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7 Year Old Reacts to NBA Trades

This is very similar to my reaction when the Warriors traded Monta Ellis… mine was a bit more dramatic though.

  1. I was crying for happiness when the Nets got Gerald Wallace. Im actually a Knicks fan but i do love the Nets

  2. I feel bad for GSW fans. Monta has been consistently underrated these past few years and getting equal value would have been difficult.

    I’m not sure how bad Steph Curry is injured and how much damage his ankles can take in the future so that’s why i feel bad for bay area fans. When healthy, Curry can be a top 5 PG with how well he reads the floor and spreads it with his shooting ability. I’d have never broken up that backcourt. But sure, you need a dominant big man in this league so why didn’t they package Dorell, David Lee and the no.1 pick to Sactown for DeMarcus Cousins? Or if the front office knows there’s a big problem with Steph Curry’s ankles, why didn’t they ship him off to Boston along with a first rounder for Rajon Rondo? Danny Ainge would have said yes in a heartbeat, since he’s such an idiot and wants to break up the big 4…

    Right now, the Warriors don’t look half bad for next year with Curry, Player X, Wright, Lee and Bogut. If they can turn player X into Bradley Beal or Jeremy Lamb on draft night (best two-guards in the draft) they can probably keep making strong pushes for 8th spot in the west. But yeah, i hate management that just makes deals for the sake of dealing. Shaking things up isn’t always for the best.

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