarification!

  19. Hey NW, I noticed a pair of LB Soldier 10 at the 0:22 mark. Are your gonna wear testing them?
    Great review. I always enjoy visiting your website for information.

  20. Hey Chris, you said that the in this pair felt firmer and less bouncier, does it feels more like Bounce? Anyway, great reviews as always, I might have to skip this pair since I got wide feet

  21. Great review, sorry to see addias is squeezing the footbed on the next-gen Boost… because that won’t work for me.

  22. Will these be up there on the Performance picks? Just waiting for the updated list. We had a lot of releases recently.

  23. Great review. Thanks for your hardwork in breaking down the shoe. Really appreciate your continued work on these types of reviews.

    I’m very excited to get a pair now. I normally like a shoe with a slight higher cut because of lockdown issues. Sounds like I’ll be okay if I go 1/2 size down like I did with the Lillard 2s. Curious if you prefer playing in these or the Rose 6s and why.

    Thanks again!

  24. Boost is superior to all cushion systems to date. Adidas only issue was to increase stability for its use in performance sports. I’m happy Adidas tackled this problem quickly. It forces Nike and UA to develop a cushioning system that can compete. Lunar is great at absorbing impact, but it don’t have energy return for movement.

  25. Hey Nightwing,

    Do you find that the full length boost takes away from the flexibility of the shoe at all? I’m debating between this shoe and the KD 9, and I really like the concept of the articulated zoom as opposed to one solid piece. Does it make a significant difference in your opinion?

  26. NW, can you comment on shoe height? Shoes that are too high bother me because I never feel like I can feel the court. The height of the Jordan XX9’s kept it from being a perfect shoe for me. Can you compare the height of these to the XX9’s?

  27. Anyone disappointed by the weight of the shoe? I mean the whole point of the crazy light line was to be “crazy light” lol.

      1. Was it just because of the design/support of the shoe? Or was it actually the weight of the shoe that made it dangerous?

  28. So, uh I know you said the out-soles you have don’t have continental rubber, but in your opinion do you like the Boost 2016 with or without the continental rubber?

    And how do you feel about these compared to the 2015?

  29. NW how is court feel on these? Some people complained about the Rose 6 being a little too mushy and not responding as fast as they wanted it to, I’m curious to how these compare. I think this is honestly the shoe that I’m most excited about ever getting.

  30. NW…in terms of feel, how does this “firmer” slab of full length boost compare to the full length bounce and tooling featured in the D Lillard 2s? Softer? Firmer? Bouncier? Springy…er?

  31. Nightwing how would you compare the adidas crazylight boost 2016 to the KD 9? Which one is more worth getting? I plan on playing volleyball in what pair I get but I’m not sure which one to get.

  32. My white pair cam in and I can’t wait to play in them. I actually feel more of a smoother transition in these than the rose 6 and the boost is more enhanced without the stable frame. Not sure about slippage yet but I think it’s dependent on how tight you tie the last two loop laces. I like the way the boost is cut on these because it feels like it gives it a natural arch for you foot for those that need arch insoles. Very happy so far.

  33. Yo @nightwing2303, have you ever try them on very low height socks? The Hyperdunk 2010 low just chews my archives off when wearing a very low height socks… so I am very cautious about this setup.

    1. Nightwing mentioned in the Overall comment that if your scared to try a low top you should try the CLB2016,

      1ST time me reading a comment like that,

      He’s that confident on the shoe, along with the fact that the Scores favors Crazylight Boost 2016,

      Im a high top shoe guy, currently competing in my D Rose 6,

      But after seeing the review this made me feel like trying a low top for the 1st time.

  34. Do you prefer the traction on these to the Kobe Mentality 2s?I have the Mentalities and I wanna know if I should get these(Already wearing my Hyperlives down,outdoor ball)

  35. Hey Nightwing, which shoe is better fitting – Adidas CL Boost 2016 or Brandblack J Crossover 2 Low? By the way why haven’t you done a performance review for the JC 2 Low? They didn’t play as well as expected? Thanks

    1. They both have solid fit. I listed the JC2 Low as my top performance pick of 2015 along w the only differences between them and the mids. All the information people needed was available to them.

