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10 Retro Basketball Technologies that Still Work Today

Think Retro means outdated?

If so then I have something to help change your mind… maybe not change your mind but if you argue that the tech in Retro footwear is outdated after this then there is just no hope for you.

Open your mind and find out what the 10 Retro Basketball Technologies that Still Work Today are in my write up featured over at Sneaker Report.

  1. This is the best sneaker report list so far. There are many other technologies that still work too, shrouds, foamposite, dynamic fit (don’t know when this was invented or how old it is but it’s on a pair of old griffeys that I have), herringbone pattern, and perforated leather ( not really a technology but its old and still works on shoes).

    1. Yeah, it was a fun one to write up for sure. It was hard to choose just 10 tech pieces but I hope I got the most important ones… they are at least my personal favs.

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