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adidas Crazy 8 ‘NYK’ – Available Now

The adidas Crazy 8 has quickly become one of adidas’ top Retro performance models and with new colorways coming out… we are sure to see them more often on-court.

This NYK inspired colorway is awesome looking and the materials are plush as well. They are available now over at adidas retailers, including Finish Line, for those of you who wish to purchase a new hoop shoe that is durable enough for indoor and outdoor play.

Take a look at some images below and let me know what you think.

adidas Crazy 8 'NYK' - Available Now 1

adidas Crazy 8 'NYK' - Available Now 2

adidas Crazy 8 'NYK' - Available Now 3

adidas Crazy 8 'NYK' - Available Now 4

adidas Crazy 8 'NYK' - Available Now 5

adidas Crazy 8 'NYK' - Available Now 6

adidas Crazy 8 'NYK' - Available Now 7

  1. i still think this is the most beautiful sneaker in the history of performance footwear. also one of the most playable. only problem is that they have no ventilation whatsoever.

    1. If you can only play indoor, unless your feet sweat like a hooker in church the lack of ventilation isn’t a problem. I’ve never had that issue, but I no to each their own. I just can’t drop the money on these when I know I can grab the rose 773 ll for the same price, now if I run up on these again for 70 and below, sir I’ll cop 2.

      NW, like most I love what you do with the site. Much love to you and your staff. One day your site will be name dropped on some young cats site when they ask who got you into the sneaker game. Trailblazing sir. Kudos to you.

      1. i sweat a LOT playing outdoors in the summer, that’s pretty much the reason why i can only wear a few pairs of shoes throughout the summer (i rotate between the hyperdunk lows and air penny Vs that i have), and even then they get soaked when i play for more than 2 and a half hours or so.

        i suppose if you live in an incredibly hot and humid country where there aren’t many indoor courts around, then ventilation will be an issue…
        i have a deep and intense love for the top 10 2000s, the real deals and the crazy 8s, i just can’t wear them most of the time

  2. I’m pretty sure this is the “Iman Shumpert PE” . It will be up on adidas.com August 1st together with a Jrue Holiday PE and a Serge Ibaka PE

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