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adidas AlphaBOUNCE Performance Review

adidas alphabounce performance review 3

Energy. Ultra. Pure. CrazyLight. Boost is everything for adidas, as it should be. So why would a new silhouette with Bounce cushioning be such a hyped sellout? For one thing, anything adidas is blowing up. For another, Bounce cushioning is REALLY good. And lastly, just look at it — the Three Stripe family knew exactly how to hook us. Yet, the AlphaBOUNCE is a performance shoe, correct? Well, let’s find out with the adidas AlphaBOUNCE performance review…


adidas alphabounce performance review 2

For the pattern, surprisingly not bad. The nubbed pattern has become adidas’ “symbol” for its hyped runners, and the nubs appear again here, but much different than what’s found on the UltraBoost or ST. The circles are laid out in mapped pressure points for the greatest strike coverage and transition, covering deeper as the foot rolls into the next step. The wave pattern found under the big toe digs into the stride and helps with push off with no slips.

My only concern is durability; with just about 60 miles and some weights and jump training, the sole has started to rub off and lose shape. Not enough to change to a different pair, but it could be like the UltraBoost, where the nubs wore off but the overall structure stayed intact. 


adidas alphabounce performance review 8

adidas got y’all bouncin’ again. Bounce was a mechanical cushion in the early 2000’s (think Nike Shox), but the new Bounce foam is way better. While not as responsive as Boost (what is?!) the Bounce is more stable, making it ideal for weightlifting and, well, stability. There is an initial impact and sinking in when first worn, but over the course of the review that went away and the midsole became very absorbent to force.

The spring-back of Boost is missing, but the dispersion of force and reaction time creates a quicker feel than Boost. The longest run I put in these was around 5.5 miles and there was no back pain from shock if I missed a heel strike which tells me the Bounce did it’s job. 


adidas alphabounce performance review 6

New technology makes the (shoe) world go ’round and the upper of the Alpha is all about new technology. From the design and research process to the materials used, everything was new and different on this shoe. The upper is made of Forged Mesh, which is designed to stretch and pull with foot zones and stress. How did adidas do this?

Back to the foot mapping, continuing from the outsole. The “gills” on the sides work perfectly; they allow the shoe to flex without rubbing and it does stretch a little with lateral movements but not enough to roll over. The ankle collar is doubled up in the front with a full length bootie inside a lace-up cage and collar. Fuse areas cover the lace holes for durability because one hard pull on those laces and you will rip the upper out. Again, these were used for running, to jump rope, for weights, and the low ride and fit of the upper held the foot in and tight. 


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Well, there has to be some problem, right? It is a small one, but one that adidas wearers know too well: sizing. While this pair is true to size, there is about a half inch in the end of the toe box that could go away with no problem. Half size down is easily do-able. Heel slip is present unless laced tight, but the material is so smooth no friction problems are present. Pull a little tighter and they quit. Forefoot width is easily wide-foot friendly because the Forged Mesh will stretch for Shrek feet and stay in shape for chicken claws. The saddle in the midfoot wraps the foot in and holds the shoe together without being tight and restrictive (Energy 2 and Ultra). 


adidas alphabounce performance review 4

Well, not much, which is a common thread in adidas “forward thinking” runners. If your gait and stride are good-to-perfect, there is not much need for support, and the AlphaBOUNCE is a strong performer. If you have a pronation or plantar problems, you may want to look elsewhere. The upper holds well on quick, strong movements, so lateral stability is strong. The heel has a super-small heel counter showing on the outside and that is it, but for what the shoe is designed for, this works and lets the shoe flow and move easier. Not the strongest of categories, but again, if you are a strong technique runner, there should be no worries.

adidas AlphaBOUNCE Overall

adidas alphabounce performance review 5

Great first edition of a shoe. To be honest, this shoe came out of literally NOWHERE on release day – news broke the night before and the next day they were sitting here for review. The design, technology, materials, and cushion are for a shoe that could cost $30-$50 more, and the performance is in line with that price range as well.

For athletes looking for a runner or cross trainer that looks as good out of the gym as it performs in it, the AlphaBOUNCE is the easiest decision you will ever make. What is it with the Three Stripes and Bounce shoes being priced UNDER their performance level? Just like the Lillard 2, the AlphaBOUNCE is destined to be a top shoe in its category. Don’t miss it. 

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Now that you’ve read the adidas AlphaBOUNCE performance review, will you be copping an upcoming colorway for performance? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Nice…100 for this shoe is a good price. I hope they make a mid like compression bootie version of these…I wouldn’t be surprised if they do since thats been an ongoing trend lately for popular runners, and trainers. Thanks for the review, always appreciate it and love the detail!

  2. i really want to cop these but it is so hard to find adidas shoes in store to try on, atleast in nebraska anyways, i dont know if it is like that everywhere but it is quite annoying.

    1. The lack of Adidas shoes in stock at retail stores is true in NC too. Look for footlocker.com to have a sale + free shipping. If the shoes do not fit, you can return them to a local footlocker and not be out any money. You may also want to check Dick’s Sporting Goods online or adidas.com, which also provides easy/free returns.

  3. Thanks for review! I’m gonna purchase my first ever adidas sneakers – on sale at Eastbay. Whoop. The eastbay site warns to buy half size lower too so glad this is consistent message.

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