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Nightwing2303 Interview: Tattoos, NBA, Comics, and More

A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Nightwing2303 and chopping it up. We talked the NBA, comics, fatherhood, tattoos, and more. One of the things I got into writing for, writing for sneaker websites, was to at some point interview this man. I can now cross that off my bucket list. In honor of May the 4th (Star Wars day), to you folks, I present Nightwing2303.

[Noah Goldowitz for WearTesters]: So first off, what’s your name and how old are you? [Chris Chase]: Chris Chase, and I’m thirty. [NG]: Where are you from and where do you currently reside? [CC]: Bay Area, both answers. [NG]: What’s a normal weekday for you? Take us through it. [CC]: I wake up, I take a shower [chuckles], I go to work and then—basically I work ’til 5—and then I work on the site, during and after that, and then I go home, eat real quick, spend some time with my family, then I leave after the kids go to bed and play basketball. [NG]: And what’s work for you? Your day job. [CC]: That I’d like to keep private. [NG]: Okay. Where do you see YouTube, and what you bring to it, in five years? [CC]: As far as YouTube itself, I think the way that it’s going right now is I think it’s pretty much taken over TV, for the new generation, probably not for some of us older guys but for the new-gen kids they’ve been more stuck on YouTube than on the on the television. And then as far as what I bring to it….I don’t know. I have such a small niche in the YouTube atmosphere that I’m pretty insignificant in comparison to everything else. [NG]: You really think your niche is small? [CC]: Yeah, sneakers are like maybe about 1% of  what makes up the entire YouTube viewership and community. [NG]: Wow. [CC]: Yeah. Most of it is just you know, dumb stuff, you know like cats, singing or whatever [laughs] I don’t know, those kinds of things. The majority of things that get hits are actual show-type channels, you know what I mean? Like news segments or comedy sketches, things like that. [NG]: Hm, alright. So in your opinion, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your journey on YouTube into the sneaker community’s spotlight? [CC]: Most important thing I’ve learned is to just keep being yourself. So it’s super, super easy to stray off and you get big-headed, think that you’re something that you’re not, you know what I mean like acting like some weird celebrity mentality which I see on so many people and you know…so stay grounded and be yourself. And it’s just YouTube, you’re not famous. [NG]: Who are some of the people you enjoy watching on YouTube? Doesn’t have to be sneakers. [CC]: Well as far as sneakers go I’ll watch pretty much like every Foamer video that’s out there. I like RacTVShift, YoAnty, those guys, and then Shoelander. There’s some other ones that I’m forgetting. Kustoo, that’s another one. So as far as non-sneaker channels, my main one is the AMC Theatres channel, I love that channel. And then I think it’s Variant Comics, or something like that, I can’t remember their channel name, so those are the main ones I watch aside from the sneaker stuff. [NG]: Wow. So our feeds probably look exactly the same. [CC]: Probably yeah, it’s a bunch of sneaker and comic nerd stuff. [NG]: Yeah definitely. So how funny is Mr. Foamer Simpson, and should he get into comedy? [CC]: I do not think he should get into comedy because on a scale of one to ten I think he’s ten but it’s such a neutral type of comedy it’s more of a reactionary not stand up, you know what I mean? So he’s an off the top of the dome comedian, which I think is funny. [NG]: And what I love is he’s from where I’m from and just the references that he makes are so on point with you know my childhood and obviously his childhood so I just laugh through all his videos, in such a great way. [CC]: He’s got that—it’s the lingo, that’s just how you guys speak over there and so that’s the part that makes it what it is, you know what I mean? It’s not even that he’s trying to be funny it’s just that’s how you guys talk and it’s hilarious. [NG]: So will we see you and Jacques Slade, otherwise known as Kustoo, doing collaborative things? You know the Flight XX9 video that you were in with him was pretty funny and you know it would be cool to see you guys do something together. [CC]: I’ve been in another—he did a music video, it was like a parody— [NG]: I love that! [CC]: Yeah? [laughs] So I was in that one. I’m  sure