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adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low Performance Review

The lightest performance shoe in Basketball history made its debut in 2011 and in 2012 things got a bit lighter as the adidas adiZero Crazy Light underwent a slight makeover with a low cut design.


Traction – Nothing has changed between the high and low models as far as traction is concerned. The rubber in this particular colorway is a bit different than the colorway I had previously worn (high top version) but the traction pretty much performed the same. Clean floors are ideal with the sharp tooth-like pattern scaling down the spinal column of the outsole while the instep worked just as well. Dusty courts however, seem to pose a bit of an issue. With a quick wipe all is well once again but if you don’t keep up with a consistent wipe you can end up with some slippage. For situations such as this, the Slipp-Nott traction mat comes in quite handy.


Cushion – Once again, this is another area that hasn’t changed. I personally love the cushion used in the Crazy Light & Crazy Light Low. The full length EVA misdole is soft yet responsive. Some may feel that the EVA is a bit too soft… I mentioned this in previous reviews on the adiZero Rose models but basically these offer soft foam cushion while the adiZero Rose 2 offers firm foam cushion with the adiZero Rose 2.5 offering a foam that’s a perfect balance between the two. Whether you prefer soft, firm or something in-between; there is a shoe for you within the adidas adiZero lineup. adidas’ adiZero line is their lightweight performance line if you were unaware.

One thing to note is the insole that came with the shoe. The original Crazy Light offered two insoles while these only offer one. It’s a semi-dense foam that is lightweight. I was able to feel the SprintFrame under my forefoot when this insole was in place so I opted to swap them out for the PU (Polyurethane) that came with the adiZero Rose 2.5 (adiZero Rose 2 has the PU insole as well). With the swap the forefoot pain was no more and the PU insole absorbs a bit more impact than the insole these came with as well.


Material – This may vary depending on colorway but the pair I have features a textile synthetic which was a bit stronger than the Black/ Red high top version I played in before. Not only did the material seem to hold up better on-court but it was slightly more durable as well.

The high version had been pieced together at the toe box, utilizing a total of two panels for the upper. This low top model is a one piece upper which was able to retain its shape better than the latter model. With the change in material & construction came a small downside… The toe when being flexed placed some pressure on my toes which was a bit uncomfortable at times. Eventually this goes away throughout the course of a game but its something to be aware of.

Fit – The fit was the only area where I could feel a significant change. Obviously these are lower cut and some will automatically disregard the shoe claiming without a higher cut the ankle support will be sacrificed. This is not only untrue but quite opposite of what actually occurs. With the lower cut, the upper is able to hold the foot and ankle in place much better than before… this in addition to the stronger materials made the shoe much safer to wear.

My only complaint with the fit is the last eyelet where I would feel quite a bit of pain or pinching. This is something that wouldn’t go away over time no matter how many times I readjusted the laces or changed from a thick to thin sock. By the end of the night(s) my forefoot would be in a lot of pain until the shoes were removed. This may be something that only I have an issue with or it could be happening to others… I wont be sure until someone lets me know.


Ventilation – adidas’ SprintWeb offers the most ventilation & air flow than that of any shoe… I’ve said this before as well and I will continue to say this until proven otherwise. The forefoot’s ventilation did take a small step back as they have altered the tongues construction. This version has a small inner sleeve which attaches the tongue to the shoe while the original version has the tongue attached to the toe box. Other than that, these are still one of the best ventilated shoes available.


Support – The SpintFrame used is exactly the same as the previous version and offered the same amount of support. Rigid on the lateral side while flexible on the medial offering Guards and fast paced players full range of motion that feels natural. Because of the lower cut, the heel cup works well as the upper draws the ankle and heel into the base of the frame allowing it to do its job, which it does quite well.


Overall – I had a great time playing in the Crazy Light Low… a much different experience than what I had with the original Crazy Light. Something that always came to mind when I was playing in the original model was; “if they wanted to reduce the weight why didn’t they just make them a low cut and place stronger materials along the upper for better support?” Suffice to say, they did just that and it worked wonders all the while coming in just a bit lighter than the first version.

While there was still some pain with certain areas of the shoe, this makes me very hopeful that the adiZero Crazy Light 2 will be done right.


  1. Nice touch with the new scorecard graphic! Are those LeBron 9s? LOL! More power, bro! Eagerly awaiting the review on the 9 Elites!

  2. The reason the lows are more supportive and BETTER in my opinion is that it uses a 1 piece upper in contrast to the midtop version in which it was a 2 piece upper. The area that was causing the ankle rolls for you was the midpoint of attachment for the 2 piece upper.

    Also, I dont know if you experienced this but I like the midsole on the lows more because I found it to be a tad stiffer/harder compared the slightly mushier midtop CL.

    I’m really forward to the CL 2 as well especially if they release a Baylor colorway.

      1. Its the same score so i dont see how adding more numbers is considered more accurate. 4/5 or 9/10 is a solid B no matter how you look at it so wheres the increased accuracy coming from?

  3. Just a thought, even though ALL of your reviews are on point and give every bit of information needed on a shoe, i think adding a segment where we can see how the shoe looks on foot would be awesome

    1. I know, you tell me that nearly every time. I personally dont see what an on foot view has to do with performance at all. However, ive said this before as well, i take on foot image and post them on my twitter.

  4. @Stillwaters r.d.

    Although your right about percentage I think he meant 4.5 out of 5 would be the same score as a 9 out of 10, hence the sleeker score board setup. 5 out of 5 is the perfect 10 score, 4 out of 5 is equal to 80%, 3.5 of 5 is 70% and so on.

  5. Dude I was in my Adidas store today and I tryied on the Howard 2 and you were right about the forefoot feel of the cushion, the fit was snug just right lock down perfect, but kinda heavy and I found out a new shoe and goggled it and I saw only articles about it in Asian. The shoe is called adizero b ball(not sure about b ball) bash 3 it had sprint frame, a adiprene cushion a really light comfy shoe and it had a hole in the bottom and the soles were cushioned the tongue was neoprene at the top real soft and mesh so I’m thinking great breath ability the only thing might be the traction it’s kinda storytelling like a web, if you can find it I hope you can make a review about it

  6. “My only complaint with the fit is the last eyelet where I would feel quite a bit of pain or pinching…”
    I only tried them on at an adidas store where I walked a few steps, but I had the same problem (only tried the right shoe).
    Do you think it will go away after a while? And which crazy light would you recommend? High or low?

  7. hi nightwing, i have 2 pairs of these (black and grey and the same colorway that you have) and they are GREAT! first, i purchased the black one and i fell in love with the fit the first time i used it so i decided to buy a “Home” shoes. i have the same issue though as you do regarding the last eyelet. how did you manage to remove the pinching? are you still encountering this issue til this day? please help me regarding this. 🙁

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