  36. The CLB 2016 is a not a bang for your buck shoe here in the philippines. Its retail ranges around 160-170. The kd 9 is cheaper here. Bummer.

    1. Noel when it comes to international markets pricing gets a bit unpredictable(e.g. the kd9 is more expensive than the LeBron 13 in South Africa).

  37. Nightwing thanks to your review I just bought a pair. After I tried em on the KD9s felt avarage. Adidas definately hit a homerun with these. Im getting a new color way with continental rubber soon! I would recommend all wide footed people to go true to size and narrow footed guys like me to go down half a size. Thats what I did. I went with 9.5. Also when I put my Kobe 8 system size 10 next to my Crazylights 2016 they where still longer then my Kobes so half size down definately felt right. Thanks again!

  38. Had 40 in my DRose6’s lastnight. Can’t wait for CrazyLight Boost 2016. Will try low Top for the first time. Hoping for a mid CL16 in sprint web. Beef up the heel counter on mid. Maybe add strap for play-offs, carbon fiber perhaps. Full customization on miadidas.

  39. Quick question NW. You’ve said in the video that they don’t feature continental on 3 colors gum white and translucent ( primeknit ver this case), so does the jacquard version há continental outsole. Thanks for reading, keep up your good work

  40. Hi nightwing you mentioned that the jacquard versions / the other versions of the crazylight boost ’16 features continental rubber and the primeknit version does not. Is it worth to wait it out for the primeknit version or just go for the jacquard instead.

  41. Nightwing regarding the fit I did get my normal size 9 but my heel kept on slipping out. Wearing double socks solved the heel slip but the shoe became too tight in the forefoot. On the lillard 2s you recommend going half a size down but the 8.5 was too small so i got my normal size 9 no problem. But with this I am thinking of exchanging it with 8.5.

    1. Just an update on the fit of these shoes. So I went back to the store today and tried on the 8.5. Guess what? Zero heel slip. Fit is more snug with just the right amount of allowance in the toebox. My heel width is D-medium. 8.5 fits me just right. The 9 was comfy and had an ok fit. But the heel slipping drove me crazy. So I’d recommend half a size down. Maybe the primeknit version with the one piece bootie style was a more snug fit. On the Lillard 2 bounce I went with my normal size 9. No heel slip. Maybe that’s the issue.

  42. one thing annoyed me on the DR5 was the footbed, it slopes up/raised on the lateral side and that squeezed my toes even tho the upper wasn’t even tight. I hope not all full length boosts are like that.

  43. Will the CL Boost 2016 have a Jeremy Lin PE in the Nets colorway? Will definitely cop those because of this review.

  44. Hey guys! I played in the boosts yesterday, my biggest advice like nightwing always chimes in on is TRY THESE ON FIRST! Normally i am a size 9.5 in nike and under armor. This is my first Adidas Basketball shoe in a very long time so i look forward to playing in them but i will say that my foot felt small in the shoes, while they are comfortable they felt long on me so i went a full size down to an 8.5 . Try them on and get that fit right

  45. I received my white CLB2016 today and I’m curious if any other Bigfooters feel the sizing is a bit off? I wear a size 16, and currently wearing the Kobe 11 EM and the fit is excellent.

    That being said in these, in a 16, I can move my left foot forward in the shoe and fit my index finger in behind my heel…comfortably. Of course, I don’t believe 15.5 is an option, so I guess I’m just a no-go on these. Size 15 DRose6 primeknit was too small last time I tried, and never got to try in a 16…
    The struggle…

    1. Try one of those cushioned heel pads you can find on Amazon. The best oneI’ve found is called “Profoot Heel Snugs”.

  46. Hey Nightwing,

    Thanks for the awesome review! I’ve read it like 3 times already…

    2 questions:
    1. Have you ever written a guide on how basketball shoes should fit or how you like them to fit?
    2. I tried on these shoes in both size 11.5 and 12 and I’m undecided which size I should get. 11.5 is snug and like 100% perfect lockdown but it is a little tight around the start of the toe box. 12 feels really good too but I get a tiny bit of heel slippage when I was walking with them on. The lockdown is probably like 90 or 95%? Should I get the 11.5s and hopefully they break in slightly? What would you do?