that, you know, when more things come up that we’ll be featured in each other’s videos. We’re friends, off of the Internet, so it make it that much easier to just goof off, at least for me, especially when I’m not the one trying to be serious. [NG]: Just kicks, briefly: Are you solely into Nike and Jordan, or do you indulge in other brands like Reebok, Fila, Li-ning, etc.? [CC]: I have pretty much, a little something from everyone, but my primary passion is with the Jordan brand itself. Some of the Nike basketball signature lines as well like the Penny series and the Pippen series specifically, and then a few of the Payton shoes, but primarily it’s—I’ve always just loved Jordan as a player and I’ve always wanted his shoes. When I was in high school those were the shoes to have, if you had those you were cool. And I could never afford them so, you know, as soon as I could buy my own stuff it was always Jordans, Jordans, Jordans. And I didn’t spend money on other stuff, other brands, until I could actually afford to branch out to where I could buy multiple pairs of sneakers, things like that. [NG]: Alright. Nike and Jordan brand shoes keep going up in price; the XX9 will no doubt retail for over $200. What are your feelings on sneakers like the “Cigar” and “Champagne” VIs retailing for $250 each and sneakers in general just becoming much, much more expensive and unattainable? [CC]: Well the XX9s will be $225, which is $25 less than the XX8’s shrouded version. As far as that VI pack, the Champagne er, I think it’s called the Championship pack, something like that, I think that those are just ugly shoes so wouldn’t buy them even if they were $150. [NG]: Yeah I feel the same. [CC]: I just don’t like them. I think that they’re ugly— [NG]: And the story behind them isn’t enough. [CC]: The story is one thing but it’s kinda like you know, you’ve done this already with the DMP pack and all that stuff, so I don’t really need to re-celebrate your first ring [chuckles] you know what I mean? Like I don’t care. And that’s coming from a huge Jordan fan, where I’m just kinda like, “Yeah I was there, like I remember that, you know what I mean?” I don’t need to buy a shoe to remind me that Jordan kicked everyone’s ass in L.A. with that shoe on, like I remember, specifically! Those things, I think, those are gimmicks for new-gen kids and for, I’d say, collector collectors. I’m not a collector, you know what I mean? [NG]: Yeah I mean I wouldn’t say that I’m a collector either. I say we have collections. [CC]: Yeah I definitely have—you can consider my Jordan stuff a collection because I have l through XX8, I have purposely done that because I’ve always thought it would be really cool to be able to own every single Jordan but I thought that back when there was only eleven Jordans, you know? So now that there’s twenty-eight, I just happened to have all twenty-eight of them and stuff. So that was really the only thing that I’ve ever wanted to really hardcore collect and then there’s other, I guess as the side brands from Nike like the Pennys and the Pippens, things like that, I’d love to have every one of those. I’m fortunate enough to have 1 through 5 for the Pennys, plus the Foamposities. I don’t have that with the Pippens, I just have the 1s and the 2s but you know eventually I’ll get them all. That’s about the extent of where my “collection” goes. As far as the pricing itself, you’re only mad if you’re not willing to pay it, you know what I’m saying? So I can’t say that I’m happy or enthusiastic about price increases because obviously like when you get your rental increase you’re definitely not happy about that so it’s the same thing goes with the sneakers. It’s not anything that I’m excited about, but at the same time there’s nothing I can do to change that. So it’s one of those things where you gotta roll with the punches. I’m never happy when gas prices increase or milk prices increase or anything increases in price and it’s just one of those things, that’s how our economy works. You can complain about it all you want but that’s just how the business is run and that’s how they maintain their business and stay profitable.

As far as the inaccessible sneakers or quantities or whatever, again that’s the same where it’s kinda like, I’m at the point now where I’ll see something like, for example, the Jordan Futures that came out that they launched two colorways initially of the Premiums. I think those are like $185 which is really expensive, I think, for that type of shoe.

