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This year the CrazyLight Boost 2016 uses a full-length Boost midsole that has the most Boost pellets ever used in any adidas model. Also, the upper varies depending on what colorway you get. The pair that was tested for this review used a Jacquard upper similar to what we saw in the D Lillard 2.

Is all this enough to make the CrazyLight Boost 2016 from adidas a top on court performer of this year? Only one way to find out…

Purchase the CrazyLight Boost 2016 for $120 w/ links below:
adidas | Finish Line | Foot Locker

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Crazylight 2016 - Traction Crazylight 2016 - Materials Crazylight 2016 - Cushion 2


Crazylight 2016 - Fit Crazylight 2016 - Support Crazylight 2016 - Overall

Crazylight 2016 Score Card


  1. Great review! It’s nice to hear a different perspective on your team. Will try them on to see if I can get a good fit, but will avoid if there’s heel slip. Oh yeah, really like the font you used on the topics.

    1. Yeah man. Def try them on if possible. I would have to go down to 10 like I did in the Lillard if I were to have bought them after trying them on. My usual 10.5 was just too long and even in a quick try on, I could feel my heel raising up.

  2. Thanks for the review Jarron. It’s interesting to hear that the bouncy feeling from the Rose 6 isn’t found with this model. I tried them on in-store but of course that’s different from an in-game situation. I loved the feel of the Rose so I hope that the Rose 7 brings that back. I still am interested in these though and my Nike TTS never works with Adidas. 10.5 in Nike, UA, and Brand Black but always a 10 in Adidas. I fall between the two but 10 is too small in the other brands especially after being on my feet and having them expand.

  3. The rose started to feel less bouncy, and more so squishy to me, resulting in me playing in the lillard 2’s a lot more…I think these would be great for me

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one this happened to. The Rose 6 was real bouncy to start and then lost that feel after like 3 weeks of hard play for me.

      1. I guess it differs from person to person, I never felt that lost in bounce of boost, and I have it for 7 months now.

  4. just a question? do you prefer the cushion on these over the Bounce cushion on the Lillard 2’s?

    1. That’s the question that I have too. I like how the Lillard feels so if this is an upgrade to that then it’s worth it to me.

  5. Great review. These are my first real low tops and I actually like these more than my rose 6. The crazy light boost is in my top rotation and they are very stable and smooth.

    1. Is it because of the too dense and compact boost?

      Would it be better than the Lillard 2 if it had the Rose 6 boost feel?

      Or did the heel slip affect that comparison?

      1. The heel slip wasn’t an issue for me. It looks a lot worse because of that neoprene sleeve. It was a minor issue.

        But yes. I prefer a bouncier ride. Had these used the Rose 6 cushioning I would have enjoyed them a lot more.

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