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adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey…

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 1Traction –  Herringbone is used full length and there is pretty much nothing to complain about as it works really well in most situations. Dust can be an issue on some courts as it’ll clog up the grooves but keep up with wiping your soles and you’ll be good to go. adidas did change the pattern slightly form the original as the OG had herringbone that thickened up as you went to the heel of the shoe whereas these have the same thickness from heel to toe. Outdoor players might get a bit irritated as the OG held up like a tan outdoors but they’ll still work really well so not all is lost.

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 2

Cushion – This is probably the biggest and most noticeable change (for those that have worn the OG) as the adiPrene has been replaced with EVA. EVA does a good job of cushioning landings but adiPrene is slightly better. The good news is that the EVA used here is thick, unlike their current models that have gotten lower to the ground for increased stability and mobility, so you’ll receive a nice consistent ride from heel to toe. I remember the OG’s feeling like pillows… unfortunately these do not but they are still comfortable since I’ve been hooping in adidas’ EVA for some time now so there isn’t anything ‘missing’ other than the original feeling I remember as a youngster.

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 3

Materials – Synthetics are used along the upper and again, can’t really complain. Its soft enough that break-in time isn’t a big problem and durable enough that it’ll last. What more could you ask for? Well… maybe some ventilation but we’ll get into that later.

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 4Fit – I remembered the OG having some dead space in the toe box so I went down 1/2 size. Upon going down, I love the fit and containment but I’m not too fond of the rubber toe bumper that my toes smash into anytime I stop suddenly or change direction. It wasn’t horrible but it was noticeable & if you’d like to avoid that then going with your true size might be best. Lockdown was increased within the forefoot (probably due to my going down 1/2 size) and the midfoot/ heel lockdown is definitely something that stood out. That pillow heel padding and rubber heel cup worked really well keeping you in place so that was something I really enjoyed.

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 5

Ventilation –

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 6Support – The overall support comes from the upper/ fit which does a really solid job while the rest comes from the wide base (its pretty damn wide at the base of the shoe) and Torsion system. This was probably their most surprising attribute seeing as how they were designed in the 90’s yet they feature a number of support features still used today.

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 7Overall – The adidas Crazy 1 and the Crazy 8’s are probably my top two adidas models to play in as far as their back catalog is concerned. They ride smooth even though they are a bit clunky looking and they offer ample traction with adequate cushion. Nostalgia will likely play a role if you choose to wear these on-court and its nice to know that if you do take them for a spin that they’re still able to perform up to par. Now all we need are some of the more normal looking colorways to release.

adidas Crazy 1 Performance Review 8

  1. “Upon going down, I love the fit and containment but I’m not too fond of the rubber toe bumper that my toes smash into anytime I stop suddenly or change direction. ”

    I remember this very well, now that you mention it…

  2. Ventilation is so good its speachless hahaa just kidding. Thanks for the review NW. And thanks for poating that link for the showcase atomix spawns I got a pair. Keep up the good work my man

  3. i remember these and was afraid to try them out because they looked too boxy; not many people bought these back in the day. With your review, I might try these out when they go on sale. Thanks NW!

  4. That has got to be the first zero (zero shoes AND zero comments) ventilation score in the history of KOC.com…

  5. So basically with the exception of the ventilation, the shoe is about a 8.5/10 overall.

    Damn I’m fucked.. there’s so many shoes I wanna get now.

    Kobe IX, Zoom HyperRev, Kobe 1(Crazy 1), another pair of SE’s in a solid CW… agghh

  6. Will wait for these to drop here in the Philippines. Might cop, for nostalgia’s sake. These were very popular here about a decade and two years ago.

    1. The Eastbay release calendar says February 7th. There’s also a White/Black colorway listed. White/Black might be more to my liking if I were to get a pair of these.

  7. hi there nightwing…just wanna ask u when u say true to size for adidas shoes u mean it on US or UK sizing…?for this crazy 1 u go half size down menas that is US 8.5…?i like my balling shoe to fit tight without dead space too… by the way keep in on in what u are doing bro…will always watch your performance review befor buying bball shoes…great job like always…!!

  8. NW, do you feel high off the ground in these? that’s always a major concern for me. i loved these when i was in high school, bought three pairs (blackout, white, chain mail), so i am definitely interested in playing in them again, bit concerned about the switch in cushioning systems, though

  9. So true to be good? my crazy 8s i hoop in are a 10 but all my rose shoes since the 1s have been a 9.5… looking at getting the ash

  10. Hi, in your video review you said the synthetic material was similar to Foamposite. Which do you find more comfortable? Also, do you find these more comfortable than the Melo 1.5s?

      1. Thanks for the input. I already have some CP3.VIIs and I’ve been looking for something comfy to wear casually.

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