[NG]: Agreed! [CC]: However, I liked the pair with the glow bottoms because when it’s not glowing it’s a weird milky-white color and I thought it looked really cool on top of the black upper and black midsole. So even though it was $185, this kinda ties everything together, and it’s a, I guess tech and features and materials that I didn’t feel were worth that price, I didn’t like the shoe enough where I was willing to pay that just to own a pair. And not for collection purposes, just to wear, but then came the availability part where you saw how limited they were. I think they were in two locations in my area and they were like over an hour away just to get to the locations and I was just kinda like, “Well I don’t need them that bad! [chuckles] I’ll just friggin’ pass on them!” Like it was not even a big deal. And that’s just kind of where I’m at and I think that some people are unable to do that, they kind of obsess over the next shoe, you know what I mean? When they don’t realize that it’s not that serious. [NG]: They get stuck in that mindset where they have to have it. [CC]: And that’s where you get stuck paying those reseller prices people complain about, so you can’t ever sit here and ever say, “Yo $185 is too much for that Future,” but then you go and turn around because you missed out on it and pay $500, but you were complaining about $185. So what were you complaining about? It’s just one of those things, if you’re willing to pay for it then just pay for it and that’s just the bottom line. And if you can get it, you’ll get it, and if not, then oh well. [NG]: Runners are kind of making a “huge comeback” and becoming a major part of the “sneaker game.” Do you rock runners? And if so, which ones? [CC]: They’re not making a comeback they’re just noticed now, they’ve always been there. They’re actually the most heavily worn sneaker away from their intended purpose, more so than basketball shoes. [NG]: That’s what I keep telling people! [CC]: Yeah! I don’t know why people think that they’re making a comeback, maybe because there’s social media and Internet now. These brands have been around for decades almost, they’ve been here and they’ve been profitable for the longest time, which is why they’re still around. They are what we call “capitalizing” on the sudden boom in the sneaker world with the limited releases, collaborations, and wacky colorways. As far as wearing them, I wear them not often enough to even consider myself a runner wearer. I have maybe a handful and usually I wear them to run in. I have my performance runners and then the casual runners maybe get rotated in every few months, if that, just because I will literally wear basketball shoes and that’s pretty much all, cause what I—I’m a basketball player. So yeah I do like them though so I just know that I won’t give them enough shine I guess within a rotation per week or month so I usually don’t end up spending my money on them. [NG]: Alright. If people are up on your social networks, they know you get some gifts from major brands. What’s the first shoe you got in the mail for free from a brand, when was it, and what was your reaction? [CC]: There’s two different shoes; so the first time I ever got anything was when I used to work for this other site, SneakerFiles. And it was a pair of Adidas, the Crazy Lite 1s, and I didn’t really think anything. At the time I did it was cool, but then you know it’s just to do a job and everything. And I do remember when I was testing them thinking, “How am I going to review this shoe? Because it’s horrible.” But I was 100% honest in the review so that was fine and everything went well. I still have a small relationship with Adidas, nothing crazy. As far as getting my first free pair by myself, as like the owner and publisher of a website, was the Air Jordan XX8. That was last year I think and that was a different feeling because like I was saying, I’m a Jordan fan and I’ve always been a fan of the brand itself, even the Team shoes and the Trunners and the Lifestyle models; everything that people bag on I’ve always been a fan of all of it because I’m a Jordan fan. So getting something from one brand is cool, but getting something from what you consider personally the brand, like in your mind, is cooler. So I just remember being and awe and couldn’t believe that—I still can’t believe when I get stuff. It’s one of those things were that feeling never really goes away if you’re truly passionate about whatever it is you’re doing. Like it’ll always be awesome. [NG]: Very, very cool. You’re an avid basketball