361° Strata Performance Review

361° surprised us, again. Proving the Spire was no one-shot performance shoe, the Strata takes what worked in the Spire and tweaks details for a stability shoe. What exactly was it that worked so well? Read on my friends, and find out how tweaked it gets…

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OVERALL – With every 361º shoe we review, they just get better. If you haven’t already figured out, cushioning is, honestly, second only to Boost — and that’s close. High praise, but still valid. Plush, soft, quick, and responsive,

Qu!kFoam is freaking great. If you are a runner needing high mileage, extra cushion, great wearing outsole, and really, REALLY good fit, and oh yeah, a highly flexible stability shoe, look at the Strata. If you are blinded by marketing and branding, you will miss out. 

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    1. Yeah, that midtown that was Kevin Loves shoe is out, but they have a lowtop, looks to be woven coming this summer that looks sick. I should be getting those soon.

  1. Durability on my Spire, which I got in November, has been great. Cushioning is still bouncy live and the upper shows wear but nothing out of the ordinary creases and wrinkles.

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