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Video: WearTesters Hoop Session with @NightWing2303 from MJO23DAN

Fellow YouTuber MJO23DAN uploaded a video on the WearTesters hoop session that was held on Sunday June 8th 2014, in the video there are a couple highlights and his overall thoughts on the event. Overall the event was successful and this is the one of many videos you will see of the WearTesters Hoop Session.

WearTesters.com would like to thank everyone who attend the event and we had a great time balling with fellow sneakerhead/ballers, we hope to see you at the next one!

  1. Thanks for posting the video! Neat stuff.

    I could be totally wrong because I’m only seeing a few minutes out of 3 hours of play, but I don’t get the sense that a lot of those players can ball. Some of the guys can definitely play and you can tell they’ve played organized ball (e.g., Nightwing, the guy in the white t-shirt that looks like a teenager, and one or two other guys); however, other than that, it didn’t seem like a very competitive game – at least based on the limited video. I get the feeling that a lot of the guys there just played casually. Nothing wrong with that for a friendly game, though.

    Anyway, I don’t want to come off as a complete pompous jerk…just slightly pompous jerk! 😀

    Cool video though. Wish I lived on the west coast so my son could get in on the action some day! 😉

    1. Mostly everyone had HS experience, very few didnt. There was another court that had much larger players playing, dunking etc. The court shown was younger guys and smaller guys. It was fun.

  2. NW is my fajjjjjjhaaaaaaaa. 🙂 Maybe make this puppy annual. Just wondering the tallest person on the court was??????

      1. Aww I was off by one inch. Should next time have those cats help you foot the bill on that gym, you’ll might be able to do a tourny or something in the future.(Depending on distance and all that crap).

        Looks like you’ll had fun and that’s all that matters. Kudos!

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