player and an athlete. What’s the most awesome thing that’s ever happened to you on a basketball court? And then the most embarrassing. [CC]: Well embarrassing stuff just kinda happens all the time, like especially when you get older. Your body does things that you don’t want it to. Like your legs’ll lock up sometimes, or you’ll roll an ankle and you won’t be able to recover as easily, or you just get tired you know what I mean? Playing against sixteen-year-olds isn’t easy when you’re thirty. So it’s stuff like that, where it’s happened. Anything that happens on court is never truly embarrassing just because it’s more, I’m more—I’m super competitive, especially on court and so if anything were to be like an embarrassment I would just more so use it as fuel to keep going, you know? [NG]: And you can’t think of a moment like the most awesome thing that ever happened on a basketball court? [CC]: The most awesome thing…I mean…I just think being able to just play the damn game is awesome. I mean getting older does really take a toll on your body, especially when you play as much as me. I’m just really lucky that I can still move. I think the most recent time I made somebody fall off a crossover was probably, in recent memory, one of the cooler things ’cause I really hadn’t done that since like high school maybe. I’m a shooter so like I expect my shot to go in every time so it’s like there’s nothing really surprises me just ’cause I always play my own game so I’m just lucky that I’m able to keep going and hopefully stay injury free during the process. [NG]: Yeah no I hope so too! So what attributes make you a good, or great, player? [CC]: Having a good understanding of the fundamentals, the basics, is the key. Everybody’s always like, especially the younger-gen, they’re always like, “I know the fundamentals, I know the basics, I don’t need to focus on them.” But that’s the opposite of what you need, you need to be able to always be on top of those basic fundamentals. Otherwise, you’re not playing a complete game, period. I don’t care how athletic you are. You know you’re athleticism’s only going to take you so far for so long, so being able to really utilize the basics, the fundamentals, play defense, and you know go out there and have fun, not be afraid to be embarrassed, you know what I’m saying? It’s those things that will make you a complete and well-rounded player. [NG]: That’s what my coaches always told me. [CC]: That’s what I was always taught too, you know. The one time where I start being oh Mr. Ball-hog and thinking that you’re like Jason Williams or Allen Iverson or whatever, your coach would just lay it into you. I don’t know where coaching’s at now ’cause obviously I’m not in high school anymore. But from what I play against on court like I just feel like there’s always a bunch of hotdogs on the court. There’s nobody on there that truly knows how to play that game anymore. [NG]: That’s a pretty big statement. [CC]: That’s just from my experience! [chuckles] The older guys that I play with play a more complete game than a lot of the younger guys. the younger guys are more focused on trying to like show boat on you and really there’s nobody there watching. Like, you’re not going to be on YouTube, you’re not going to be on the highlight reel on ESPN, so what are you doing? We’re inside of a twenty-four and you’re sitting here kinda show off for what? A bunch of guys? I just think that’s weird. [NG]: What number to wear, have worn, or would like to wear? [CC]: I wear number three. I’ve always worn number three, except for in high school, I wore forty-one, and that was because it was the last jersey in my size. I’m always the smallest dude so that was just what I got stuck with. [NG]: Like Allen Iverson, number three. [CC]: Correct. [NG]: Which NBA player, past or present, would you love to play with? [CC]: Well Michael Jordan of course. And then if I can add a couple more it would be Iverson and Jason Williams. [NG]: I like the last one, that was a good pick. What are your feelings on the NBA and the Clippers fiasco that’s going on right now? [CC]: It’s nothing new, but it is something that needs to be addressed. There is a reason it’s nothing new is because no one addresses it. I don’t agree with racism in any aspect but especially when it comes to sports. I think sports is that one place where you could be very neutral. And everybody and anybody should be able to get out there and play that sport and have fun that’s what a sport is, first and foremost, before the competitiveness kicks in. So