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Nike Air Max Ambassador VI

We’ve previewed 4 other colorways that will be featured on the upcoming Nike Air Max Ambassador VI but today we get to see the classic Black/ Red version.

Hyperfuse, Dynamic Flywire, forefoot Zoom Air and heel 180 degree Air Max… sounds more like LeBron’s signature shoe rather than a stripped down team model. No release date is set but if and when these become available, we’ll be sure to follow up with an update.

Which would you choose; LeBron XI or Air Max Ambassador VI?

Nike Air Max Ambassador VI Black Red


Via abt_lrj23

  1. You right, This gives the Lebron 9’s a run for its money, Infact they look like they may even perform better then the 9’s.

  2. Seems lebron line has been recycling the outsole/traction of their models. Lebron 9 Low/Lebron X Low. These have the same outsole as the Ambassador V.

    The rounded sides of the Ambassador 2 made me feel as if i will roll my foot. Do you think this would be an issue wit this as the sides are rounded as well and has no lateral wings?

    1. I got the Air Max Wavy. The “outrigger” is rounded as well, but I feel fine wearing it. I don’t feel any rolling movements.

  3. I think theyll perform better than 9s definitely. but i wouldnt go as for to say that they beat the 9 elites. plus im not so fond of the design.

  4. I really like the looks of the ambassador line. These look like a decent hoop shoe too. I’d take these over the soldier 7 this year.

  5. The Ambassador line has been a great alternative in the Lebron line since it’s 4th model when it finally had both heel and forefoot cushion. People don’t pay much attention to it because it’s not the real signature series but it’s a great bang for your buck shoe. Hell, I think it’s cheaper or priced the same as those Kobe takedown’s here in the Philippines.

  6. It’s a great shoe just after my experience with the Lebron 9 now the question is, will the fit be better? To be honest….. its like the Melo M8 were the heel max air is not fully directed downwards so there is a high posibility the max air will perform like a zoom air similar to the Melo M8. Nightwing should definely give this a try!

  7. i think its better looking than the ambassador V and i think it will perform better than the Lebron 9
    so if you have a tight budget and wanted to buy a great performance shoe your looking right it now
    overall… i think thiss will be a great looking and performance shoe

  8. I bought the Ambassador V during a trip to Hong Kong, I guess people weren’t too fond of the looks they were pretty much slept on and sold for $70 USD (roughly half the retail price). They feel much better than the mid range Kobe shoes (Venomenon and Black Mamba 24) in terms of materials and cushioning. I also like how when the Long 7 guys tore one apart it had a bigger forefoot zoom bag than the KD V’s

  9. they look like a better 9 and the 9 was garbage. I would rather make my mind up and iD the X elite but to choose, of course we want to sink $250 into the XI’s

  10. Found what i was looking for. Although it is not an in depth review, the comments sections were filled with some useful information. But would really appreciate if NW can make an in depth performance review of the ambassador 6. Thanks.

    Thinking of buying these, but if what all comments here are precise. I might get them.

    Thanks guya, thanks NW. Keep it up.

  11. i hope you would do a performance review on these. the terra cotta colorway of this model is sweet. i’m planning to get one, i’m just waiting for a detailed review.

    thanks and keep it up NW!

    1. I copped the yoth cw. The fit is awesome. Really comfortable straight out of the box. I can sort of feel the zoom unit in the forefoot, nothing super responsive like the xx8s. I imagine I’d need to break them in. Cant wait to try it out on court. Unfortunately need to wait for my ankle to heal. Landed on it a couple of days ago.

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