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adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review

Is this the best Crazy Light model to date? Only one way to find out…

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 1

Traction – Thin and pliable Wavebone traction pattern is implemented and it works pretty well on most surfaces. Courts with debris will limit the rubbers ability to really grip the court but if you have a chance to dry mop the floor before playing then I strongly suggest it as courts without much dust or debris, this traction pattern sticks very nicely.

On a personal level, I do favor the Crazy Light 2‘s traction for two reasons; 1. Its not as pliable thus making the traction very consistent no matter the courts condition & 2. A more durable rubber is used for outdoor players.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 2

Cushion – The Crazy Light 3 sits pretty low to the ground but the foam is fairly well cushioned. It lacks the bounce that the CL2 had but its still plush and comfortable although at times I would say the foam was a little too soft. I would have liked a little more firmness but if you enjoy a softer ride then these will suit you well.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 3

Material – I still find the material to be on the cheap side but I can’t honestly say that it lacked in performance. Its supportive where you need it and pliable where you need it. They’ve been fairly durable but this is a very lightweight and minimal setup along the upper so don’t expect these to hold up the same way Fuse or leather would. When fully laced you wont encounter any hot spots and it’ll conform around your foot nicely so all-in-all, its not great but definitely not bad.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 4

Fit – I ended up having to go up 1/2 as these run really small length wise. Once you get that part taken care of then you really don’t have anything else to worry about since you’re pretty much locked into place. Forefoot, midfoot and heel all fit perfect after you get passed the sizing issue without pain or bunching. The SprintFrame is the only area that requires a break-in and that will only take about an hour on-court. Luckily the plastic used for the SprintFrame was thinned out so much – without sacrificing strength or support – that you wont notice its there after the break-in period is completed.

This is the most comfortable fit from a Crazy Light model thus far.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 5

Ventilation – These have been much improved from the CL2 and the only performance model to have greater air flow and ventilation would be the original Crazy Light. Even in 90 degree heat, I had dry spots on my socks… not bad.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 6

Support – The overall support is nice but if you don’t have strong ligaments in your feet/ ankles then you might want to wear a brace. Not because the SprintFrame doesn’t work, it actually works perfectly, but the materials and super soft heel cushioning leaves you with a few loose ends when it comes to the support department.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 7

Overall – The first few hours of wear made me want to switch shoes… luckily I ignored that thought and kept playing in them and they’ve continually gotten better with each wear. Traction, ventilation and weight are their strong points while the rest of the shoe is solid in all other aspects but not quite perfect. I would have liked to have seen them mix in a few elements from the Crazy Light 2 – rubber, materials and cushion – but I still enjoyed these more than the past two from an overall standpoint.

If you love shoes that weigh practically nothing while still performing at a high level then the adidas Crazy Light 3 should be at the top of your really short list of candidates.

adidas adiZero Crazy Light 3 Performance Review 8

  1. Not that this matters because the list is based on rankings, but at the end of the year will you make a post of the top ten list based on rankings, and then another top ten list based on your preference ? Cuz that sounds cool.

    1. This guy finally has his question answered. He’s been asking about the list ever since the new KoC format.

  2. The crazy light 3 look mechanical in my SLAM magazinewhich was cool.but I’m not sure I would buy them

  3. its funny how you gave almost every category of this shoe a 8+ rating but yet only gave it an 8 while other shoes you have rated with the same thing got a much higher rating

      1. Aye Nightwing I was going to order some Nike KD V with a translucent outsole.. good idea? I like zero slipping when im guarding quick guards.

  4. Love the tech features of this shoe and it’s a great color way. However what sets this shoe apart is that unique traction set up, the midsole and the minimization of the sprint frame. There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of support in the collar but weight based shoes sacrifice certain aspects to cut weight yet these don’t appear to have ankle support issues.

    1. the sprintframe wasn’t really minimized, it actually became bigger, you just can’t see it because they hid it inside the collar. this was showen in a post a couple of weeks ago when they dissected the shoe. Awesome awesome shoe btw after the initial break in period. I’d definitely recommend it.

      1. From heel to forefoot, they were minimized. I never mentioned or alluded to the collar at all and specifically went over its length due to the older frames being a but uncomfortable for some.

  5. Got to agree CrazyQuicks>Lights and Rose 773-2 is great as well. Also way more color choices. I got a chance to wear these for a review on court and amazing grip, but you are right on about the traction. Nice Review thanks.

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