if you’re inhibiting people from doing that, at the very basic level, I just think that that’s not cool. That is as far as I’ll go because usually when “we,” as in the collective whole as a community and stuff, start talking about politics and race and things like that, usually somebody is going to get butthurt so I’d rather not go too deep into it. [NG]: Alright. What do you love and hate about the NBA today? And is there anything you miss from the NBA of the 90s or earlier? [CC]: I miss everything from the 90s. [NG]: Ugh facts! [CC]: Because the NBA today is wack. Everything in the NBA today is, besides the Warriors, sucks. The way that they play, the fouls that are called, the lack of competitiveness, the lack of hustle in some of these guys. A lot of them just feel like they’re just showing up to cash in the check, which is understandable, but at the same time it’s like you’re there to do a job, first and foremost, whether your job is to play basketball or to pick up trash. You’re getting a huge paycheck to do that, so you should not have any issues with your job whatsoever. You know the way that teams are organized or combined now, like Captain Planet type stuff, where everybody’s trying to team up and put their powers together to win a ring, you know that was never a thing back in the day. You could just see by the way that the playoffs are, the playoffs are the best indication on how crappy the league is right now. Where you look at the West coast, all of these teams are stacked, and none of them have true superstars really, like what we had back in the day, and if we do have those superstars they’re aging superstars. And then you look at the East coast, and you have guys that are literally collective on one team and then the whole rest of the two through eight or whatever is just garbage team, and you even have number one seats struggling right now against the number eight seat. It’s just pathetic basketball, like I don’t even know. That’s what I’m saying, with those basic fundamentals, they’re lacking those. That Pacers team right now, these guys are playing horrendous basketball and you’ve got Larry Bird in the stands watching that and being like, “What the hell?!” The game of basketball shouldn’t be played the way it is today. I feel like everything, to very blunt and upfront about it, the whole sport has been pussified. [NG]: I’ve vetoed the playoffs this year. [CC]: I’ve only watched the Warriors games to be perfectly honest. And I probably won’t watch another game until finals, after this series, unless we actually advance. [NG]: You’re a father. Do you have a boy, a girl, boys and girls? In your eyes, what’s the best thing about being a father? [CC]: I have one daughter and I have one son and the best thing about being a parent is everything. There’s a lot of moments where you want to rip your hair out but the good stuff really outweighs the bad. That’s one of the things where you can’t actually explain that; you can’t explain the feeling you have towards that little human unless you actually experience that yourself. That’s one of those things that once it happens you’ll know that feeling, like you’ll know what I’m talking about when you get that feeling because it’ll literally hit you like a brick. [NG]: Wow. Honestly that was really touching. [CC]: Yeah it’s the truth. I guess you can’t even explain it because it’s that crazy like, how it is. [NG]: Alright so tattoos. You have quite a few of them. And being a huge comic book fan, I see you’re often repping Team DC, Nightwing and all that. Can we have a look at some of your tattoos? And which ones mean the most to you? [CC]: I think the only comic book one I have is that Batman/Superman one. [NG]: I love that one! [CC]: Yeah I love that series. I haven’t had any of the recent series, but when they initially launched it I really liked it. And in the back of the Volume 2 graphic novel they had the entire Kryptonian language, like in the alphabet form, and so my brother and I got the same tattoo. It says “brothers” down our arms. My most special tattoo is the one of my best friend’s signature. He and I used to do comic book art together and when he passed away I took his signature and got that tattooed on my arm, so that’s probably the most important one to me. And then everything else is motivation so whether it’s my family, my kid’s names, or just inspirational like quotes and things and things like that, that’s just the reason they’re on there. [NG]: Wow. I didn’t know you were an artist. [CC]: I have not drawn really since he