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361° Mazer Performance Review

That didn’t take long. We just received this shoe nine days ago and the 361° Mazer performance review is OVER. Why?

Well, when the shoe is good, it makes it hard to play in anything else (six nights in nine days). And when a shoe is this good, it makes the reviewing easy. 361° has been a running company traditionally, but it has taken that knowledge and come back to basketball. How will it hold against the rest of the market? Only one way to find out…

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  1. Great review!

    Definitely something worth looking into!

    Quick question, is the insole removable?

    PS – I love the new format

  2. Duke,

    Having played in the J Crossover 2 and 3, would you take this shoe over this when it comes to cushioning? I am looking at several shoes to replace my Rose 6 (carpet floor has worn the traction quite a bit), so it has come down to either the adidas line (Rose 7, Crazylight 2016, J Crossover 3, and now this shoe). Really I am concerned the most with the cushioning for knees and back, traction, and stability (outrigger) and lockdown.

    1. I haven’t played in the JC3, but I do have the Ether (same setup). Main difference is the mazer rides lower than the Brandblack shoes and the Qu!kFoam isn’t as soft – it is a stiffer feel underfoot.

      1. Thanks for the reply Duke! That’s tough because I’m looking for basically a Kobe IX replacement (a low top). Kobe IX was great except for the Lunarlon (felt great, still left my body aching). D-Rose 6 was the replacement, which I love, but wanted a low top that offered the same as the D-Rose 6. Since this is lower, I’d probably have to think JC3 in terms of cushioning (sigh….I want a LOW TOP though)…

          1. Yea, that’s the plan for now. I just need to be able to try everything on and then go off of that (along with reviews)

  3. Well this one is a pleasant surprise. Sometimes I play ball in a runner(the adidas Supernova Sequence Boost, which has a stableframe on the inner lateral side, making it one of the more stable running shoes) because the transition is so good that I just feel really quick on fast breaks. Lateral movements, of course, are sometimes a problem, so I’m intrigued by this shoe that integrates running elements with the stability of a ball shoe(it even looks like a runner on first impression). Usually basketball shoes aren’t the best for a good running gait, so this one is one to keep an eye on, at least for me.

  4. Looks hyperlive-ish, and probably not good for wide-footers. Props to them for making a great looking shoe though.

  5. I didn’t show it completely in the review, but the forefoot has a rocker effect just like the adidas Energy Boost runner – transition is so nice.

    1. Excellent review. I am definitely considering giving them a go. Love that forefoot rocker effect in the KD V so great to hear that it’s present here.

      Do these fit long or wide at all? Just wondering as a narrow footer who is always between two sizes.

      1. Yeah, toebox is a little long, but I like about a half inch at the end. You could size down half and probably be good.

        1. Appreciate the reply — just have to ask as it looks like online ordering is my only option. Some stores near me carry the runners but doubt they have these

          1. I felt the same in the runners as I do in the mazer so if you can try the runners on that will give you a pretty good idea.

  6. after 2-3 more performer shoes (like this, or better) from 361, should they be looking for an NBA athlete to promote/endorse them (again)?

  7. Nice review! I would love to see more people trying out over the sea (China) brand shoes, as far as I have seen, the Chinese company such as anta lining and also this 361 are doing a great job in making affordable good hoop shoes

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