    Thanks in advance for the help,

  47. So @NIGHTWING2303,
    Will the continental rubber have better traction than the other outsoles featured in this video? Also wondering if the Jacquard version will have a better fit than the primeknit editions. And what about the ventilation of the two?

  48. Should I go with the CrazyLight 2016 or the D. Lillard 2? They are both $120. A comment or video comparing the two would be great.

    1. Both are great! The dlillard 2 bounce has a bouncy feeling to it, the clb16 has an impact absorbing feeling on landings but does not bounce as much as the lillard 2s. I haven’t tried lillard 2 boost versions but I have
      clb 15s which have the same set up. The lillard 2 bounce versions are better than the boost versions for me. You wont go wrong with both just try them on first cos both have different sizing.

  49. i got these last week and played in my league outdoors and these were def on point. i was worried because i never liked wearing low tops but these didnt feel like low tops at all will def be rocking these for awhile

  50. Sorry, but I think you guys are over-hyping this shoe. The shoe is pretty heavy especially for a low top and there was noticeable heel slippage. The shoe is extremely low cut which would be fine if the heel cup area offered better containment. IMO this shoe isn’t better than the Rose 6 but to each their own. Also, why don’t you guys just include a rating category for price since it seems to influence how you guys rate the performance for shoes?

      1. For the price to features ratio of these shoes I’d say it is all worth the hype. At $120 I wouldn’t say it’s an expensive shoe. Packed with the latest features it’s a steal.

  51. Hello Nightwing, a new version of the Lillard 2 is available upgraded with primeknit. Are you going to get these?
    What do you think about using primeknit instead of jacquard as you experienced it on the crazylight boost 2016?

    Thank you for your reviews!

  52. Dear Chris,
    I was wondering if these shoes fit well with a standard ankle brace. Not the super thick ones, just a simple brace with some straps. Thanks in advance.

  53. Nightwing,

    I just received my Crazy Light Boost 2016 and had the opportunity to play in them twice. I have a wide foot, and it is a little tight in the forefoot section of the shoe. I am hoping that this will break in eventually because I am finding that my feet are hurting after each session. I was expecting the cushioning to be somewhat on par with the KD 9 because it is after all Boost and “Boost is life.” My opinion is that the fit and cushioning of the KD 9 feels so much better, probably because of the Flyknit. It required no break-in time whatsoever. I could play in those all day. However, it is a pain in the ass to get the shoes on for someone with a wide foot such as myself, but it got easier each time I put them on. I’m hoping that the Crazy Light Boost will be as comfortable as the KD 9 with each wear. Do you think that the Prime Knit versions will be comparable to the KD 9 since it will be a similar material?


  54. Since I’m 40 minutes from the heart of NYC and it’s impossible to find the top performing Adidas shoes anywhere, I want to order these. I have wide feet, but I have the Kobe XI elite and the size 10 fits my foot quite well. Those are pretty narrow in the midfoot as you said these are. So if I order these, is it safe to say I’ll have a similar fit in a size 10?

    1. I have the Kobe XI Elite and the fit of those were narrow also. It did require some break in time. Whenever a shoe is narrow I go through a process to break them in so that they’re more comfortable. I’m in the process of breaking in the Crazy Light Boost. I don’t recall the Kobes taking that long to break in. The issue with the Crazy Light Boost I think is that roll cage on the medial side. It just bites into the side of my foot. Also, I was expecting the Boost to feel a little more soft. Also the heel area wasn’t as secure as I wanted it to be. There is some space there. I haven’t played a full game in these yet, just shot around. Like I said before the KD 9 so far has been the better fit for me.

  55. Did you go same size in CLB as you went in Kobe XI? Do you think you could have went a half size higher?

    1. I always go true to size. The problem I have found with Adidas shoes and my foot is that if I go any higher it runs too long for my liking. The KD 9 runs a little long for my true size. I tried on a half size down and it was really snug. Nightwing said he did the same and broke his in but I felt the true size worked best for me.