passed. That was back in ’07. So, when he passed away I was in a very dark place after that for awhile. [NG]: Understandable. Who is your favorite comic book character? I’m assuming it’s Nightwing, so somebody other than Dick Grayson. [CC]: It would be safe to assume Nightwing, but it’s like when you’re asking what my favorite shoe is and I’ll give you like a list. So I love Spiderman, I love the whole Batman family, the whole family is awesome, including the Rogues gallery. You know Batman’s got probably the best Rogue’s gallery of all time. And then Spiderman’s probably the most relatable for most people so I definitely enjoy him. I think he’s very fun to watch as well when you have the movies and then the cartoons and stuff. And then…let’s see…I wanna pick another Marvel one…I’m brainfarting right now…the easy one would be like X-Men and stuff but I know that there’s other ones that I like. Man I can’t remember so I’m just going to leave it at the Bat Family and then Spiderman and stuff. [NG]: Best female comic book character of all time? [CC]: Rogue! [NG]: Definitely! [CC]: Only because that was my, what’s it called? Woman crush Wednesday or something like that? [NG]: Yeah. [CC]: That was me and her throughout the 90s, during that X-Men cartoon. [NG]: Right?! [CC]: [laughs] Ever since they met Jubilee in the mall, she was not in her costume, I was like, “Yup, that’s my future wife.” [NG]: Yeah exactly! Exactly! So feelings on the Marvel movies? And the upcoming Batman vs Superman and Justice League film? [CC]: I love everything that they’re doing. This is stuff that I used to read in middle school in the old Wizard magazine. They used to just talk about it, you know what I mean? “Oh we’re thinking about doing a Spiderman movie or an X-Men movie,” all of this stuff. I mean we had Blade before that, in like the later 90s, but the real first like comic book move since the original Batman/Superman stuff was X-Men, and that was right in 2000. That was right when I was a senior. So it’s taken from middle school until my last year of high school to actually put out a comic book movie, you know what I mean? [NG]: Yeah and they ruined a lot—like Blade was really good, but the Spawn movie was terrible. [CC]: See those ones were like, “I’ll literally forget about those,” because they were that bad. I still respect them for what they were, especially because I remember being a kid and remember and watching it and being like, “Oh man it’s cool!” I will say that one of the comic book movies people don’t realize is more of a comic book movie than a cartoon adaptation is the original Ninja Turtles. That movie, still I’ll sit down and watch that if they end up putting it on TV and I know every single word in that movie and that’s probably one of my favorites like, of all time. That’s such a gritty—just like the book, the original comics, it was such an awesome adaptation of that. They kind of went goofy in the second one and the third one was horrible. [NG]: I’ve been meaning to get into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I had heard that it [the original] was pretty violent and also pretty deep, in the beginning. [CC]: Yeah the first novel, like Volume 1, if you like don’t go after the single issues ’cause I think it’s nearly impossible to find them all now; if you just get the novel, I think I have the first four, they were all pretty good. By the third and fourth one they got a little bit weird; they started going out into space, like f**king triceratops and there was some weird stuff going on towards the later issues but the very first novel was awesome. [NG]: [laughs] Do you watch TV? If so, what are some the shows that you’re currently watching and past shows you’ve loved? [CC]: My top two shows right now, ’cause I do not watch a ton of TV, just because I’m not home all the time, the top two shows that I actually anticipate is Arrow and Shark Tank [laughs]. Two totally different spectrums but one caters to my comic book nerdiness and then the other one is that whole entrepreneur-type mentality. I like the advice that they give and I like seeing other people’s inventions and stuff like that. [NG]: You know they had Deathstroke on Arrow and I thought he did a really good job. [CC]: Oh they’re not even done with it yet! Wait ’til the ninth episode it’s gonna be sick. I watch that show literally like religiously. [NG]: Alright how about some past shows that you’ve loved? [CC]: Past shows…we’re getting into cartoon territory— [NG]: That’s fine! [CC]: Cause there’s not really any live action shows that