Topo Tribute Performance Review

Told you I picked up some “different” shoes back in December at The Running Event, and the Topo Tribute is one of them. Not that it isn’t made up of the regular components of a runner, they’re just seen in a model most are unfamiliar with. I hope I change that because Topo makes some SERIOUS performers in the category. Based on the same three principle components of the Magnifly I reviewed last month — roomy toe box, low drop, and lightweight — the Topo Tribute is a speed trainer made on a slimmer last and silhouette than the Magnifly. But don’t take my word for it — actually, take my word for it, because here comes the performance review.

TOPO Traction TOPO Cushioning TOPO Transition TOPO materials Topo Fit TOPO Overall



  1. These sound pretty good. The toe box reminds of Altra’s shoes. I have a pair of Altra Olympus and I love those. Ill have to give these a look. Good performance review by Duke.

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