  56. Hello nightwing. So I got myself a true to size clb16 just for kicks to compare the two even though I already have a half size down clb16 usa. The TTS ones felt very comfy while the half size down felt very snug. Laced up tight, the TTS ones felt almost the same as a half size down in the toe box. But what’s weird on my pair is that the length seems to go towards the heel, not the toebox, which creates space on the heel part of the shoe. Did yours or someone else here have that experience?

  57. I bought my 10.5 adidas clb 2016 and I had a lot of heel slippage while hooping in them. So I returned them for a 10 and I still dealt with heel slippage. So again I returned them to replace them with a 9.5 and it worked out, no more heel slippage and there’s still room in the toe box. I will say that they are definitely snug around the foot, but from my experience the issue goes away once I started playing in them. If you’re interested in buying these definitely try them on in store and walk around in them.

  58. I have the d lillard 2 size 12 but sometimes when i stop running i feel my toe crashing in the front of the shoe. Does that mean its too small? There’s about an inch from my toe to the front. Also should I get the crazylight 2016 shoes or the j crossover 2 lows. Ive looked for 12.5 for crazylights but there aren’t any. Do you think I’ll be okay with a size 12? And which shoe is better?

  59. My shoe size is a bit erratic, UK9 in adidas sliders, UK10.5 in ultraboost, UK9.5 in yeezy 350 boost and UK10 in Nike air max 95. What would people recomend? Bearing in mind what I wear in different shoes and the fact that my feet are really wide.

  60. Hey Nightwing,

    How are you doing? I recently got a KD9 and my buddies got the CLB2016. Being old dudes ourselves, cushioning aka “knee protection” is the key aspect we look out for nowadays. What we can’t agree on is which shoes’ cushion is better. I prefer the KD9 and they prefer the CLB2016. While you rate both at HoF level, which do you prefer?

  61. hooped in these for the first time today….
    i’m a wide footer who needs to go up half a size for narrow shoes, but i went with my true size with these because i’ve read about heel slip problems almost everywhere, these hurt my feet a bit (not anywhere near as much as they did with true-to-size kyrie 1s and hyperchases, though) at the beginning, but it did feel better over time (i played 4 hours pickup in them)
    besides this, they play like a dream, just an A1 no-nonsense shoe that you lace up and get to work in, smooth and fluid
    i have to say that i did feel minor heel slippage, but nothing significant, and nothing that you would notice during gameplay, unlike something like the lillard 1 or the curry 2 low…

  62. Would you recommend these over the crazy explosives or xx9 for a shooting guard who needs something light and great traction.

  63. Can you do a KD Mentality vs Crazylight Boost 2016. They both seem very good but I can’t tell which is better, my playing style is slasher, always moving around and getting up and down the court the fastest.

  64. Hi, please do reply me, I just got this primeknit very yesterday, it’s all good but inside the shoes, it’s got a lot of problem, is it normal or not?

  65. For me, traction is #1.

    Got these in the Liberties CW and had a few runs both indoor and out. The first indoor test was in a Y where everyone and their mom is playing in a league so court conditions were less than ideal. Dust was a non issue there but there were some times I had to wipe, as you would normally. On my second play through in a college court, the shoes were phenomenal but likely because there was no dust to wipe.

    Now for outdoors. This is where the Continental came in. It was drizzling outside and the courts were still wet. I began playing like I normally would with wet conditions but found the traction completely held its own. While everyone else in their Nikes and Jordans were skating around, I was able to stop on a dime without issue. It took me completely by surprise. Mind blowing.

  66. This is the best basketball shoe ever that I have owned or tried by far. And yes I mean it BY FAR. It is also way superior to the Harden 1 except for court feel. But then again the Harden 1 just has way inferior impact protection of course. It’s also mor than just uncomfortable and has cause myself and two other friends pain in their feet immediately after less than one minute of play.

  67. I’ve never tried Boost before, but I’ve gotta say it is amazing. I have tried just about every highly rated shoe within the past few years and the cushion and fit of these is by far the best. The responsiveness is amazing and the traction is even better than the Brand black J Crossover 2 and anything I have had from Nike, Jordan, Anta, 361 or Tesh. I do have the all white sole currently, so no Continental rubber, but plan to give the white/red/navy colorway a go for enhanced outdoor durability. I would recommend stocking up on these now since Amazon and other sellers have these for less than $70 at the moment.

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