are really cool, to me anyways. There are a few that are neat and stuff. Batman Beyond, underrated— [NG]: That was the exact show I was thinking of right now! [CC]: That Return of the Joker movie that they had was epic. [NG]: I’ve seen it maybe a hundred times. [CC]: Yeah it’s literally awesome! And that whole like animated series, Batman, and the later series, I think it was called Batman and Robin or something like that, love all of that. Let’s see, the Spectacular Spiderman is more of a recent one but it’s still a really good show, when it was on. Actually, the most current Ninja Turtles, like the one that’s on Nickelodeon. [NG]: Really?! [CC]: Yeah a lot of people don’t like that one but that one’s really funny. If you just sit there and zone out to it, it’s a funny f**cking show. [NG]: ‘Cause I kind of wrote it off, ’cause you know nothing is really that great on Nickelodeon right now except for you know Korra— [CC]: Ugh! The Last Airbender is one of the best animated shows of all time! [NG]: Nightwing, I mean Chris, if you’re not reading the comic books they’re putting out then you’re missing out on some great, great stuff. [CC]: Is this the Airbender of the Korra stuff? [NG]: The Airbender. They’ve put out like two mini series that happen right after the end of the show. [CC]: I saw that they have a huge book that’s all about Zuko finding his mom. [NG]: Yeah! And so they compiled them all into that book. And there’s another series going on now and it’s just so, so good. [CC]: I’m gonna have to check that out when they finally get into novel form. I hate when the comics—I used to buy comic books every Wednesday and I used to blow tons of money. So now I just wait until everything—I think it’s six months after the run, and then they put it in the book form. [NG]: So this Saturday is Free Comic Book Saturday, are you gonna be doing anything for that? [CC]: Yeah I’m taking my kid with me [chuckles]. We do that every time that they have one. My kid is the reason I go to comic book shops now, and usually she gets her comic books. [NG]: And what’s she reading now? [CC]: She likes Betty and Veronica. [NG]: So on another note, eat well play well right? What’s your favorite health food and what’s your favorite junk food? [CC]: Health food…[kids laughing the background] salad. And then junk food, Mexican. [NG]: Definitely! Eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner. [CC]: [chuckles] That’s how it feels sometimes; it’s everywhere out here. [NG]: Alright so last question. What’s next for you and WearTesters.com? Anything big planned? [CC]: I don’t have anything planned, per se, I just go with my gut feeling and it seems to have been working out fine so far. [NG]: Very, very cool. Alright thank you for your time! [CC]: Awesome. [NG]: Have a good night man. [CC]: You too, peace.
  1. whoa idk if its my computer or not but the format of this article is one large paragraph! i’ll still read it tho 😀

  2. I was with you until you said everything in the NBA sucks, me being a spurs fan.Also I dont know how people watch the warriors sometimes it feels like all they do is pass to klay/curry and chuck up threes.

  3. Hola mi nombre es Diego y tengo 17 año. soy un gran fan de Mexico y no se si me entiendan. Pero quiero agradecer a personalmente a Chris (Nightwing2303) por todo el esfuerzo y el gran trabajo que has hecho estos ultimos años. Llevo 2 años viendo tus videos y me gusta mucho todas las rezeñas que haces con mucha dedicacion y gusto. He aprendido muchisimo estos 2 años sobre tenis y cosas de la vida.
    Gracias por seguir haciendo lo que ahora se ha convertido en mi en una pasion.
    Gracias Chris.
    Thanks Crhis. Thanks Nightwing.

  4. Nice interview…. I really wished he would have answered where he works… I can’t be the only one thinking this dude makes some serious money lol.

  5. I think you’re a little off base with your negative comments about the NBA. The game is great these days! These have been the tightest, most exciting playoffs I’ve seen in quite awhile so you’re missing out if you’re not watching them.

    No stars in the West? Durant, Curry, Blake, CP3, Aldrige, Lillard…the big three in SA are getting older but they’re still tearing people apart. I agree the Pacers are a lame duck; it’s sad watching the way they’ve collapsed. But the other East series have been pretty fun too! Toronto and Brooklyn was a blast and the Wizards have become a really fun team to watch. There’s some great stuff going on in the league now.

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